How to Get Battery Percentage on iPhone 11 and Show It into Status Bar

A smartphone becomes very important for communication; you may use it to tell your parents whether you have a safe trip or not. Plus, you might even make a phone call or video call with it. However, going far away, you must save your phone battery so that your phone might be still on when you need it. Anyway, it is recommended to know how to get battery percentage on iPhone 11 because it is useful to check whether or not you run out of the battery. Well, on this occasion today, we are going to talk more about showing the battery percentage on your Aplle iPhone 11. Let’s check it out for further info in the following info below!

battery percentage on iphone 11

How to Get Battery Percentage on iPhone 11 Easily

Does your iPhone 11 not display and show the battery percentage on the screen? Then, you might not know that you run out the battery until the bar notification of a low battery appears. To avoid it, let you turn it on. How? Let you do some necessary ways below!

  1. Open Control Center.

The first thing you must do to show the battery percentage is to open the control center on your iPhone 11. To do it, you need to Swipe down your screen from the top right corner.

  1. Find the Battery Percentage.

Let you swipe your from left to right your Lock Screen or Home Screen of your device. Soon, you will see the iPhone 11 battery percentage near the ‘Today’ View screen. Then, ask Siri.

  1. Plugin your iPhone.

To show the battery percentage on the Lock screen, plug in your device.

The Advantages of Showing The Battery Percentage

There are many advantages of showing the battery percentage on your device. What are they? Let’s check it out below!

  1. Know the internet connection speed.

The iPhone 11 battery percentage display might be useful to give you information about your internet connection speed, whether or not they are fast. Therefore, you might find the right place that has great internet access.

  1. The battery stand.

If you know how many hours your battery can stand, you might use your device wisely. For instance, if it is only one hour left, you need to turn off your phone’s data. You could turn it on again once you need including for ordering Grab.

That’s all about ways to show the battery percentage on iPhone 11. To get more info about how to activate the battery percentage on the other devices, let you read our other articles here.

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  1. just got new iphone 11 in mail…where is the manual???? not a computer person like you pros!!! tried to chg unit over nite with the charger sent, NOTHING!!! very poor service so far…why no MANUAL???? so how does this brain chg??? secret code somewhere or a trick procedure that I need to buy????

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