iPhone 11 Hidden Features That You Probably Didn’t Know

Since the launch of the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max in September 2019, you may have known everything about the features of these devices. However, in fact, there are some iPhone 11 hidden features that Apple added that did not shed light on and did not gain wide fame, and if you know them, some of us still do not know them.

iphone 11 hidden features

Some iPhone 11 Hidden Features You Should Know

This time we want to tell you about the iPhone 11 hidden features that you don’t know about, so you can use them.

Check the Original Screen

The iPhone 11 series provides a secret feature that helps users know whether the iPhone’s screen is original or not. Apple said that the iPhone 11 series will inform customers after going to service their broken screen if it is original and reliable or not. The screen may be replaced with a poorer one. In many cases, these screens can lead to poor touch and display performance.

iphone 11 check original screen

This is useful if you are buying an iPhone from anywhere. You can know whether the iPhone 11 has an original or non-original aftermarket screen by going to SettingsGeneralAbout.

Stability Detection on Night Mode

iphone 11 exposure length

Night mode on the camera has now become a well-known feature in iPhone 11 devices. Apple hasn’t talked much about its stability detection feature. Now, it can be detected whether the phone is fixed or not. Is it on a tripod or something else and thus will give you additional long exposure options, letting you set exposure times of up to 10 seconds. This feature uses the latest processing capabilities and artificial intelligence to help users capture clear photos.

iPhone 11 Series has WiFi 6

iphone 11 wifi 6

WiFi 6 is a new standard in wireless connectivity. It mainly focuses on increasing the capabilities of the device for better connectivity and faster network speeds. The iPhone 11 series now support gigabits per second.

Hybrid Energy Management

Like all lithium-ion batteries, iPhone batteries have a limited life. It degrades over time, which can cause a number of problems, including unexpected shutdowns and slow performance. The iPhone 11 devices come with a solution to the problem with a new hybrid software and hardware management system. It dynamically monitors the device and its power needs without any interference from you, and without noticeable impact on performance. In this way, the device continues to run relatively smoothly as the battery ages.

iphone 11 hybrid management system

In short, the new system relies on a combination of the way the software represented by the iOS 13 operating system and the new hardware works to ensure that the iPhone continues to provide the best possible performance as the battery ages.

Manage HDR for Real

iphone 11 hdr

Previous iPhone devices support HDR technology. But it didn’t actually operate this technology. However, iPhone 11 managed HDR10 or Dolby Vision colors in a real and effective manner that matches the displayed video.

That is about the iPhone 11 hidden features that we can provide for you, please use them properly to maximize the capabilities of your iPhone.

Midnight Green iPhone 11: A Modern Phone with a Unique Color

Midnight Green is the new iPhone color from Apple that is popular in some regions recently. Do you want to have this phone? If so, you need to know its specs and the benefits of choosing such color. Just pay attention to the brief explanation of midnight green iPhone 11 below to know its specs and color benefits. Let’s check it out.

midnight green iphone 11

General Review of Midnight Green iPhone 11

For you who never know about the review or specifications of this phone, you can see the explanation below. Here is the general review of this phone.

  1. 6.1” – 828×1792 pixels

The first important review you should know is the display size and resolution. Well, the size is 6.1”. It is wide enough to enjoy while you are using this phone. For the resolution, it is 828×1792 pixels. With it, the display will look great.

  1. 12 MP

The main camera of the iPhone 11 is 12MP. This condition is good for you to get clear and sharp pictures of any subject you capture.

  1. 4 GB RAM

All kinds of iPhone 11 have 4GB of RAM. Although the internal storage of them is different, each iPhone 11 is completed with 4GB of RAM. This RAM is sufficient to run many apps or big apps simultaneously.

  1. 3110mAh

For the battery, this phone has a 311mAh battery that can be used to talk up to 17 hours. When you want to use it to play music, this phone can stand up to 65 hours.

Benefits of Using the New Color of Apple iPhone 11

All Kinds of iPhone’s color will give some benefits to the users. If you are the user of the midnight green one, you will get benefits as follows.

  1. Enjoy the soothing environment

This color is the association between nature and green. With this condition, you can enjoy a soothing environment when you bring and use this phone outdoors. This color is also good to prevent you from having a stifling environment while you are spending time with this phone.

  1. Feel like an eco-conscious worker

With everything green in your environment, you can also feel like an eco-conscious worker. By holding this phone, you can look like a person who likes recycling and care for the planet.

  1. Appeal to military members

With this color, you can feel like one of the military members. It can happen since the color can be identically related to the military.

  1. Feel the color of royalty

With a purple color on this phone, you will have a phone that can reflect the color of royalty. Besides, it can show your characteristic of being creative, generous, and sensitive.

  1. Convey comfort, stability, and elegance

A purple and midnight green is a kind of deeper color. Many people believe that such colors can convey comfort, stability, and elegance.

Well, that is all about the brief explanation of this phone for you. Hopefully, you can get more understanding after reading it.

iPhone 11 Pro vs Pro Max: Great Specs that You Have to Know

Are you one of the iPhone users? If it is so, it will be shared about iPhone 11 Pro vs Pro Max. In fact, both kinds of iPhones have the same specs. On the other hand, it will also be shown the difference between iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. So, to know it more, let’s check the information below carefully!

iphone 11 pro vs pro max

5 Main Specifications of iPhone 11 Pro vs Pro Max

Actually, the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max has different specifications that you have to know. Do you want to know them more? Just pay attention to the information below carefully!

  1. Camera 

You have to know that both iPhones have the same spec in camera. It is called with a new triple camera system. Then, the camera is available in a wide-angle camera, telephoto camera, and ultra-wide camera. The first type has 12 megapixels and 26 mm f/1.8 and the second one has 12 megapixels and 52 mm f/2.0. The last type has 12 megapixels and 13 mm f/2.4. In addition, the camera is located in a square on the back of the phone.

  1. Display 

Then, what about the display of both phones? For iPhone 11 Pro, the display shows the super retina XDR and completed with a display at 2436 by 1125. Besides, the pixel resolution has 458 PPI. On the other hand, the iPhone 11 Pro Max also has super retina XDR that tells display at 2688 by 1242. The pixel resolution is also the same as the iPhone 11 Pro.

  1. Colors

How about the colors of the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max? You have to know that both kinds of iPhones have some great and interesting colors. They are available in midnight green, space grey, silver, and gold. Thus, if you want to buy one kind of phone, don’t worry! You are allowed to choose one of those colors that you want and like.

iphone 11 pro vs iphone 11 pro max

  1. Size

The next specification that is important and you have to know is the size of the iPhone. Actually, iPhone 11 Pro is 5.8 inches and 84.4 cm2. Then, for iPhone 11 Pro Max has a size of 6.5 inches and 102.9 cm2.

  1. SIM

The iPhone 11 Pro provides a SIM that is Nano-SIM and e-SIM. Then, how about for iPhone 11 Pro Max? It provides two kinds of SIM types. They are single SIM and dual SIM. For a single SIM, it serves Nano-SIM and e-SIM and for dual SIM, it has Nano-SIM and dual stand by.

That is about the specifications between iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Please learn the specs before buying it!

Are iPhone 11 Waterproof? Here’s an Explanation for You

Talking about the smartphone, what kind of smartphone do you want to buy? Is it Samsung, iPhone, Asus, Xiaomi, or what? Well, any device you choose must be your decision. Yet, if you would like to purchase the last-long one, let you choose the iPhone. Why? Because all people said that they are waterproof. Well, are iPhone 11 waterproof? Is it true as people said so? Plus, are iPhone 11 waterproof in the shower? Since people question much about it, today, we are going to discuss whether or not iPhone 11 is waterproof. Let’s check it out for further info in the following details below!

are iphone 11 waterproof

Are iPhone 11 Waterproof? Do You Need Waterproof Case?

iPhone has been popular among people. It has been a great smartphone product that is easily sold out. Now, the new generation, iPhone 11, becomes favorite due to its water-resistant pro. Is this device truly waterproof? Let’s take a look at some explanations below!

  1. IP68 water resistance rating

It is not a surprise anymore that people have already known the fact that iPhone 11 has got an IP68 water resistance rating. It means that this kind of smartphone is water-resistant in up to 2 meters of water for around 30 minutes. Even so, the pro one might survive in 4 meters of water for 3 minutes. This might be the reason why this kind of device costs a lot of money.

  1. Has already tested

Some people have already tested this iPhone 11 and told that it is not only resistant by water or splash but also the dust. Therefore, it might still survive if you spill your milk or coffee over your iPhone 11. If you want, you could do it with your phone.

  1. Chemical liquids

The iPhone company mentions that iPhone 11 is resistant from water, dust, and splash but it does not mention chemical liquid or even seawater. Therefore, it might damage your device; well, it has not been proved yet. Thus, to avoid your phone from being damaged, it is best not to cover chemical liquids over your phone.

Your iPhone might stand and survive from water in 2 or even 4 meters in depth. Even so, it is best not to do it. Once you let the moisture gets in your device, it might need expensive repairment cost. Finally, even though your iPhone is waterproof, it is best to still use a waterproof case so that it is saved.

How Much is iPhone 11? Check Here if You Plan to Have it

Before buying a new iPhone, absolutely you also need some information about the iPhone cost itself. As we all know that the price of the iPhone product is not cheap and relatively expensive. But, it also gives the good performance complete with the excellent feature and absolutely prestigious. So, you must know about this product first. If you want to buy iPhone 11, how much is iPhone 11 cost?

To know the product, you will search some information about the price and also the phone review. To get the phone, we must provide a big amount of money and absolutely we want to get the best one too. So, let’s check it out, guys.

how much is iphone 11

How much is iPhone 11? Here’s the Price List

The new iPhone 11 will retail is $699 for the 64GB internal memory, then $749 for 128GB and the 256GB is $849. The Pro model will retail for $999, and the 11 Pro Max will retail for $1,099. Apple is promoting trade-ins of previous models to lower the cost.

iphone 11 chipThe new iPhone 11 is powered by Apple’s new A13 Bionic chip, which the company claims is the iPhone’s fastest processor yet, and is significantly faster than any Android processor chip. It features machine-learning capabilities, which is useful for tasks like computational photography, which uses artificial intelligence to improve the quality of your photos as they’re taken.

The front-facing camera has been updated to 12MP with wide-angle selfie support when the phone is in landscape. You can also take 4K video at 60 fps, as well as slow-mo videos.
The iPhone 11 is available in six colors: black, white, red, purple, green, and yellow. The new iPhone also features a new anodized aluminum finish, which Apple says is more durable. There’s also Dolby Vision audio.

Well, now you know the review and price for the new iPhone 11. Let’s make a decision to buy this phone and you will use it to get easier communication and use all the wonderful features.