How to set camera timer on iPhone 13?

Sometimes it’s hard to make a group photo, live photos or portrait photos on your iPhone camera app. You press the shutter button, but the photos are not neat, and you or someone else is just excluded from the family photos, or a picture of light trails that is smooshed.

But there is another way to use your iPhone camera app, so you will get the photos you want and will not be disappointed.

Do you want to know how to use an iPhone camera timer or how to use other camera modes? Then this article is for you.

Does iPhone 13 Camera have a timer?

New feature

It is certainly true that iPhone’s native camera app doesn’t have a timer, but luckily, Apple has changed it recently. Now, in a lot of iPhones, iPhone camera app offers a photo timer.

The camera timer on the iPhone 13 is enabled. It is a relatively new feature in the iPhone, it appears first in iPhone 11 and since then, every iPhone 11 and every new iPhone has a photo timer.

Now the iPhone’s camera has been improved successfully, and you have more options to take high-quality images which you will certainly find satisfying.

What timer mode includes

It includes a rear-facing camera timer and a self-timer on your iPhone 13 camera app.

Hands-free photography is now available for iPhone users.

You just can use it with turning on portrait mode or just a photo mode. It actually depends on what exactly you’d like to shoot and how you’d like to do it. Just place your iPhone on a flat site safely, set your iPhone camera timer and push the shutter button.

How does it work and what it gives you

The iPhone’s camera timer feature allows you to set a timer (3 seconds or 10 seconds) on your phone camera, so you now get time to take a nice group photo with no one excluded, and the picture now will be neat and no one is smooshed. It is a really well-done feature.

You should just put your iPhone at some safe place, make the people be ready for the photo, set a camera timer, choose the time you need, and go to the people to pose.

So that everyone, including the photographer, is ready, the shutter button is pushed and a good high-quality photo is done.

How do you set timer on iPhone camera?

Why you should set a timer

When you want to take a good group shot, but you are not sure that the main camera will make a nice shot in a second, you may think that choosing a self mode is a good decision.

Or to take photos by using a tripod.

But, unfortunately, self photos have a very limited space: not all the people will be in the photo eventually, and the tripod does not have a really big spot as well.

So there is another option: iPhone camera timer and even a self-timer.

Setting a timer: instructions

If you need to take a self-photo with a self-timer or a photo with a main camera by using the photo timer, then follow the instructions below.

  1. Find the photos app on your iPhone. Select Camera icon on your iPhone desk, or you can swipe your lock screen left;
  2.  Pick either the self camera or the main camera;
  3. Press the up arrow icon at the top of the screen on your camera app to open the mode menu;
  4. Pick the timer icon in the top-right corner;
  5. Choose the time you need: 3 or 10 seconds, and set a timer;
  6. Place your iPhone at the flat place so that it will not fall down; fix it there, make sure the surface is steady enough;
  7. Tap the shutter button to make the photo, and start the countdown;
  8. Go and take your position.

Countdown helps you with time

how to set camera timer on iphone 13

As you press the shutter down, the countdown starts and in 3 or 10 seconds the camera app will capture a timed photo.

When a countdown starts after pushing the shutter button, the camera will make a little quick flash with every second.

how to set camera timer on iphone 13

So it lets you know how much time you have until the camera app makes the final photo.

Also, thanks to the burst mode, the camera can take multiple shots at once.

How do I turn off the camera timer on my iPhone 13?

how to set camera timer on iphone 13

If you want to take a photo at once yourself, not a timed photo, you can disable the timer mod.

To do that you should go to the settings of the camera app of your iPhone 13, choose the settings of the timer and then turn it off there.

Or you can pick the shutter timer and on the left side you should just tap “Off” — that is a short answer.

How do I use my iPhone 13 camera? Another photo mode

how to set camera timer on iphone 13

What burst mode gives you

Advantages of the mode

how to set camera timer on iphone 13

The feature allows you to make multiple pictures in several seconds. It is a good option which saves you a lot of time and gives you the opportunity to not try to take photos at some place again, but to choose the right one from the ten or more photos you’ve already taken.

It doesn’t matter which timer mode you choose, it will capture not one photo, but exactly ten photos at once within three seconds or ten seconds.

Is it available on Iphone 13?

Burst mode is also enabled on a camera app on your iPhone 13 and other phones of Apple.

It is there by default, and you can easily find it.

Turning the mode on

how to set camera timer on iphone 13

You can find the mode of burst images in the iPhone camera app settings.

But there may be a situation when you can’t turn it on, and that’s why: the live photo or the self photo is on, and to take a burst picture you need to turn them off.

If even then it doesn’t work, find the information in the browser.

You can also easily disable burst mode.

Also, there is a good opportunity to use the mode with the iPhone camera timer: so that you can take multiple photos of the position you want and choose the best timed shot.

Setting a burst mode: instructions

If you want to capture a burst photo with a camera timer, follow the instructions below.

  1. Tap on the Camera icon on your iPhone desk screen, or you can swipe your lock screen left;
  2. If the live photo icon is yellow, put it to turn it off;
  3. Tap on the timer icon;
  4. Choose the time you need: 3 or 10 seconds, and set a timer;
  5. Place your iPhone at the flat site so that it will not fall down; fix it there, make sure the surface is steady enough;
  6. Press the shutter button to take a picture;
  7. Go and take your position. Notice the little quick flash to know how much time you still have after picking the shutter timer icon.

That’s all you need to do! Now you can take your burst photos on your phone and choose one or even all of them. Be careful with your phone while taking pictures using this mode or timer: if your phone isn’t placed steady enough, it may easily fall down and may be crushed. Count all the risks.

How to choose photos from the all burst photos

  1. Tap on the Gallery icon on your iPhone home screen;
  2. Choose the “Recent” album
  3. Pick the “Burst” photos;
  4. Tap “Select” under the photos;
  5. Scroll the photos, then choose the picture you like and want to save;
  6. Tap “Done” at the top of the screen, the right side;
  7. Pick “Keep only favourites”, but not “Keep everything”, if you don’t quite like some of the shots.

Now you have in your gallery only these photos which you want to keep. All the other burst photos will be deleted immediately and leave no trace.

In conclusion: iPhone timer mode helps you to do the best photo

Now you can see why you should use an iPhone camera timer, and you learned how to set it. Just put the correct buttons, set a time, and you will have a nice group shot or another kind of photos with front and rear camera.

Keep only these photos you like and do it with the burst mode and with the timer mode at the same time! If you like the mods which are described here, just try it, and you will see a result yourself.

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How to adjust brightness on iPhone 13: basic methods

If you are concerned about the brightness of your iPhone 13, then from this article you will learn how to adjust brightness on iPhone 13 screen, or how to prevent automatic brightness reduction. In addition, there are no obvious reasons for reducing iPhone screen brightness, which you did not even guess.

Why is iPhone 13 screen so dark?

The screen of your phone can change its brightness level depending on the lighting. The phone has a built-in ambient light sensor that adjusts the auto brightness.

This means that if you are in a brightly lit place, for example on the street, then the brightness of your iPhone becomes maximum so that you can see everything well.

In a dark room, such as a movie hall or at night, the iPhone screen brightness will be set to the lowest level. This ensures that your eyes will be comfortable looking at the display.

As a rule, problems with auto brightness never arise. However, if the brightness of your iPhone is low or automatically decreases sharply, then most likely the problem is with auto brightness.

How do I adjust the screen brightness on my iPhone?

Let’s start with the basic solutions. If these methods do not help, then we can use additional ways to adjust the brightness of your phone’s screen.

Wipe the top of your phone

It is in the top portion of your iPhone that the ambient light sensor is located, on which the correct operation of the auto brightness depends. While using the phone, skin oil, dirt, and so on may get on its surface. All this can lead to incorrect operation of the light sensor.

Wipe the top portion of your phone with a soft and dry cloth. This will help solve your problem with low iPhone screen brightness.

In addition, a seal-proof case on the phone can also block the operation of the light sensor. Remove it and your problem can be solved.

Adjust the brightness of the iPhone screen manually

There are three ways to adjust brightness of the iPhone screen manually. This can be done through the Control center, through the Settings app, and using Siri.

How do I get to control center on iPhone 13?

  1. Open the Control center. For an iPhone with Face ID, swipe down from the upper-right corner of the screen. For an iPhone with the Home button, swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
  2. Drag the brightness slider up.

Via the Settings app:

  1. Go to iPhone Settings app.
  2. Select the Display&Brightness.
  3. Drag the brightness slider to the right.

Using Siri:

Call Siri in your usual way. Then give one of the commands:

  • Increase screen brightness
  • Set the screen brightness to 75%
  • Set the maximum screen brightness

Restart your phone

If your iPhone is under heavy load during the day, it may give temporary failures. To fix this, it is enough to reboot your device.

Check accessibility settings

In the accessibility settings, there is such a function as Reduce White Point. This feature reduces the intensity of bright colors on the screen, and therefore, even if the brightness of your phone is fully increased, the iPhone screen may fade.

How to turn off Reduce White Point:

  1. Open the Settings and tap Accessibility.
  2. Tap Display & Text Size.
  3. Move the slider of the Reduce White Point function to the inactive state. Alternatively, you can move the slider to the left by 25%, while leaving the function enabled.

Turn off the Low Power mode

If the charge of your phone decreases, then the phone will also automatically reduce the brightness of your iPhone screen, to keep the battery charge as long as possible.

To disable the Low Power consumption mode, you can ask Siri about it or fix it yourself through Settings. To do this, go to Settings / Battery and turn off the switch for Low Power mode.

Screen brightness in some media apps

It may happen that your iPhone is working properly, but the screen brightness in the application itself is reduced. As a rule, in such media applications, the brightness of the screen looks like an invisible slider.

If you see a screen brightness slider in the application or browser, then set it to a level that is comfortable for you. If you don’t see the brightness slider, then try to swipe horizontally or vertically across the screen on the left, right, or lower, upper part of the screen.

Turn off the auto brightness option on your iPhone 13

This is practically the surest way to solve the problem of auto brightness reduction on your iPhone screen.

Disabling the auto brightness setting on your phone is not an immediate solution to the problem of a dark screen. First, try all the methods described earlier.

If none of the methods helped you, only then try disabling the auto brightness option. But remember that the auto brightness feature on iPhone 13 protects your eyes and helps extend the battery life of the iPhone 13.

How to turn off the auto-brightness setting of iPhone 13:

  1. Open the Settings app, and go to the Accessibility menu.
  2. Tap Display & Text Size.
  3. Turn off the Auto-Brightness feature switch.

Now you can manually set the brightness of the iPhone screen dimmer or brighter. To do this, you need to go to the Control center and adjust the screen brightness to the level you need.

Is iPhone 13 screen brighter?

If as a result of one of the actions described above, your phone screen has become brighter, then this is great news.

If nothing helped, then below you will find additional information on how to change the brightness on iPhone 13.

Additional information on how to change the screen brightness on your iPhone 13

In the Settings app in your iPhone 13, you will find a menu such as the Display & Brightness menu, with which you can change various screen settings, including brightness.

One of the parameters of the Display & Brightness menu is True Tone, with which the accuracy of colors on the screen is maintained regardless of the level of external lighting and the brightness level of the screen.

If you tap and hold on the Brightness icon in the Control Center, it will expand to take over the whole screen. Then you will see the following parameters:

  1. Dark Mode – dark mode changes the light backgrounds and menus on the screen of your iPhone 13 to darker ones so that it would be comfortable for your eyes.
  2. Night Shift – this option on iPhone 13 automatically adjust all the colors on the screen to a warmer color palette.
  3. True Tone – if this function is disabled, the phone will automatically adjust the brightness of the phone so that the colors look consistent when the lighting conditions change.

All three parameters can also be found in the Display & Brightness menu in the iPhone Settings app.

Read our article to get an Instruction on how to change caller ID on iPhone.


The brightness of your iPhone 13 screen is automatically adjusted when the lighting changes. For example, in bright light, the iPhone’s brightness is maximum, and in low light, the iPhone’s brightness will be minimal.

Auto brightness is regulated by the phone and is designed so as not to strain your eyesight.

If your phone’s screen dimmer, then you may have problems with auto-brightness. You can solve this problem through the Control center, Settings, or Special Features.

In some cases, simply cleaning the top of your iPhone 13 or restarting it can help you.

Read this article if you want to learn How To Optimize And Extend The Battery Life On iPhone.

Instruction how to change caller ID on iPhone

Do you have a question about how to change caller ID on iPhone?

Does the friend you want to talk to because of an argument always push your Callaway? Do you briefly use your iPhone for business calls? Are you sure how the business, you are requesting a carrier ad for, processes the collected data on a special device?

There can be many reasons not to “send” your own phone number when calling. Then just suppress it – constantly, with one call or with certain contacts, so that it is not displayed.

Before we move on to troubleshooting, if you found this post while trying to find a solution to a different problem, visit our iPhone Guides. We may already have articles about your problem.

How to change caller ID on iPhone?

Or do you just don’t want to give outsiders access to your personal life or carrier?

So, this post and our site are for those who want to know if there is any way how to change caller ID on iPhone. This post is not only helpful but also informative.

The privacy matter of caller ID appeared first time in the press, in an article of The New York Times in 1990, Feb. Democrats and Libertarians had been divided into two parties about sharing the ID on an encrypted device.

It was mentioned there that the case of selling personal details took place in one telephone (as a result, staff was fired).

But the issue could not be solved by comments alone. Some blamed the caller ID function is entering the privacy zone while the others considered it as one of the advantageous features.

As an alternative solution, it was discussed to make it possible to block caller ID of incoming calls. They decided to find a balancing solution by the spring of that year.

Apple has one of the most secure systems built-in their devices. However, caller ID makes some trouble for those who want to keep anonymity. In case you are calling someone who doesn’t have your number saved in their list, it will get your caller ID through your carrier.

If I don’t want to show my caller ID, then I need to go through the following steps in caller ID settings in my Apple iPhone using the setting. You do not need to buy on special sites and download the special device or configure, the simplicity of the solution lies in the usual toggle. You can solve this question like this.

In this article, you will find answers to your questions:

How do I make my iPhone show a different Caller ID?

How do I change my outgoing call Caller ID?

iPhone: Enable or Disable Caller ID

Turn your own caller identification on your Apple iPhone 11 Pro iOS 13.0 on or off

How do I change my outgoing Caller ID on my iPhone?

  1. Tap the iPhone home screen to open the iPhone application without going into the settings app.
  2. Click on the “Last Used” tab to see the numbers you called and the numbers you called in the past. Find the number for which you want to add the caller ID and click on the white-blue arrow to the right of it. > If the number does not appear on the “Last Used” tab, navigate to the keyboard icon and select the number. Then click on the “Add contact” icon to the right of the “Call” button. Then you can proceed to step 4
  3. Click the Create new button.
  4. Enter the requested information in the fields provided for this purpose.

You can add a first name, last name, company name, number, and email address. The peculiarity here is that your feature enabled your personal data.

When you’re done, tap the “Done” button to complete the process of adding a caller ID for that number.

They won’t show my Caller ID to anyone afterward.

How do I make my iPhone show a different Caller ID?

  1. Open your home screen
  2. On the main screen, select “Settings” in the menu.
  3. Click on your profile.
  4. Customer Information.
  5. Update the name and click Save your changes in settings.

How do I change my outgoing call Caller ID?

  1. Open your home screen
  2. On the main screen, select “Settings” in the menu.
  3. Go to Profile
  4. User Account
  5. Select your account from the drop-down list
  6. your number.
  7. Click Edit from settings.

iPhone: Enable or Disable Caller ID


  1. Open your home screen
  2. On the main home screen, select “Settings”.

How to change caller ID on iPhone

3. Scroll down and select “Phone”.

How to change caller ID on iPhone

4. Select “Show My Caller ID”

How to change caller ID on iPhone
How to change caller ID on iPhone

5. To turn Caller ID on or off, select the Show My Caller ID switch.

Now, the people you are calling will no longer be able to see your number on the caller ID display. Instead, your number is displayed as “Private” or “Restricted”.

If you don’t see or can’t toggle the Caller ID option on your iPhone, it’s possible your mobile carrier has disabled it. In this case, you will often find other ways to disable.

For example, Verizon customers can dial “*67″ followed by the number they dial to block the caller ID. For more information, visit your mobile operator’s website.

Caller ID cannot be disabled for FaceTime calls on another device. Detailed instructions here: How to call a no caller ID back iPhone 8

Turn your own caller identification on your Apple iPhone 11 Pro iOS 13.0 on or off

  1. Open your home screen by shipping up at the bottom of the home screen
  2. Tap on settings
  3. Tap on fun and go down
  4. Tap on Show my caller ID
  5. Tap on Show my caller ID switch to show or hide your phone number studies
  6.  To hide your number
  7. Tap on it again to show your phone number
  8. Swipe up to go back to your home screen.

Can’t the police track the caller?

Of course, this is not officially enabled, but it is not punished either.

Private numbers, blocked and restricted calls can usually be tracked. No settings will help here.

However, unknown, inaccessible, or cross-band calls are not traceable because they do not contain the data necessary for successful tracking.

It is important to know the feature caller id settings

I need to note, that…

– You may need to log out and log in again to see the new name on the Internet. Or repeat the path of the entire set again.

– The caller ID name is displayed on phones with the caller ID. This will not delete the name stored on the wireless device.

– It may take up to 72 working hours for caller IDs to display the updated caller ID name.

– People may need to remove your number from your caller ID record for your new name to appear. Unfortunately, this is embedded in the settings.

– Some private phone service providers may not offer caller ID or update caller ID information regularly.

If you still have questions, contact Apple Support

I would like to summarize

I really hope that my comments on how to change caller id on iPhone will be useful for you. The secret is simple – you need to understand the phone settings that already have.

It is important to know that the iPhone has a huge number of functions that are already built into it. You just need to find them in the settings. Don’t forget to write comments.

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How to unlock a stolen iPhone

How to Set up Voicemail on iPhone 11

How to unlock a stolen iPhone – iPhone 11 user instruction

For some reason, have you decided to unlock a stolen or lost iPhone? Well, we believe we have several ways that will help you in this case. Catch them! In this article, we will describe some methods and offer some instructions that will teach you how to unlock a stolen iPhone without having any iPhone passwords!

How to Unlock a Stolen iPhone Without Passcode

At first, it may seem impossible to you how to access a stolen iPhone without having a password at hand, but after reading our detailed instructions carefully, you will believe that it is easy and simple. Before you start, you need to get FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker to your computer.

After this, you can check the instructions on how to remove the screen lock or Apple ID from stolen iPhone.

How to get rid of stolen iPhone lock screen password?

Here are three simple and easy steps that can help you to unlock stolen iphone passcode.

1) The very first action will be choosing Unlock Screen Passcode option and plugging the stolen iPhone into the computer using a USB cable.

How to unlock a stolen iPhone

2) Then process of detecting will be started. Wait, and then choose the Start icon. If there are problems with detecting use the on-screen instructions to put it into Recovery Mode or DFU mode.

How to unlock a stolen iPhone

*DFU mode means Device Firmware Update.

3) Downloading the latest firmware package for the iOS device by clicking the Download button may be necessary. Then click “Unlock Now” to remove iPhone screen passcode.

How to unlock a stolen iPhone

How to unlock a stolen iPhone


How to Unlock Apple ID from Stolen iPhone?

Here are three simple and easy steps that can help you to unlock iPhone Apple ID.

1) Go to the Main Window. Here you can find Unlock Apple ID option that you will have to choose from. After this action had been performed, take the USB cable to plug the stolen iPhone into the computer.

How to unlock a stolen iPhone

2) Clicking Start Unlock will start the Apple ID unlocking process. In addition to the fact that you can remove Apple ID, related to the stolen iPhone an iCloud account will be unlocked. Additionally, there are on-screen instructions that can help you with resetting all the device settings in case it is enabled Find My iPhone feature.

How to unlock a stolen iPhone

3) Then automatically all the processes will be finished and you will get an unlocked iPhone.

How to unlock a stolen iPhone

This guide is a life-saver in case you need to unlock Apple ID on a second-hand iPhone or stolen iPhone.

Use Siri to Unlock Stolen iPhone

Check if there are iOS 10.3.2 and 10.3.3 on your iPhone. If you found this, it will be very cool because this will allow you to use Siri in order to unlock stolen iPhone passcode.

To do this:

1) First, you should enable Siri and ask the assistant “What time is it now?”.

2) Then you will see the clock icon. Click on it.

3) The + icon will be shown. Click on it.

4) Find Options.

5) Click Select All – Share – Message.

6) Then you will need to enter some characters to the field where you can see To word. After this, you will have to return in such wat that the keyboard will be shown again. Then you will see text on the green background. Tapping + icon may be necessary.

7) Then you will need to select Create New Contact option and tap Add Photos option.

8) Then you will see that gallery had opened. If you click the home screen button then you will see how the device automatically was unlocked.

How to unlock a stolen iPhone

Note. By the way, it will be important to say that this procedure will not save you from the code on the iPhone once and for all. You will have to do this all the time, every time you exit the device.

Use Recovery Mode to Unlock Stolen iPhone

If you will put your device in the Recovery Mode and restore it in iTunes you will also unlock iPhone easily.

How to unlock a stolen iPhone

To do this:

1) Take the USB cable to plug the stolen iPhone into the computer. Then iTunes opening may be necessary.

2) Do not unplug the gadget but start the Recovery mode.

Enter Recovery Mode For 8 iPhone model and earlier: Find those two buttons which you use to raise or lower the sound volume on your phone. Press on them and press on the Power button as well quickly at the same time, then stop pressing. Recovery Mode should start working.

For the 7 and 7 Plus iPhone models: You should find the Power button and that Button you use to lower the sound volume. Press them both and then wait 10 seconds. Then the recovery mode screen appears.

For iPhone 6 or earlier: Holding both the Home button and the Power button may be necessary. Then wait 10 seconds. Then you will see Recovery Mode starts working on your iOS device.

3) Then after all these actions you will need to choose Restore. It will help you to unlock a stolen iPhone.

How to unlock a stolen iPhone

Note. Sometimes all the processes may take too many minutes to perform, so you will have to start all from the first step again if after 15 minutes you won’t see the Recovery Mode start working.

How to Unlock Stolen iPhone without Siri or iTunes

Use FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker that will remove unlock screen passcode or iCloud activation lock. This in turn will help to unlock a stolen iPhone. You even will not need the password. So this method is very convenient and effective.

VIDEO: FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker

First, you can remove different screen locks (Touch ID or Face ID, etc.) that are also so useful and practical. By the way, with this tool, it is possible to remove Apple ID or iCloud account if you deal with a locked or stolen iPhone without using password. You can use this for many iOS devices as well as for many iPhone models.

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How to Unlock a Stolen or Lost iPhone 6/7/8/X/11/12/13

Here you will find instructions on how to Unlock a stolen iPhone 6/7/8/X/11/12/13.

Unlocking iPhone 8 and Newer

1) First, make sure you pressed on Volume Up and Down and Power Button at the same time.

2) Then swipe the appeared slider. Stop holding all the buttons.

3) Press the Power button and check if the button is not released until the connecting process is finished.

4) Then it is necessary to finish the procedure when you will see the recovery display. Use iTunes for this purpose.

How to unlock a stolen iPhone

Unlocking iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

1) It is necessary to tap on the power button. Then take time for the process finishing. Then swipe the power off slider.

2) Press the button you use for lowering the Volume and make sure it is holded while you are connecting your device to the computer.

3) Use iTunes to perform procedure finishing.

How to unlock a stolen iPhone

Unlocking iPhone 6s and Older

1) First, make sure you pressed Power Button. Wait. The Power Off slider should be shown. Swipe it.

2) Take a lightning cable. Hold the Home Button. Connect the iOS device to the computer using the prepared cable and not release the Home Button.

3) Complete the process using iTunes after the recovery display had shown.

How to unlock a stolen iPhone

Which Way Should You Choose to Unlock Stolen iPhone?

Honestly, it is better to use an iPhone unlocking tool like FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker if there is a purpose to unlock iPhone. The reason for this is that some different ways cannot be so effective, may not suit many iOS devices or you will not be able absolutely to get rid of the existing problem (to unlock iPhone iPad screen lock password, apple id password).

Instructions with Siri or Recovery Mode usage are rather less effective and stable. iPhone unlocking tool has an intuitive interface and it is so easy to use.

The most huge disadvantage of other methods is that both Siri and iTunes methods make you to perform too many actions and do not bring you an effective and absolutely excellent solution.

For example, the Siri method helps you once, and then all the process must be repeated for the expected result. Also, this method is only suitable for old iOS versions while other methods are suitable for the latest iOS versions.

How to unlock a stolen iPhone

FAQs About Unlocking Lost or Stolen iPhone

Now let’s look at the answers to frequently asked questions so that you probably won’t have any problems in the process of unlocking your phone.

Is there any iCloud unlock services that can unlock a stolen iPhone?

No, actually we do not know any suitable service which can help you unlock a stolen iPhone.

Can iPhone passcode unlocker software remove iCloud lock?

Fortunately or unfortunately the answer to this question will be no. In all scenarios, you will not come to the desired result and just get stuck on the iCloud activation lock screen.

What should I do if the seller offers the stolen device?

To begin with, we want to warn you that it is always better to make sure several times before buying a second hand iPhone that you get a “clean” phone. Ideally, if you check it before you make the payment. By a clean iPhone we mean a phone with no previous owner iCloud account and Apple ID.

But if you still have a locked iPhone and you did not activate it before payment, then try using our methods. This may help you to unlock iPhone.

Can I unlock iPhone if it is disabled?

Are you really in a situation where you have a locked iPhone or second hand iPhone in your hands and you have no idea what password you need to enter to unlock it? Did you try to many wrong password attempts to get access to your iphone locked? Oh, it’s a pretty unpleasant situation, but don’t worry, because we know how to help you!

If you have a Catalina Mac OS, then resort to using Finder.

If you have Mac 10.14 and above Windows computers, then you will need to resort to using iTunes.

First of all, you need to check whether you really have the Find my iPhone feature disabled. Then you will need to resort to using iCloud to erase your iPhone completely. Along with this, the lock screen password will disappear.

In addition to the fact that you are offered to use services such as iTunes, iCloud, finder, you also have the choice to use recovery mode.

Using an iPhone Unlocker is easy and simple, so using it to unlock an iPhone will be the perfect solution.

What`s about using iPhone passcode unlocker for the screen passcode unlocking?

If you want to know if it is possible to use this tool for such a purpose the answer will be positive. We recommend you to use an iPhone unlocking tool like FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker in order to unlock iPhone because other methods may work not so effectively or they will not be able to one hundred percent solve your problem. Such methods when you use Siri or Recovery Mode may be unstable and difficult to use while the special tool has an intuitive interface. It is easy to use.

Lost Mode – What is this?

This mode is indicating about the fact that the owner of the device made some official actions to mark its gadget as lost.

What FRP means?

FRP is Factory Reset Protection.

Final words

Let’s sum up.

iPhone is a really popular phone model. It is not a surprise that they can be stolen, lost, sold from one to another owner.

Now you are familiar with the most common and most effective methods of unlocking a stolen or lost iPhone without having screen lock passcode. You also got acquainted with the answers to some frequently asked questions, which should also make it easier for you to unlock the phone.

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Best iPhone 11 Pro Camera Protector – Ultimate Guide 2022

The iPhone 11 series boasts the most advanced smartphone cameras that allow you to take professional-level photos. But to maintain their top-notch performance, it’s wise to purchase a quality iPhone 11 camera protector. These are some of the essential camera accessories for your iPhone that will protect your lens from scratches, dust, and scuffs and keep it in pristine condition. They’re especially useful if you’re not using a phone case. So make your choice of these best iPhone 11 Pro camera protectors.

Best Camera Lens Protector for the iPhone 11

Spigen Camera Lens Protective Film

Spigen is a well-known name for iPhone cases and screen protectors, so this premium tempered glass protective film for the iPhone 11 camera lens protector is a great choice. It protects against scratches and has an anti-fingerprint coating to prevent protector Spigen

What’s more, it’s available in all the colors of your iPhone 11, 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max, so it’s designed to create a beautiful color combination. It adheres to your phone and does not interfere with the camera in any way.

Price: $12.99

UniqueMe Camera Lens Protective Film

This durable iPhone 11 lens protector is scratch-resistant and has a hardness of 9H. It does a great job of protecting the fragile lens from scratches, scuffs, and bumps in everyday protector UniqueMe

At the same time, the oleophobic coating on the surface helps resist fingerprint smudges and dust, so you can take high-definition photos without any interference. It’s also waterproof, so it protects against moisture.

Price: $12.99

Tamoria 3D Oneness Camera Lens Protective Film

Molecular-level hardening of the tempered organic glass of camera protector iPhone 11 Pro Max provides five times the protection of the camera lens. It highly impacts and scratch-resistant, preventing accidental drops or scratches. It also features fingerprint protection, scratch protection, explosion protection, and water resistance.iphone 11 pro camera protector

It is made with micro-engraving technology that keeps the lenses clear. As for its installation, a unique one-second fitting technique is used. The protector has an acrylic backing plate and a clear pet film; bend the backing plate, align and glue the protector. When you are satisfied, tear off the film from the tread.

Price: $9.99

Ultra-thin 9H PECHE Lens Protector Film

Here’s another great iPhone camera protection, made with AR enhanced technology with 99% transparency. It’s crystal clear and lightweight so your pictures retain their original quality in all lighting conditions.iphone 11 pro camera protector

It’s also a 9H tempered glass camera lens protector film that protects against scratches and has an oleophobic layer to protect against water, oil, dust, and fingerprints. Always make sure your iPhone lenses don’t sport it.

Price: $9.99

Camera Lens Cover with Metal Frame OUNIER

This full 3D coated camera lense protector comes with a lifetime replacement warranty in case of any problems. It features Nano-electrostatic automatic adsorption technology to protect against dust and other damage.iphone 11 pro camera protector

Plus, you don’t have to worry about annoying air bubbles thanks to its precise cutting. It’s ultra-thin and easy to use, so it’s easy to use. It consists of an indented titanium alloy metal frame and 9H tempered glass.

Price: $9.99

LK Lens Protective Film for Camera Lens Screen

This tempered glass camera iPhone lens cover protector is highly resistant to shocks and scratches. The rounded edges fit perfectly with the curves of your phone and provide maximum protector LK

Plus, a simple alignment tool makes it easy to install this protective cover without air bubbles. The brand is known for its high-quality after-sales service and lifetime replacement warranty.

Price: $13.99

LOZA Lens Scratch Protection

Check out this iPhone 11 Camera Lens Protective Film, made of high-quality composite material with an adhesive layer that is bubble-free and smooth to the touch. It adheres tightly to the device and repels dust and scratches.iphone 11 camera protector

At the same time, it boasts 99.9% transparency so that your photos turn out exactly bright and high-quality. You can get it with four different color edges to match your iPhone, namely clear, red, silver and black.

Price: $7.99

Buluby Aluminum Alloy Lens Screen Cover

Protection and style come together with this full-coverage camera lens protector, whose outer ring matches the color of your phone. The ultra-thin clear cover protects your camera lens from dust and debris, ensuring professional image quality.iphone 11 pro camera protector

What’s more, they won’t interfere with the body of your phone and add an extra layer of reinforcement for the delicate lens area. There’s also a 100% warranty and six beautiful colors to choose from.

Price: $11.99

Transparent Camera Lens Screen Cover ROITON HD Clear

The carved metal frame and 5H tempered glass of this lens protector is sure to be an important addition to your iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max. It’s made with 3D Cut technology for full coverage of corners and edges.iphone 11 pro camera protector

Keep away from scratches and fingerprints. It’s also ultra-thin, only 0.3mm, with a precise shape of holes that won’t block the flash. The high transparency ensures the original clarity of images and videos. Choose from four options to match the color of your iPhone.

Price: $8.99

QHOHQ Tempered Glass Lens Screen Cover

This ultra-high-definition tempered glass protector has a light transmission rate of 99.99%, allowing you to maintain the original quality of your photos and videos even in low-light conditions. It features an imported adhesive that leaves no protector QHOHQ

It is also made of ultra-thin glass, which is still 9H hardness for reliable protection. It’s fairly easy to install with the included kit and is a great option for protecting the camera area of your device from daily wear and tear.

Total: $8.95

Here’s a video with buying tips that might be helpful:

Useful Information: The ULTIMATE Buyer’s Guide For iPhone 11 Camera Lens Protectors

In this video you will find the best iPhone 11 Camera Lens Protectors and which camera protector ACTUALLY protects your camera lens.

The Best Lenses for iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max

Ztylus Z-PRIME Universal Max Bokeh

Many iPhone users have become obsessed with the idea of “bokeh”, which until recently was a pipe dream. It was extremely difficult to make a smooth transition between an object in focus and a blurred background, and few people really managed to do it. The whole problem was the difficulty of controlling the “F-stop” parameter. But with the Ztylus Z-PRIME Universal Max Bokeh lens, you can take professional photos with the bokeh effect without an ultra-expensive body and glass. The Ztylus Z-PRIME Universal Max Bokeh is a multi-coated optic. It boasts a versatile design and a 75mm focal length, and lets you take crisp, colorful photos at the touch of a button.

iphone 11 camera protector

Black Eye Lens Pro Portrait Tele G4

Most iPhone users use the camera for selfies or to take portrait photos of other people. And that’s exactly what the Black Eye Lens Pro Portrait Tele G4 was designed for, offering an equivalent focal length of 60mm, and is ideal for both outdoor and portrait photography. The Tele G4’s 2.5x zoom allows you to get as close as possible to your subject of interest, whether it’s a person, animal or inanimate object. What’s the advantage? You get a photo with excellent depth of field as a result, and it doesn’t require cumbersome devices/lenses.

Sandmarc Fisheye

Sometimes you want to take a different approach to what you’re photographing. And to do that, it’s important to choose the right beautiful background. With the Sandmarc Fisheye lens, you can extend the range of vision of your camera to capture what you couldn’t before. With an ultra-wide, 10mm multi-coated fisheye lens, you can increase the spatial coverage of your standard lens by up to 5 times. The Sandmarc Fisheye is the perfect choice for landscapes, concerts, and urban photography.

Olloclip Telephoto Pro

Olloclip has been a household name since the introduction of iPhone lenses to the aftermarket. Generally speaking, this manufacturer was one of the first to create additional lenses for portable devices, so it’s no surprise that their offerings are some of the best in the industry. As for the Telephoto Pro, this lens boasts a 2x optical zoom, premium features, and excellent depth of field, making it a great companion for any adventure. Whether you’re trying to photograph subjects in the distance or improve the detail of small elements you wouldn’t be able to catch with a traditional lens, the Telephoto Pro from Olloclip will help you capture a beautiful shot.


With so many options, there’s no excuse not to get one of these camera lens protectors for your iPhone 11, 11 Pro, or 11 Pro Max. Don’t forget to also get the best camera apps that will improve your photos and take your pictures to the next level!

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