How to Screenshot With iPhone 11 Without Applications?

Screenshot becomes one of the features on a smartphone that people almost use often. This feature is useful for capturing chats, pictures, etc. on your screen and even all the apps available in your device. Anyway, how to taking a screenshot with iPhone 11 must be questioned by some people especially those who just start using iPhone 11. If you want to know, let you keep reading this article. This time, we are going to talk more about how can I screenshot with my iPhone 11. Let’s check it out for more detailed info in the following info below!

How to Screenshot With iPhone 11 Easily

You might want to screenshot the frame on your iPhone 11! Yet, how to do it? Well, let you read some necessary steps and ways below then!

  1. The frame

Before you start to screenshot, you need to think about which frame, which chats, which picture, etc. that you want to screenshot. Well, you might also screenshot your screen display though.

screenshot with iphone 11

  1. Side button and volume up button

Press the Power or Side button and the Volume Up buttons at the same time together.

  1. Screenshot begins!iphone 11 edit screenshot

After you have done step number 2, your iPhone screen will flash and screenshot the frame. Then, the screenshot result will appear as a little thumbnail located on the bottom left corner of your phone’s screen.

  1. The thumbnail

Let you tap the thumbnail to edit the screenshot as you like. Then, after you finish, you could select the option ‘Done’ located at the top left corner. After that, you might decide whether you want to save it or delete it.

About Apple iPhone Screenshot

There are some interesting things about having a screenshot with iPhone 11. What are they? Let’s see them below!

  1. Handy

Usually, when you screenshot the frame with other devices, you need to open the Galery to find your screenshot. Yet, with iPhone 11, you do not need to do it. You could even take a look at your screenshot and send it right away to your contacts.

  1. Other iPhone devices

Ways to screenshot with iPhone 11 must be the same as the other iPhone devices. They include iPhone X, iPhone 5, 6, 7, 8, iPhone SE, etc.

Well, that’s all about steps to screenshot with iPhone 11. If you would like to know how to screenshot with other kinds of smartphones, let you stalk and stay tuned on our web for updated information.

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