How to Taking Panorama on iPhone 11: Simple Steps that You Can Try

Hello, the users of the iPhone 11! Do you want to take a photo by using your phone? Don’t feel confused about it! By opening the camera app, you can do the action of taking panorama on the iPhone 11. To do it, you should recognize the steps of how to view panoramic photos on the iPhone. Let’s check it out for the steps!

taking panorama on iphone 11

3 Easy Steps of Taking Panorama on iPhone 11

When you have iPhone 11 and you want to take some photos or panoramas using your iPhone, don’t worry! Here are the steps.

  • Opening the app

The first step that you have to do to take a panorama on iPhone 11 is opening the application of the camera. You can find the camera app on your home screen. 

  • Tapping shutter button

Yea, this second step will allow you to tap the shutter button. This button can you find in the camera application. 

  • Tapping the thumbnail button

The last step that you are suggested to follow in taking panorama or photo is tapping the button of the thumbnail. In addition, you can tap this button to preview and even you are allowed to edit your photos. Here, you may edit the photos that you have taken based on your needs and desire. 

How to Take and Select the Burst Mode Photos

burst mode on iphone-11

When you operate your iPhone 11 and you want to choose the burst mode, there will be available for you some steps. Hence, here are the steps you should follow. 

  • Opening camera app

You have to know that opening the application of a camera on your iPhone is the first step that you should do. 

  • Framing the scene

After opening the camera app, you can frame the scene. It is of course that you want to capture normally.

  • Swiping to the left

Then, to get burst mode in capturing photos, you are suggested to press and swipe the screen to the left. In this mode, Ios will choose the best picture that you take. 

  • Tapping the thumbnail

You can tap this button that is located in the bottom left corner of the screen. 

  • Tapping the burst mode stack

Next, if you want to view the picture, you are allowed to tap on the burst mode stack. Then, don’t forget to click the option of Select. 

  • Choose blue checkmark

This step will help you if you want to keep the pictures or photos. You should tap the blue checkmark on the photos and tap done.  

That is a source of the steps to take pictures using the iPhone 11. You can also find some ways to use burst mode capture. 

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