How to Set up Voicemail on iPhone 11: Easy Steps for Any Carrier

Using voicemail is very helpful for you, so you must know how to get voicemail on your iPhone. Through it, you will delete, organize and play your voicemails from the handy menu. This application will send you some information with voice form while you are busy or cannot answer the telephone. Setting up voicemail on your Apple phone is simple. Here’s a guide on how to set up voicemail on your iPhone 11.

Ways to Activate Voicemail messages

With the update for 2023, there are three ways to start voicemail. Here they all are:

  1. Launch voicemail in your phone app;
  2. Ask your mobile carrier for help;
  3. Use Apple visual voicemail apps.

We recommend starting with your call app settings, which is the green handset icon you use to make calls. To be honest, not all cellular carriers support voicemail by default, but still almost each in US. So, let’s start our detailed tutorial on how to set up voicemail within phone app.

Steps to Set up Voicemail on iPhone 11

  • The first step, you should go to the Phone app that located in the bottom of the iPhone home screen and then choose it. On the bottom side, you will see the voicemail icon that placed in the corner.
  • Select it to open the voicemail.
  • In the screen of the voicemail, you will see an empty space complete with the button to Set up now in the center of the screen.
  • When you see a notice now you have a choice, select it.
  • If you ever use iPhone voicemail and sign in before, you can write down the old password into it and access the old voicemails automatically.
  • But if you never use the voicemail before, you must make a password and re-enter it.

Setting up Voicemail: Easy Steps for Any Carrier

  • When the process is finished, choose “Done”.
  • After that, your phone will show the Greeting screen. If you don’t want to see it and in a rush move to the next step. Then, you can choose Default greeting and then Done to skip the previous step.
  • But if you have a willingness to personalize your greeting, you should select Record menu to record Custom greeting and also Play to repeat it back.
  • When you really like it, tap greeting Done.
  • Well, now you officially have voicemail settings completed in your phone app.

Setting voicemail message on iPhone 11 is not a difficult thing, so you must have it. Through it, you can share any voicemail message with AirDrop. You can save them as an audio memo to save on space, mail them to others, and more. Let’s enjoy it and personalize the voicemail greeting as you wish to get comfortable using the voicemail system.

The Video Guide to setup voicemail on your Apple iPhone 11

Video Source: Howfinity Youtube Channel

Setting up Voicemail with Your Cellular Carrier

Each carrier has its own voicemail service, and we’ve provided a brief description of how to do it (and where to find instructions) where applicable below.

AT&T: If you’re an AT&T customer, you have the option of creating your own basic voicemail. You’ll need to press and hold the 1 key down while you’re on your phone. AT&T will then ask you to set up your greeting via voice prompts.

Sprint: Sprint has its own basic voicemail for you to set up. In order to get there, you’ll need to press and hold the 1 button and create a four-to-ten digit passcode to access your voicemail. You’ll then need to follow the voice prompts to set it up.

T-Mobile: T-Mobile has a similar story to tell as Verizon. Instead of allowing you to set up a specific basic voicemail, it instead directs you to Apple to set up Visual Voicemail.

voicemail messages via cellular data

How to Get up Visual Voicemail on iPhone 11

Owners of iPhone 11 with iOS 16 can use Apple’s visual voicemail. Unlike regular voicemail, visual one allows you to get your voicemails without calling. You just have them listed in your app, where you can start from where you want, sharing and saving your voicemails.

Even more, you have your voicemails in the form of transcribed texts that look like a written message. Visual voicemail transcription works with all of your iPhone’s built-in apps. So you can reply to a voicemail in your favorite messenger. iPhone’s features are impressive, aren’t they?

Steps to install visual voicemail messages

  • Open the standard phone app to make calls.
  • Tap the voicemail icon at the bottom right of the screen.
  • If you see the Set up now button in step 3, then everything is great and your mobile provider is on.
  • If you see the Call voicemail button, you’ll have to check if your customer account supports this feature before proceeding to the next step. (Some carriers don’t provide visual voicemail by default and want to charge extra for it.)
  • Click Set up now to configure your visual voicemail. The setup process includes setting a password to protect your data, choosing default greeting or recording your custom greeting, and saving it.

Steps to install visual voicemail message

If your mobile provider is cranky in voicemail service, try any of the many visual voicemail apps. Most are free, but some ask for a surcharge for additional services. Third-party support visual voicemail is designed for Androyd and for iOS of any version. Their setup is exactly the same as iPhone’s.

As you’ve seen, visual voicemail is no more complicated to setup than regular voicemail, but it offers a lot more options. Thanks to Apple!

10 thoughts on “How to Set up Voicemail on iPhone 11: Easy Steps for Any Carrier

  1. Hi,
    I dont see anything that you have written when I try to set up voicemail on my new Iphone11.
    I tap on voicemail and the only option is 'Call voicemail' … then it doesn't accept my mobile number.
    I would love your help

  2. My voicemail doesn’t tell me the number, date or time the caller made the call. Can it be set up to do these things?

  3. I am and have been trying to set up voicemail for my iPhone 11 purchased at the Waycross store. This is not working for me. I got to the screen where I put in my password and where I was to set up a greeting. There were no instructions past that. I recorded a message but never heard a beep or confirmation that my voicemail greeting was complete. I have tried several time in succession to try and play the message but nothing happens.

    I am very frustrated with this and could use some guidance. Thank you.

  4. The set up screen does not appear –
    i just have greeting in the top left and when i record it and save it does not offer a voicemail message for a caller when someone calls

  5. When I go to set up voice mail, it asks me to enter a voicemail code, add a 4 digit number and then it asks to confirm that code, I hit done and it tells me that voicemail is currently unavailable, try later.
    It does not tell me how many digits I need for the code either.

  6. I put in a 7-15 digit password and click Done, but I get the message “Voicemail Error” try again later everytime. Help.

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