How to Save Battery Life on Your Apple iPhone 11

Are you the user of the iPhone 11? If so, you must feel the powerful and fun device with it compared to other smartphones. However, to enjoy the fun of this phone will decrease its battery life. As a result, you should often recharge it. For this matter, you can save battery on iPhone 11 in some ways. By doing it, your iPhone 11’s battery can stand longer than before. Just make it happen by following the ways on how to save battery on iPhone 11 below.

save battery on iphone 11

3 Best Ways to Save Battery on iPhone 11

There are particular ways to do if you want to save the battery life of your iPhone. Some people may not know about them. If you also do not know the ways, you can follow the explanation below and do them.

  1. Lower the Phone’s Screen Brightness

The brighter screen will spend more battery life. So, you can minimize your battery consumption by lowering its brightness. Besides, you can also turn on the auto-brightness feature on your iPhone. Thus, the screen level of your phone will follow the ambient light. When the light is darker, the phone’s screen level will follow it. As a result, it can reduce battery consumption.

  1. Use Low Power Modeiphone 11 low power mode

In this mode, you can disable some features that make the battery life easy to drain. Some features you can reduce or disable are like Hey Siri, email fetch, automatic downloads, background app refresh, and other features. To activate this feature, you can go to Settings and choose Battery. After that, you can request Siri to “turn on Low Power Mode”.

  1. Disable Some Visual Effects

Some visual effects are kinds of this phone’s feature that fasten your battery to drain. In this case, you can disable them by going to Settings and choosing General in the Settings menu. Then, you can follow this action by choosing Accessibility and followed by the clicking Reduce Motion option. When you have done it, you can tap on the toggle switch to enable the Reduce Motion. Besides, you can also reduce the transparency by going back to the Accessibility screen and tapping the line above the reduce motion. It is titled Increase Contrast. To enable the feature of Reduce Transparency, you can toggle switch on it.

Well, that is all you can learn about the best way of saving your iPhone 11’s battery. Follow them well to get longer battery life on your phone. If, however, the battery of your iPhone is completely dead, you will not miss an important call with voicemail. Voicemail settings are here.

Well, if the improvements are no longer working, your iPhone battery can always be replaced.

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