Restore iPhone 11 from iCloud Backup Without Losing Data

iPhone becomes the device that people mostly want to buy. It offers new updates and sure it lasts long. Yet, somehow, you might also get a problem with your device. It may work slower so that you need to do the factory reset or hard reset. Do not worry; you could restore iPhone 11 easily, back to normal.

You may get your bought applications and all data including videos, pictures, music, documents, etc. Once you are successful in restoring it. But, how is it to do it? Well, let you read this article. We are going to talk more about how to restore iPhone apps from iCloud. Let’s check it out for further info below!

How To Restore iPhone 11 with iCloud Backup in simple steps

Steps to Restore iPhone 11 with iCloud

Do you want to restore your applications? Why won’t you use iCloud? Let’s read some useful tips to do below! Make sure, before restoring, make sure your device has a backup.

  • Turn on your iPhone and you will see a Hello screen soon. Delete all of the contents on your phone to start restoring.

iphone restore

  • Sign in to your iCloud (you need to mention your Apple ID to enable us to use the apps you downloaded before). Select a backup. Choose the data you want to restore and wait for the transfer starts. When prompted, enter your Apple ID to confirm selected apps and purchases. If there is a newer version of the software required, you need to update it by following some steps appear.

iphone restore progress

  • Wait for the progress complete. It may take hours. Well, this will depend on your Wi-Fi connection though. Having a fast Wi-Fi connection might have fast progress, too. Well done! You finish setup your phone!
  • Some other data including photos, apps, or music will continue to restore for the next hours or even days. It depends on their sizes.

sign in to use iCloud

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The Benefits of Using iCloud

You might restore your iPhone with your computer and iCloud. Yet, using iCloud might be easier than using a PC. Why? Because:

  • If you do not have a PC, you do not need to borrow it from your friends or even buy the new one just to restore your iPhone. Just use iCloud to do it. Easy, right?
  • Restoring your device with a PC means you will connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable. This must be dangerous because if your PC is not safe; it has viruses, it might affect your device, too.

Finally, if you wish to restore iPhone, it is best to use the iCloud app. Therefore, do not forget your Apple ID!

The Benefits of Using iCloud

Restore your device from a backup by other means

iCloud is not the only cloud storage you can use. If you have a computer on MacOS Catalina or later, try to restore your iPhone in this way. Open Finder and connect your device to your computer with a USB cable.

Confirm Trust this computer or enter your device password, and then follow the pop-up prompts. In the next step, select Restore Backup of the data you want. And the last thing you do is watching the progress bar for several minutes, waiting for the restore to complete.

Restore iPhone via computer

If you are satisfied that your backups are up to date, you can move on to recovery mode. Through Recovery mode you can update your iPhone’s firmware and fix any operational bugs. For example, it happens the phone hangs on the Apple logo when updating or has no movement in the progress bar.

So, reopen the Finder or iTunes and keep your phone connected to your computer. Follow these steps to Recovery Mode screen appears:

  • Press and quickly release the volume up button.
  • Next, press and quickly release the volume down button.
  • Then, press and hold the side button until you see the recovery mode screen.

iphone recovery mode

After the recovery mode screen appears, you will be given the choice between Restore or Update. By selecting Update, you can rest assured that your computer tries to update the firmware without erasing your personal information. If Update fails, try Restore. In any case, don’t exit recovery mode until the process is complete.

If something does go wrong, contact Apple Support for more help. Good luck!

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