How to Restart iPhone 11 When Frozen or Untouched Screen

Having a smartphone must be such a pleasure because it is very helpful for communication and also entertainment. It may support your photography hobby, too. Yet, sometimes, you might find it suddenly frozen. This must make you worried. Well, it is okay, you could still use your phone after you restart iPhone 11 when frozen. Yet, how to do it fast? If you have not restarted your device before, you need to read this article. On this occasion, we are going to discuss some ways of how to force restart the iPhone 11. Let’s check it out for further info and detail below!

restart iphone 11 when frozen

Steps to Restart iPhone 11 When Frozen Easily

There are some easy steps to restart your iPhone  device. They are easy to do; you could even do it by yourself. What are they? Let’s take a look at them in the following details!

  • Press and hold the power button and the volume button (either volume up or volume down). They exist on the top right and left side of your iPhone 11 itself.
  • Hold them for seconds together, at the same time until the ‘power off’ slide pops up. Then, you just need to drag it. Then, wait for your device to shut off itself.

force restart iphone 11

  • Once your device is off, let you turn it on by pressing and holding the power button until the Apple logo appears. Well done!

Things to Know

There are some facts about restarting your frozen iPhone. Let’s check it out in the following numbers below!

  • Your data. If you force to restart your iPhone with the usual method (soft reset/ it has been explained above), you will not lose your data. Therefore, do not be afraid of losing some pictures, documents, videos, etc. You do not need to reinstall some applications, too.
  • Easy to do. To restart your iPhone 11, you just need to do some simple instructions. Plus, it spends your time for less than a minute! It must be fast, isn’t it?
  • Phone’s performance. Restarting your device will not make it works slower. If your iPhone works slower, it means you have limited storage so that you need to delete your data. Or, you could also relocate it if you wish.
  • While your phone is frozen and you’re dealing with this problem, stay in touch with voicemail.

By the way, those steps mentioned above are ways to restart iPhone 11 when frozen with a soft reset. You could also do the hard reset or even the factory reset but it requires some complicated instructions. Happy trying!

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3 thoughts on “How to Restart iPhone 11 When Frozen or Untouched Screen

  1. Lately when I pci up my iPhone 11 the screen is a very large image and print I cannot move. I try to shut off the phone to restart it. When I hold the power button and volume wither louder or softer for a few seconds….I hear and alarm. If I hold it a bit longer 911 operator comes on. How do I use my phone when the screen seems frozen?

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