How to Put Apple iPhone 11 Into Recovery Mode Easily

An iPhone 11 is not only used for communication but also entertaining purposes. You could play games or take photograps you like with this device. You may also access the internet to get updated information around the world. Yet, sometimes, your phone might suddenly freeze or it works very slowly. To solve this problem, you might put your iPhone 11 into recovery mode. Once you are successful, your phone might work faster than before; it is like a new one. Anyway, you must have not done it before, right? That’s why, today, we are going to talk more on how to put iPhone 11 in recovery mode. Let’s check it out for further info in the following details below!

put iphone 11 into recovery mode

Several Ways to Put iPhone 11 Into The Recovery Mode

There are some easy ways to put your device in a recovery mode so that your phone might work as it used to be. What are they? Let’s take a look at them below!

  • Prepare for a Mac (if you do not have it, you might borrow it or go to the Apple center for the fast result). To put your iPhone into a recovery mode, you need to connect it to your Mac first. Then, connect your iPhone 11 to your PC with the USB cable (original from iPhone). Download iTunes on your computer and launch it. Well, you could also use the MacOS Catalina on your phone (open the Finder window to find it).
  • Hold and press the Volume Up for seconds. Then, do the same thing with the Volume Down. After that, select and hold the power button until the Lightning cable pops up on the screen. Well done! You are now successful to enter the Recovery Mode on your iPhone 11 device.

How to Exit From the Recovery Mode

If you wish to exit the recovery mode, you need to do some necessary instructions in the following numbers below!

  • Hold and press the Volume Up quickly. Then, press and release the Volume Down.
  • Choose and press the power button until the Apple logo appears on your device screen. Wait for your iPhone to restart anew! That’s all! Easy, right? You could do it without even going to the Apple center near your home as well as you have your Mac!

That’s all about ways to put iPhone 11 in recovery mode. Those steps might be the same as other iPhone devices including iPhone XS, iPhone 13, and many more.

For more information on reboots and resets, visit How to Hard Reset iPhone 11 for Diagnosing Some Issues!

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