How to put apps in alphabetical order on iPhone 11 in a quick way

This article will show you how simply organize your iPhone apps and place them in alphabetical order by using different methods.

We all have random previously created folders on our iPhones. I will help you to structure all your apps.

How to put apps in alphabetical order

Reset Home Screen Layout

Reset Home Screen Layout helps you to change your Home Screen to the factory defaults.

Therefore, the built-in apps and all apps you have installed will be organized in alphabetical order.

How do I get my apps in alphabetical order on my iPhone?

If you accumulate a large number of Apple apps on your iPhone and you don’t delete them, you will have some troubles with finding apps that you really need to use.

I will show you how to sort applications without nerves in alphabetical order.

How do I get my apps in alphabetical order?

Now open the Settings on your iPhone and tap General–> Reset–> Reset Home Screen Layout.

Then close your settings window, and you will see your apps properly organized by name. Now you found a simple way to find the application you really want to use.

If you have an iOS14, go to Home Screen and keep swiping left until you find the application library at the top. This manipulation will help you to see all your apps in alphabetical order.

Be careful not to accidentally tap Erase All Content and Settings. This will delete all of your apps! This is a useful feature if you are selling your iPhone or fixing particularly complex bugs. But you won’t want to use it today!

How do I alphabetize apps on iPhone 11 Pro Max?

Organizing iPhone apps alphabetically

How to organize iPhone apps on iPhone 11 Pro Max? Go to Settings–> General–> Transfer or Reset Phone–> Reset–> Reset Home Screen Layout.

The built-in apps return to their default locations. And this can arrange apps in alphabetical order. This is the simplest and most common method.

Why do we need to organize iPhone apps? There are some reasons to organize iPhone apps.

Maybe you are sick and tired that your iPhone Home Screen is disorganized, and you can’t find an application you need the most. And here are the instructions how to organize iPhone apps.

2 methods

First: Reset iPhone Home Screen Layout

As I previously said, you should reset your phone’s Home Screen to the default layout. And all the apps will be sorted in alphabetical order.

How do I alphabetize apps on iPhone 13 (iOS version 15)?

You need to go to Settings–> General. Then go to the bottom and tap Transfer or Reset iPhone.

Or if you have an old iOS versions, tap Reset–> Reset Home Screen Layout.

Second: Manually Organizing

You need to tap a random app and hold your finger until all the apps start to shake. Then drag the app to the first Home Screen to the new location.

Keep on going until you arrange the apps in alphabetical order on Home Screen pages. This method has a big disadvantage. It may take a lot of time.

How do I get my iPhone to automatically organize apps?

All the steps above showed you how to organize apps alphabetically.

How to create a folder?

It is so helpful if you create different categorized folders with app icons.

Tap and hold apps or iPhone’s built-in apps, then choose Edit Home Screen and drag an app on top of another app. The folder will be created.

And you can add different apps to each folder and give each folder name. And, of course, you can change previously created app folders.

You can add more apps to this folder or rename the folder or delete.

How to reset your Home Screen to reorganize apps?


Open Settings–> General–> Transfer or Reset iPhone–> Reset. Select Reset Home Screen Layout.

Reset the iPhone 13 Home Screen

You can sort your apps automatically. Here is a guide.

A guide for iPhone apps

Open the Settings app–> General–> Transfer or Reset iPhone–> Reset Home Screen Layout. And your iPhone apps are listed alphabetically.

How to sort iPhone apps?

You can find the answer above of how to sort apps and app folders. It is an easy way to sort them.

The same name for 2 apps?

Two apps cannot have the same name. It is forbidden. But, anyway, they can have the same name under the icon.

How to sort notes?

You can see on the screen your recently updated notes first by default. If you want to change the order of your notes in iPhone alphabetically, change the settings.

Go to Settings app–> Notes—> Sort Notes By–> Title. This will sort your notes alphabetically.

Alphabetical list of apps

To see this list, tap the search bar at the top. Then you’ll see a new screen with applications sorted by the first letter.

Finding the application library

Here’s how. To find the application library, visit your iPhone’s screen and swipe left as many times as it takes to reach the app library screen.

This is always the last page after your Home Screen icons. Once you’re there, you’ll see groups of app icons sorted automatically by category.

How do you remove icons from iPhone home screen?

You need to touch and hold the app with your finger for a while, and then tap Remove App or tap Delete.

How can I delete hidden apps from iPhone?

If you can’t find the application, I’ll show you some methods. So, here how to delete applications:

From Settings

If you don’t need some applications, you go to the Settings–> General–> iPhone Storage. It may take some seconds to load applications. You choose an application, that you want to delete. Tap the Delete option.

Using Spotlight

Use Spotlight function to remove from your screen hidden applications. It helps you not only find an application, but find random files, contacts etc.

Go to Spotlight at the top of the screen and tap an application’s name you want to find and delete apps. Press for a long time on the application and delete it.

App Library

iOS 14 allows applications staying in application library and hiding on your iPhone’s Home Screen.

You can remove any application from application library.

Via the App Store

Open App Store. Tap on your Profile picture. Find your application. It may be under Available Updates.

If you didn’t find it, go to the Updates page.

Then swipe left on the application’s name and delete it. From now this hidden application is deleted.


Hope all the methods mentioned above in this article is really helpful and useful for you and you won’t have any questions after reading. Therefore, it helps you to get apps alphabetically and gives you an easy feeling.

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