iPhone maps voice navigation not working in car

Almost everyone, without exception, uses playing cards for the purpose of navigating according to the newest town or if they want to be in the newest role. However, in some cases, you will be able to realize that the iPhone maps voice does not work in any way, for example – iPhone voice navigation is not working in the car.

Voice movement is considered a common setting in iPhone maps not talking, and also in Google maps. However, in some cases, a question with broken iPhone maps voice may appear in your organization.?

If you wish, in order for the voice movement to be re-introduced in your iPhone, many of the effects described in this note should be carried out for you. I have provided detailed instructions about this, as well as to re-enter iphone voice navigation for the purpose of two mushans in your iPhone.

Ensure that You Have Enabled Voice Navigation in Maps on iPhone

Voice movement is probably the best role that has ever existed attached to a card game. Driving a motor vehicle in the absence of vocal re install navigation is obvious in driving a motor vehicle at random and also captures more period than ever find iphone.

You will not be able to simply interrupt in other methods and also control volume buttons your own playing cards simply in such a way that you have every chance of having serious difficulties iphone issues.

First of all, rather than go to the approach, first check, there is re install no very low ringing in your iPhone, then make sure that you have entered voice navigation in apple maps not talking.

Voice playing cards iPhone does not work at start talking in any way? Simply connect voice navigation in apple Maps to iPhone:

  • Step #1: Switch to options from your own iPhone problems.
  • Step #2: Scroll and also touch the card game.
  • Step # 3: select the options for driving a vehicle and navigation.
  • Step #4: Check the sonority / standard / low sonority in the Sonority area of the voice and the presence of navigation. And also now voice movement in apple Maps has been introduced.

If you use Google Maps, you can also enable voice navigation using:

1) Launch Google Maps app

2) Start getting directions to your destination

3) Tap the speaker icon. Make sure that the icon is not grayed out

6 Solutions to Fix iPhone Maps Not Talking

Now that you are sure that the voice navigation setting is enabled, let’s continue troubleshooting iPhone maps not talking.

Refresh Location Services

The work of establishing the location in your iPhone maps not talking has every chance to interfere with the work of your mushan. You will be able to upgrade this meteorological parameter in order to make sure that someone does not interfere in spoken audio. Follow these rules about this, as well as modernize the work of establishing the location.

1) Switch to Options

2) Switch to the Privacy section

3) Pick up the work of establishing the location

4) Turn off the panel

5) Restart your own iPhone

6) Expand the options again and also transfer to the Work of establishing the location

7) Reconnect the panel

8) Try again and also check if the iPhone maps app is still not talking in any way.

Re-Download Voice Direction

Probably, fellema is not practically on the road in any way, but along with your connection. In order to force your iPhone maps not talking, try to use voice directionality a second time.

  • Make sure that your iPhone is connected to the Internet ipod touch
  • Press “Hold Route
  • on Apple maps app
  • Check that this method eliminates the issue.

Reset All Location and Network Settings

Another conclusion in order to eliminate the difficulty, together with the iPhone apple maps app, which do not talk in any way, is considered key features to be the dropping of the bond options as well as information about the location with navigation voice. See operations:

  1. Switch to Options
  2. Scroll and also find the Drop
  3. Push to Get rid of the bond option
  4. In addition, put pressure on the location as well as the situation

Turning off your bond will not in any way plunge to the removal of what is covered in your fix iPhone maps not talking issue, but rather will send saved Wi-Fi networks connections and open settings as well as cellular connectivity, VPN and pause spoken audio passwords.

Check Bluetooth Connection and Pause Spoken Media

If you turn on your own mobile phone to Bluetooth during the application of the iPhone mushan, check whether your car and restore iPhone navigation voice volume are properly connected. In addition, concentrate your interest new device, there are no other devices connected in any way, which normal volume have every chance of preventing connection. Given the many simple difficulties that have every chance to cause open settings, what your apple maps icon scheme will not say in pause spoken audio.

Expand the options and also touch Bluetooth

Switch to the list of ‘My devices’ and also check whether this or that device is connected with the iPhone voice directions

The presence of the need will make the connection of the restore iPhone ios issues as well as your machine

Now, if you have adjusted the check Bluetooth connection, the subsequent one, then what you can do is to control the order of suspension of conversational media. As a rule when bluetooth connection, if you listen to podcasts and audiobooks network data, voice movement is disabled. You will be able to tap reset network settings at a certain period, see the same as:

  • Switch to Options
  • Reveal the card game
  • Find and also touch The control of the vehicle as well as movement
  • Scroll through and also connect “Stop Everyday Sound”

Listening to your audiobooks and podcasts device data will be temporarily stopped at a home screen certain period. You will be able to re-enter them if you come to the voice directions section!

Uninstall and Reinstall Apple Maps

In case you have reached up to this share, as well as everything without exception recovery mode, you will not be able to correct in any way, then the game of cards i Phone reset network settings does not talk in any way home screen, in this case, the following, what I advise, is to remove Apple maps a voice navigation. The fix iPhone maps not talking issue operating in fix iOS issues Ten make it possible to eliminate tap maps and also to determine reset location again.

1) On the main screen touch and hold the card game

2) Find and also press the X key to pull out

3) Pick up to remove for the purpose of proof

4) To reinstall, open the App Store

5) Find the card game and also press to determine

6) After reinstalling mushan, check whether you can use voice navigation now.

If All Else Fails, Restore Your iPhone

As well as in the bulk of troubleshooting methods, if everything else fails without exception in recovery mode, resume the iPhone voice navigation. This method is usually assumed to be in the final order, due to the fact that someone will force the deletion of your iPhone’s navigation settings information location services.

But, if you have used up all the resolutions without exception car’s radio volume, which I mentioned earlier network data settings, resuming your reset iPhone will undoubtedly correct data loss in this case that use and fix apple maps does not talk in tap reset location. Press here enable voice navigation, if you want to find out how to resume your own iPhone location services with ios devices iCloud support, and you will also be able to resume your own iPhone in iTunes using the following location services:

  • Open iTunes in PC
  • Turn on your own iPhone along with USB cable support
  • In the Vault tab, press the Resume iPhone key
  • Press Resume for the purpose of proof

Resuming the iPhone maps will completely clean your device, and you should also resume the spare list in order to return your information advanced mode.

Repair Your iPhone Without Data Loss

The best option for resuming your iPhone maps are this application of extraneous software, which will resume your device without fear of losing information. FoneDog iOS Toolkit- resuming the concept will bring the required adjustments to location services.

This software provision contains the probability of determining standard mode whether your iPhone maps are located in the “normal state” or not. For you, it is simply necessary to connect the iPhone apple maps to the PC during the operation of this software. Then someone voice direction will scan and also perceive your device location services.

There are 2 methods in the selection, the usual order will correct your device in the absence of loss of information with open maps voice. The in-depth cellular settings procedure is specialized for the purpose of the most in-depth as well as technological elimination of malfunctions standard mode, which leads to the loss of information advanced mode. Fortunately cellular data, this tool also comes with a roll-up of resuming information with maps voice, which can help you resume your comp data in case of application of the extended order pause spoken media.

See detailed management according to the FoneDog iOS apple tv Toolkit application – spoken directions renewal of the concept:

1) Pile up the FoneDog iOS Toolkit– resuming the concept and also define in your own PC

2) Turn on the iPhone along with the USB cable support

3) Wait until the software recognizes and also perceives your device

4) Pick up the question, along with which you met, from the drop-down list

5) Press the recognition key

6) Then, in order to use the firmware version, select the correct version that you use from the list. Press to use, in order to determine the firmware

7) Allow the software to resume your iPhone

8) Wait for the repair work to finish

Tip. Backup iPhone Data Selectively or Fully before Fixing

Before using any of the above methods, always make sure you have backed up your iPhone data.

You can back up your iPhone data using an official iTunes or iCloud backup. Using official methods, you can make a full backup of your device.

Another option for data backup is to use iMyFone iTransor Lite standard mode. With it, you can selectively or completely create backups or export the necessary data to your local computer.

Step 1.

Run the program and connect the device to the computer. Select Export from Device.

Step 2

You can selectively choose which data types to export. After you have checked the boxes, click Scan to process the data.

In just two steps, you can easily create a backup of your iPhone without data loss. Keep in mind that it is always important to keep a backup of your device.


Answering the question, of why iPhone maps voice navigation not working in car, we would like to note the following. These are all the best ways to fix the problem with broken iPhone cards. So, try the above methods and fix this problem quickly. We would appreciate it if you could tell us which method works. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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