Why iPhone 12 Touch Screen Not Working: How Do I Fix Guide

Sometimes it happens that the iPhone display does not respond to touch. If you are faced with this problem, we have some ideas on how to fix your iPhone 12 touch screen not working.
In the experience of many users, there are proven methods of how to unlock the device and also apply its operability.

Why is my iPhone 12’s touch screen not working?

Problems with apps on your phone

It is not easy to clearly establish why the sensitive display of the iPhone 12 does not function in any way. The explanation of the information attached to the device along with the iPhone reception screen is made thanks to the processor, as well as software factory reset.

If they don’t work properly in any way, a question will arise. This is constantly done due to a software failure if the requirements in the supplement stop responding or the display reacts slowly along with the password.

iPhone 12 touch screen not working: Your how to guide in 6 steps

Touch iРhone screen issues

The sensitive display of the iPhone 12, which does not meet the requirements in any way, contains an empty panel as well as a digitizer. An empty panel assumes a protective layer in the upper plane and is also affected by fat and humidity.

Digitizer and LCD screen – this is not auto glass, which is touched, someone is directly near the layer of glass and also corresponds because of the definition of screen protector.

If the digitizer is broken, as well as the principle, and does not respond in any way to the touch of the owner. This is coupled together with a hardware task and is also able to appear after the iPhone 12 falls into the tile screen protector.

If your iPhone 12 is not able to detect touches in any way after the elimination of the difficulty along with the software provision, or rather recovery mode, in general, this is a hardware issue.

The most serious problems

The more fundamental difficulties associated with the fact that the iPhone 12 does not respond to touch in any way have every chance of being combined together with the breakdown of the concept, firmware and software of the phone factory reset.

In addition, the lack of interaction of the telephone in the touch of the owner can be associated with a malfunction of the digitizer, an encoding device specialized for the purpose of digitizing the iPhone touch screen protector.

It is possible to eliminate this issue only in Apple’s warranty focus of factory reset. Along with such difficulties, it is recommended to resort to the Apple Store.

How do I fix an unresponsive touch screen iPhone 12

If the iPhone 12 screen doesn’t respond, there are several ways to fix the situation.

Check your mobile phone screen protector for dirt

Check the display of your own apple store. Dirt is able to prevent effective contact with the receiving screen. If there is a large amount of oil in the monitor, this can provoke difficulties along with access to the screen. Instant screen cleaning can help with screen protector.

Make sure that you do not use wet material in any way. If you decide to pour some water into the protective cover of the iPhone 12 unresponsive screen issue, you risk that it will be inside the gadget. In order app icon to overthrow the best results, use microfiber from Apple store.

Get rid of the protective film

First of all, rather than eliminate the damaged software interruptions in the iPhone 12, check the phone’s block case and the protective cover of the screen. Presence of need remove the protective cover of the touch screen.

The iPhone 12 recovery mode and its sensitive display have every chance of being incompatible with the devices, something that can affect the screen’s susceptibility to touch and also cause the iPhone’s receiving screen to be turned off in the DFU mode iOS phone recovery mode unresponsive screen bug.

Get rid of the protective film to make iPhone 12 touch screen working

Adjust the temperature

The presence of significant as well as very low heat iPhone 12 often feels the lack of receptivity of the receiving screen. The working temperatures of iOS devices are in the spectrum 0…-35 ° C unresponsive screen.

Using the iOS device in circumstances of a significant temperature coming from latest version outside the marked temperature ranges will cause the sensitive display to become blocked force restart. Then, the battery will discharge for a while settings app, and the device will be interrupted iPhone’s touchscreen.

How do I unlock my Apple logo with the unresponsive screen?

The most elementary resolution for the purpose of unlocking the iPhone se together with an unimpressive receiving screen is this resetting of options to factory options for iPhone’s touchscreen.

Its application will make it possible for you to eliminate violations in the work, which have every chance to appear during the activity of force restart your iPhone projects by master reset. Try to forcibly cover up latest version for all abandoned projects in your iPhone without exception. This will probably resolve the issue force restart.

Standard reboot

The 1st stage is reloading. In some cases, reloading is able to find a solution to the issue together with the iPhone 12’s receiving touch screen turned off hardware issue. Firstly, rather than trying to eliminate the issue with the iPhone 12, use the reset of the phone’s industrial options for latest iOS version.

Sometimes a standard reboot can solve not only the screen problem, but also fix the microphone. If relevant, see our post Where is the microphone on iPhone 12. It really helps with video recording and facetime calling.

Action algorithm

  1. For the purpose of this, hold the side key as well as the various volume control key of the telephone for some minutes.
  2. To turn off the device, move the slider in the monitor to the right side.
  3. Press and hold the side key until the phone does not connect in any way (the Apple logo will appear).

Forced reboot

Unfortunately, the factory resetting, the sensitive display is able to stop working and also not respond in any way to drag instructions. Mandatory restart tap delete of the iPhone 12, in case someone is out of order for a while unresponsive touchscreen.

To force restart your smartphone and fix the problem with the sensor, you need to

  1. Press and also instantly release the volume up key.
  2. After this, press and also immediately release the volume down key.
  3. Press and hold the side key until the Apple logo appears in the iPhone 12 in any way.

iPhone 12 Forced reboot

If you wish, in order for your iPhone 12 to reboot, you should carry out tap delete the appropriate actions. I ask you, set your own pass in the safety lock screen, in order to establish whether the mobile phone responds for factory resetting to unresponsive touch screen.

If the press and quickly release device does not return to the standard position in any way and the mandatory restart cannot help in any way, follow the recommendations given bug fixes to below iOS system. For more helpful content, visit our category Tips and Tricks.

If you want to know the difference between a soft reset, hard reset, or factory reset, you can find it here: How to Hard Reset iPhone 11 for Diagnosing Some Issues.

Use an external keyboard

In order to unlock the new iPhone 12 touch screen together with a press and quickly release unimpressive screen, try to connect an external keyboard. Due to this device, the owner of the phone will have a chance for volume down button to unlock the iOS mobile phone home screen in the absence of loss of Windows PC information.

To unlock your iPhone 12 using an external keyboard, follow these steps

  1. Connect the external keyboard to the new iPhone 12 using an OTG cable or Bluetooth.
  2. Start the phone by pressing the power button.
  3. Wait until the Apple logo appears on the iPhone 12.
  4. Enter the password on the keyboard to handle the smartphone lock.

System recovery mode screen using a PC

Such an oversight press and quickly release, coupled with a breakdown of the concept or firmware, can help to find a proper and also durable method to correct the certain app situation with system errors. For the purpose of this, you should resume the update iOS concept in a PC together with a Windows PC or Mac software issue.

The factor according to which the resumption of the concept is necessary with hardware problem, as well as for what reason the iPhone 12 display does not correspond in any way, is paired together with the iOS concept. Since the update iOS software and all the add-ons glass layer and glass panel defined in the phone, without exception, interact, the iPhone 12 iOS firmware functions competently operating system.

System recovery mode screen using a PC

How do I unfreeze my iPhone 12?

If the above resolutions did not wear out in any way, it will probably be necessary to eliminate the software issue, because of which the iPhone’s screen does not want to work. Difficulties along with software provision and volume buttons can be difficult to eliminate without the help of others press and hold.

Try unlocking your smartphone with Siri

In order to unlock the iPhone 12, whose display has stopped giving an answer, you need to learn how to use a special technique together with Siri hardware problem. By the way, are you sure you know everything Siri can do? Follow to How to use Siri on iPhone 12 Pro Max to check it.

This method argued for its own effectiveness, since it can be used to control the mechanism without touching the screen of the device in software related issues. But this is used only in this press and hold case, if the iPhone lcd screen display responds to touch from time to time for enter recovery mode.

To unlock iPhone 12 with Siri, do the following algorithm:

  • Say “Hi Siri” and also omit the voiceover.
  • Double-click according to the feed button on the phone to display the program access code.
  • Then lift the “Unlock Slide” by swiping your finger on the left or right side.
  • Tap on the screen to open the page along with the access code.
  • Move the VoiceOver pointer to mark the numbers from the password. You need to double-click on any of the numbers to confirm your own press-and-hold choice.
  • Separate the enter key by moving your finger left or right. Press the key twice to insert the pass.

Voice command to Siri

Restore iPhone 12 via iTunes

Another possible solution to this problem is to restore your iOS device using launch iTunes forced restart. This method allows you to reset the factory settings of your iPhone. Using this method means that all data passcode screen, applications, and settings, including screen password settings, will be deleted. However, volume down button, it is recommended to use this method if a backup has been created on your phone forced restart.

To restore the device, you must

  1. Connect your smartphone to your PC using a USB launch iTunes.
  2. Launch the iTunes application from your computer, after checking which version of the application is installed. It is recommended to use the latest version.
  3. Wait until the computer detects the phone.
  4. Click on the application icon located in the upper-left corner to open the Summary section.
  5. Then start the recovery process in recovery mode and wait for the process to complete.

Restore iPhone 12 via Finder

DFU mode will help you update the bios and restore your phone settings using a backup (if you have one).

The procedure is quite complicated, so use the detailed instructions

  1. Go to Finder.
  2. Connect the iPhone 12 to the PC using a USB cable.
  3. Turn up the volume on your smartphone by holding down the button, and then turn down the volume.
  4. Hold down the side button until the display goes out.
  5. Simultaneously hold down the volume down button and the side button for 5 seconds.
  6. Remove your finger from the side button while continuing to turn down the volume.
  7. Wait for a message from Finder to launch the Recovery mode screen.
  8. Confirm the recovery.

WooTechy’s help iDelock allows you to unlock iPhone with unresponsive iPhone touchscreen.

For those who want to learn how to unlock the reset iPhone when the screen is not responding, WooTechy iDelock is a great tool.

WooTechy’s help iDelock allows you to unlock iPhone

An overview of iPhone 12 unlock features with WooTechy iDelock

  • This removes screen lock, Apple ID lock, MDM lock and screen time lock without password.
  • The app with the highest success rate.
  • Supports all iPhone models, including iOS 13 and iOS 15.
  • Everyone will be able to use the tool easily thanks to the super-friendly interface.
  • Deleting iPhone data via iCloud
  • In addition, you can use iCloud to unlock the iPhone 12 with the error “the screen is not responding”. If the owner of the smartphone has access to his Apple ID lock screen credentials, then this method can be used from a tablet, computer, or phone to which he has access. However, it should be borne in mind that when using iCloud onscreen instructions, all gigabytes of information will be deleted. Think in advance whether it is worth doing this if there are no data backups.

Delete iPhone Data via iCloud

  1. Open the Internet browser that you use to work with this site and go to iCloud. To log in to the site, you need to use your Apple ID and password.
  2. Next, you need to click “Find iPhone” on the page.
  3. Select your iPhone 12 by tapping All Devices.
  4. After finding the iPhone 12 in the list of paired devices and selecting it, click the “Erase iPhone” button.
  5. This will reboot the iPhone 12 and remove the on-screen password, which will allow you to unlock the device.

And then there’s another option to unlock your iPhone using the DNS bypass method:


iPhone 12 touch screen not working: Conclusion

If all these tips are followed, and the iPhone’s touch screen still does not work, in this case, the phone owner needs to contact Apple support and ask them to check the iPhone 12 in the Genius panel. Most likely, the problem with the touch screen is due to a hardware malfunction, not software.

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