How to unlock a stolen iPhone – iPhone 11 user instruction

For some reason, have you decided to unlock a stolen or lost iPhone? Well, we believe we have several ways that will help you in this case. Catch them! In this article, we will describe some methods and offer some instructions that will teach you how to unlock a stolen iPhone without having any iPhone passwords!

How to Unlock a Stolen iPhone Without Passcode

At first, it may seem impossible to you how to access a stolen iPhone without having a password at hand, but after reading our detailed instructions carefully, you will believe that it is easy and simple. Before you start, you need to get FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker to your computer.

After this, you can check the instructions on how to remove the screen lock or Apple ID from stolen iPhone.

How to get rid of stolen iPhone lock screen password?

Here are three simple and easy steps that can help you to unlock stolen iphone passcode.

1) The very first action will be choosing Unlock Screen Passcode option and plugging the stolen iPhone into the computer using a USB cable.

How to unlock a stolen iPhone

2) Then process of detecting will be started. Wait, and then choose the Start icon. If there are problems with detecting use the on-screen instructions to put it into Recovery Mode or DFU mode.

How to unlock a stolen iPhone

*DFU mode means Device Firmware Update.

3) Downloading the latest firmware package for the iOS device by clicking the Download button may be necessary. Then click “Unlock Now” to remove iPhone screen passcode.

How to unlock a stolen iPhone

How to unlock a stolen iPhone


How to Unlock Apple ID from Stolen iPhone?

Here are three simple and easy steps that can help you to unlock iPhone Apple ID.

1) Go to the Main Window. Here you can find Unlock Apple ID option that you will have to choose from. After this action had been performed, take the USB cable to plug the stolen iPhone into the computer.

How to unlock a stolen iPhone

2) Clicking Start Unlock will start the Apple ID unlocking process. In addition to the fact that you can remove Apple ID, related to the stolen iPhone an iCloud account will be unlocked. Additionally, there are on-screen instructions that can help you with resetting all the device settings in case it is enabled Find My iPhone feature.

How to unlock a stolen iPhone

3) Then automatically all the processes will be finished and you will get an unlocked iPhone.

How to unlock a stolen iPhone

This guide is a life-saver in case you need to unlock Apple ID on a second-hand iPhone or stolen iPhone.

Use Siri to Unlock Stolen iPhone

Check if there are iOS 10.3.2 and 10.3.3 on your iPhone. If you found this, it will be very cool because this will allow you to use Siri in order to unlock stolen iPhone passcode.

To do this:

1) First, you should enable Siri and ask the assistant “What time is it now?”.

2) Then you will see the clock icon. Click on it.

3) The + icon will be shown. Click on it.

4) Find Options.

5) Click Select All – Share – Message.

6) Then you will need to enter some characters to the field where you can see To word. After this, you will have to return in such wat that the keyboard will be shown again. Then you will see text on the green background. Tapping + icon may be necessary.

7) Then you will need to select Create New Contact option and tap Add Photos option.

8) Then you will see that gallery had opened. If you click the home screen button then you will see how the device automatically was unlocked.

How to unlock a stolen iPhone

Note. By the way, it will be important to say that this procedure will not save you from the code on the iPhone once and for all. You will have to do this all the time, every time you exit the device.

Use Recovery Mode to Unlock Stolen iPhone

If you will put your device in the Recovery Mode and restore it in iTunes you will also unlock iPhone easily.

How to unlock a stolen iPhone

To do this:

1) Take the USB cable to plug the stolen iPhone into the computer. Then iTunes opening may be necessary.

2) Do not unplug the gadget but start the Recovery mode.

Enter Recovery Mode For 8 iPhone model and earlier: Find those two buttons which you use to raise or lower the sound volume on your phone. Press on them and press on the Power button as well quickly at the same time, then stop pressing. Recovery Mode should start working.

For the 7 and 7 Plus iPhone models: You should find the Power button and that Button you use to lower the sound volume. Press them both and then wait 10 seconds. Then the recovery mode screen appears.

For iPhone 6 or earlier: Holding both the Home button and the Power button may be necessary. Then wait 10 seconds. Then you will see Recovery Mode starts working on your iOS device.

3) Then after all these actions you will need to choose Restore. It will help you to unlock a stolen iPhone.

How to unlock a stolen iPhone

Note. Sometimes all the processes may take too many minutes to perform, so you will have to start all from the first step again if after 15 minutes you won’t see the Recovery Mode start working.

The restore feature deletes all of your content and personal data, which is essentially a factory reset. Proceed with caution and keep backups!

How to Unlock Stolen iPhone without Siri or iTunes

Use FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker that will remove unlock screen passcode or iCloud activation lock. This in turn will help to unlock a stolen iPhone. You even will not need the password. So this method is very convenient and effective.

VIDEO: FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker

First, you can remove different screen locks (Touch ID or Face ID, etc.) that are also so useful and practical. By the way, with this tool, it is possible to remove Apple ID or iCloud account if you deal with a locked or stolen iPhone without using password. You can use this for many iOS devices as well as for many iPhone models.

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How to Unlock a Stolen or Lost iPhone 6/7/8/X/11/12/13

Here you will find instructions on how to Unlock a stolen iPhone 6/7/8/X/11/12/13.

Unlocking iPhone 8 and Newer

1) First, make sure you pressed on Volume Up and Down and Power Button at the same time.

2) Then swipe the appeared slider. Stop holding all the buttons.

3) Press the Power button and check if the button is not released until the connecting process is finished.

4) Then it is necessary to finish the procedure when you will see the recovery display. Use iTunes for this purpose.

How to unlock a stolen iPhone

Unlocking iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

1) It is necessary to tap on the power button. Then take time for the process finishing. Then swipe the power off slider.

2) Press the button you use for lowering the Volume and make sure it is holded while you are connecting your device to the computer.

3) Use iTunes to perform procedure finishing.

How to unlock a stolen iPhone

Unlocking iPhone 6s and Older

1) First, make sure you pressed Power Button. Wait. The Power Off slider should be shown. Swipe it.

2) Take a lightning cable. Hold the Home Button. Connect the iOS device to the computer using the prepared cable and not release the Home Button.

3) Complete the process using iTunes after the recovery display had shown.

How to unlock a stolen iPhone

Which Way Should You Choose to Unlock Stolen iPhone?

Honestly, it is better to use an iPhone unlocking tool like FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker if there is a purpose to unlock iPhone. The reason for this is that some different ways cannot be so effective, may not suit many iOS devices or you will not be able absolutely to get rid of the existing problem (to unlock iPhone iPad screen lock password, apple id password).

Instructions with Siri or Recovery Mode usage are rather less effective and stable. iPhone unlocking tool has an intuitive interface and it is so easy to use.

The most huge disadvantage of other methods is that both Siri and iTunes methods make you to perform too many actions and do not bring you an effective and absolutely excellent solution.

For example, the Siri method helps you once, and then all the process must be repeated for the expected result. Also, this method is only suitable for old iOS versions while other methods are suitable for the latest iOS versions.

How to unlock a stolen iPhone

FAQs About Unlocking Lost or Stolen iPhone

Now let’s look at the answers to frequently asked questions so that you probably won’t have any problems in the process of unlocking your phone.

Is there any iCloud unlock services that can unlock a stolen iPhone?

No, actually we do not know any suitable service which can help you unlock a stolen iPhone.

Can iPhone passcode unlocker software remove iCloud lock?

Fortunately or unfortunately the answer to this question will be no. In all scenarios, you will not come to the desired result and just get stuck on the iCloud activation lock screen.

What should I do if the seller offers the stolen device?

To begin with, we want to warn you that it is always better to make sure several times before buying a second hand iPhone that you get a “clean” phone. Ideally, if you check it before you make the payment. By a clean iPhone we mean a phone with no previous owner iCloud account and Apple ID.

But if you still have a locked iPhone and you did not activate it before payment, then try using our methods. This may help you to unlock iPhone.

Can I unlock iPhone if it is disabled?

Are you really in a situation where you have a locked iPhone or second hand iPhone in your hands and you have no idea what password you need to enter to unlock it? Did you try to many wrong password attempts to get access to your iphone locked? Oh, it’s a pretty unpleasant situation, but don’t worry, because we know how to help you!

If you have a Catalina Mac OS, then resort to using Finder.

If you have Mac 10.14 and above Windows computers, then you will need to resort to using iTunes.

First of all, you need to check whether you really have the Find my iPhone feature disabled. Then you will need to resort to using iCloud to erase your iPhone completely. Along with this, the lock screen password will disappear.

In addition to the fact that you are offered to use services such as iTunes, iCloud, finder, you also have the choice to use recovery mode.

Using an iPhone Unlocker is easy and simple, so using it to unlock an iPhone will be the perfect solution.

What`s about using iPhone passcode unlocker for the screen passcode unlocking?

If you want to know if it is possible to use this tool for such a purpose the answer will be positive. We recommend you to use an iPhone unlocking tool like FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker in order to unlock iPhone because other methods may work not so effectively or they will not be able to one hundred percent solve your problem. Such methods when you use Siri or Recovery Mode may be unstable and difficult to use while the special tool has an intuitive interface. It is easy to use.

Lost Mode – What is this?

This mode is indicating about the fact that the owner of the device made some official actions to mark its gadget as lost.

What FRP means?

FRP is Factory Reset Protection.

Final words

Let’s sum up.

iPhone is a really popular phone model. It is not a surprise that they can be stolen, lost, sold from one to another owner.

Now you are familiar with the most common and most effective methods of unlocking a stolen or lost iPhone without having screen lock passcode. You also got acquainted with the answers to some frequently asked questions, which should also make it easier for you to unlock the phone.

We hope our article was useful for you. Get good and successful use of your iPhone!

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