How to turn off flash notification on iPhone 11? Is it possible to get rid of a bright flash?

Notifications and alerts are important parts for users of iPhone, or a user of other Apple devices, if they want to receive alerts about incoming text message or events timely.

And iPhone 11 gives people a lot of opportunities to get notified about it, whether a phone is in the hands of a person, in the pocket or another room. A person still recognizes a LED flash for alerts by using camera light and vibration.

But sometimes flash notification (LED flash alerts) on a device is annoying, and happens not at the right time and place. And there is salvation from such situations – you can easily turn it off. So, do you wonder how to turn off flash notification on iPhone 11? This article is for you.

How to turn off flash notification on iPhone 11

Why do we need notifications? 

iPhone flash notification helps with using a camera flash, you to stay tuned to all events happening or messages of any app if you want it to. So without them, you will get a text message, not in time it arrived, so you will not get an opportunity to answer timely. It is an important feature of the alerts option in almost every iPhone model.

And there is possibly the same function in Android devices. But it is not a topic of such tech tutorials anyway.

Is it more profitable to get flash notification than otherwise? 

Well, yes, in some situations it may save you a lot of money. For example, you are at risk to forget about a message which is urgent and extremely important.

Or your iPhone may be at risk because you don’t get a security alert timely from the settings app or even some other apps?

So, it is safer and more comfortable to receive notifications and notice them thanks to vibration and LED flash for alerts on an iPhone device.

Is LED alert on an iPhone by default?

Most of the notification features are built and set in an iPhone by default. Unfortunately, the LED flash for alerts is beyond it in an iPhone. Usually, iPhone users set flash alerts. The feature isn’t set against their will. And this is regarding any new iPhone models since the fourth model.

But if you don’t want it anymore, there is a way to fix it on an iPhone.

Is the LED alert on iPhone bright?

Unfortunately, the flash is vivid. You and other people in one room, in the street, or another public space will certainly see and notice that you’ve got a message or other alarm.

If you are afraid of other people knowing about your social life by notifications, the bright flash will make you even more uncomfortable. And an iPhone lock screen doesn’t change anything. Even if it is just a home screen. The iPhone flash will still appear.

If the silent mode on an iPhone is on, and you think that the flash notifications are automatically off, unfortunately, you’re wrong. A flash notification works even in such situation. A flash on silent works still perfectly vivid.

How do I turn off the notification light on my iPhone 11?

If you want to turn the flashing light off on an iPhone, but have no idea how to do this, there is an available instruction. Shortly, just find some things in your notification settings on an iPhone. There you will find the function switch on your request.

Now the article continues with detailed instructions on that issue.

How do I turn off the flashing notification on my iPhone?

So, if you want to remove the flash notification on an iPhone because it is annoying, don’t worry, it is possible. The next additional discussion is about that.

The flash with a notification is not by default, that’s why there are no obstacles to turn it off or even again turn it on. Only find some things in the iPhone setting, then scroll until the correct section of an audio/visual functions.

How do I turn off flash when I get a notification? Instructions

Point 1

Firstly, find a Settings app icon, you will find it on the Home screen of the iPhone.

Point 2

In the Settings, find and tap the Accessibility option.

Point 3

In the Accessibility section, scroll and find an Audio/Visual section, but don’t choose the hearing section.

Point 4

Then find a line with a LED Flash for Alerts. Tap LED flash in an Audio/Visual section.

Point 5

Pass the slider to the left.

Flash notification is now off, no matter which active screen, and with using the camera app. But it is only about notifications which are considered “alert”. If you get other notifications, you still will get a LED flash.

Does turning off the LED Flash for alerts affect any other functions on an iPhone?

Fortunately, it is safe for all the other features of an iPhone device. There is an accessibility feature in iOS models. It is a single feature that changes a very certain function. So, if you suddenly decide to turn the flashing notification off, don’t worry – it will affect nothing.

You can use a camera app, even if you want to take a picture with a camera flash. You can use a camera flash – just the tapping the flashlight icon. And if you decide to turn it all off, you need to tap the lightning bolt icon in the top-left corner. Go to How to Turn Off Flashlight On iPhone 11 for more information.

How do you turn on the flash notification on iPhone 11?

A tutorial continues now with more additional information of notifications on an iOS device. There is also a way to turn on the flash notification on a phone if you want to get them, find any other notification settings. These are almost the same steps as the previous ones.

Point 1

Firstly, find a Settings app icon, you will find it on the Home screen of the iPhone.

Point 2

In the Settings, find and tap the Accessibility option.

Point 3

In the Accessibility section, scroll and find an Audio/Visual section of a device.

Point 4

Pass the slider of a LED Flash button to the right and ensure the background of the slider is green.

In conclusion: flash notifications are easy to turn off

You don’t have to suffer seeing a bright flash and knowing that everybody in the room knows that you’ve received an alert on a phone, because of LED flash for alerts. Even when you tapped the flashlight icon to turn it off in a camera app, it is still here. You can turn off it with no effort, just by finding the right button in the settings app.

If you then change your mind, go to How to turn on LED flash on iPhone 12: Get alerts without sound or vibration. The setup path on these devices is very similar.

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