How to swipe up on iPhone 13? Advantages or disadvantages of swiping up on iPhone 13

We all know that home button has gone. iPhone 13 is loaded with bugs, and we are struggling with performance issues. To help users resolve this annoying problem, I write this article. This guide is going to give you some hacks that help you fix the iPhone 13 swipe up screen. So let’s try something new!

How to swipe up on iPhone

How do I get the swipe up menu on my iPhone 13?


The first step you should take is a Home button. Return to the Home Screen by swiping up the bottom of the screen. You need to wake your phone up. Tap the side button or tap the display.

How do I toggle between apps on iPhone 13?

If you want to jump between apps, swipe left or right along the bottom edge of the phone to jump back and forth between apps.

If you want to see all your running apps, please swipe up from the bottom edge and pause for a second with your finger, and you’ll see them on the display.

If you need to close an app from the app switcher, swipe up on the app card or swipe away multiple apps at once.


To edit the home screen, hold down on an app until the menu shows up. Click it. Then you’ll see that all the apps are wiggling. You can move them by tapping and dragging. They all have an X icon in the corner. If you want to make a folder of apps, drag them on top of each other. Tap X and they will be deleted. Tap Done to return your screen to normal.

If you want to hide a home screen, tap the dots at the bottom of the screen and tap the checkmark below them to hide.


It is very comfortable to have widgets on the Home Screen. You can add some. Select edit Home Screen. In wiggle mode, tap + symbol in the left corner at the top of the screen. Then you will see the screen of widgets from the apps you have already installed. Choose one, pick the size, tap Add Widget. And move it wherever you want on the screen.

If you need to delete a widget, tap and hold on it and select Remove Widget.

Tap tap tap vibration

How can I stop my tap from vibrating?

Open your Settings app. Then go to Tap Accessibility. Tap Vibration & haptic strength. And change the settings: Ring vibration, Notification vibration and Touch feedback.

Quick shortcuts

How to take a screenshot?

It is so simple. Press the side button and the volume button at the same time.

The latest iPhones don’t have 3D Touch. Most of the functions of 3D Touch are replicated with a long press.

What about notifications?

Modern iPhones have no Home button. To see notifications, swipe from the left side of the sensor notch. The Control Center or Control Panel has moved to the top of the screen. Ok, swipe from the right side of the sensor notch.

To wake up Siri, you need to press and hold the side button for a couple of seconds or just say “Hey, Siri”! To use Apple Pay, tap the side button twice. The authentication of Apple Pay needs your Face ID or a passcode. It is simpler to use Apple Pay, if you have a Face ID.

If you need the power off slider or S.O.S. button, press and hold the side button and volume button for some seconds. Also, and you temporarily disable Face ID. So use your passcode to unlock your phone.

To reset your iPhone, you should tap the volume up button and the volume down button, then press and hold the side button for 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears.

Text edit bar

Your iPhone 13 has a hidden Edit Bar, it helps you a lot to write, copy, undo or etc. by tapping the screen with 3 fingers.

So If you don’t want to use the Edit Bar, you can undo or redo your last command. A three-finger pinch gesture helps to swipe to the left will help you to undo, a three-finger swipe to the right will help you to redo. Three-finger gestures also can help you to cut, copy, paste.

If you want to select the word, you should tap it twice. To select a whole sentence, make a quick tap tap tap. To select a paragraph, tap 4 times.

Why can’t I swipe up on my iPhone 13?

Do I need to restart my iPhone?

If you can’t swipe up your iPhone screen, first of all you should restart your iPhone 13. It may help remove the glitches. Press and release the ‘Volume Up’ button, and then do this to the volume down button too. Press and hold the power button until you see the Apple logo.

How do you turn on swipe up on iPhone?

Turn on Control Center Access in Lock Screen

If you have locked your iPhone and you want to access the Control Center, read below:

  • Open Control Center in Settings.
  • Tap Control Center and turn on the toggle next to ‘Access on Lock Screen’.
  • And you are welcome.

Enable access

If you are trying to swipe up when you use an app to access the Control Center, you should turn on the special setting. Open the Settings App on your iPhone’s screen. Then turn to the Control Center settings and make your Access Within Apps to the ON position. After that, check the Control Center.

VoiceOver must be disabled

VoiceOver is a function of the iPhone 13, that is responsible for changing the way apps work.

So if it is not necessary, and you don’t need this function on your iPhone, turn it off. And The Control Center will work normally. Here are some steps :

  • Click the Settings App.
  • Then open the General settings and click on the Accessibility option.
  • Turn off the VoiceOver option in Accessibility settings.
  • The last step is to close the settings app and try to access the Control Center.

Clean off the dirt

After months of use, your iPhone 13 becomes dirty. When you take your iPhone with you everywhere you go, there will always be the dirt on it. So you need to know how to clean your iPhone properly, avoiding mistakes. It is dangerous for your health to keep it filthy.

Actually, to avoid the damage, be careful when cleaning your iPhone. You should have a soft cloth to wipe off iPhone’s screen until it is clean.

I recommend you to keep your iPhone clean as often as possible to prevent mud or dirt, repel finger grease and oil from interfering with the swipe up screen gestures. Do not use abrasive cleaners, glass cleaners, alcohol towels that can cut through grease because they will damage the coating on your screen.

Take off the screen protector

There also can be a problem with the screen protector, because of its incompatibility. iPhone covers can interfere with proper operation of the swipe up gesture. The best way is to remove these covers from your iPhone and try to swipe up the screen to open the Control Center.

If it helps, the problem disappears immediately. Next time, you must make a smarter decision of buying a compatible screen cover or screen protector so that you can use your iPhone flawlessly.

If letter keys turn blank

Don’t give up, if all the letter keys (special characters) turn blank. It is all about the new 3D Touch feature.

Try to put it on the “firm” setting. Please don’t push too hard on screen keyboard because iOS thinks you have touched the keyboard with two fingers.

Support tap to wake

All iPhones with a physical Home Button do not have a tap to wake feature. This is because this function drains a lot of battery.

How do I enable tap to wake on my iPhone 13? Open the Settings app, then scroll down and tap Accessibility. Tap on Touch under the Physical and Motor section. Toggle Tap to Wake to the On position.

My Conclusion

This guide quickly helps you how properly use your iPhone with latest iOS version or other iOS devices, how to fix the iPhone 13 swipe up screen or lock screen, how to use a Control Center swipe and how to tap and hold apps or simply tap and drag.

Do you still have some problems with the Control Center? The answer is to update the latest iOS or contact Apple Support. Guess this will help you!

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