How to set camera timer on iPhone 13?

Sometimes it’s hard to make a group photo, live photos or portrait photos on your iPhone camera app. You press the shutter button, but the photos are not neat, and you or someone else is just excluded from the family photos, or a picture of light trails that is smooshed.

But there is another way to use your iPhone camera app, so you will get the photos you want and will not be disappointed.

Do you want to know how to use an iPhone camera timer or how to use other camera modes? Then this article is for you.

Does iPhone 13 Camera have a timer?

New feature

It is certainly true that iPhone’s native camera app doesn’t have a timer, but luckily, Apple has changed it recently. Now, in a lot of iPhones, iPhone camera app offers a photo timer.

The camera timer on the iPhone 13 is enabled. It is a relatively new feature in the iPhone, it appears first in iPhone 11 and since then, every iPhone 11 and every new iPhone has a photo timer.

Now the iPhone’s camera has been improved successfully, and you have more options to take high-quality images which you will certainly find satisfying.

What timer mode includes

It includes a rear-facing camera timer and a self-timer on your iPhone 13 camera app.

Hands-free photography is now available for iPhone users.

You just can use it with turning on portrait mode or just a photo mode. It actually depends on what exactly you’d like to shoot and how you’d like to do it. Just place your iPhone on a flat site safely, set your iPhone camera timer and push the shutter button.

How does it work and what it gives you

The iPhone’s camera timer feature allows you to set a timer (3 seconds or 10 seconds) on your phone camera, so you now get time to take a nice group photo with no one excluded, and the picture now will be neat and no one is smooshed. It is a really well-done feature.

You should just put your iPhone at some safe place, make the people be ready for the photo, set a camera timer, choose the time you need, and go to the people to pose.

So that everyone, including the photographer, is ready, the shutter button is pushed and a good high-quality photo is done.

How do you set timer on iPhone camera?

Why you should set a timer

When you want to take a good group shot, but you are not sure that the main camera will make a nice shot in a second, you may think that choosing a self mode is a good decision.

Or to take photos by using a tripod.

But, unfortunately, self photos have a very limited space: not all the people will be in the photo eventually, and the tripod does not have a really big spot as well.

So there is another option: iPhone camera timer and even a self-timer.

Setting a timer: instructions

If you need to take a self-photo with a self-timer or a photo with a main camera by using the photo timer, then follow the instructions below.

  1. Find the photos app on your iPhone. Select Camera icon on your iPhone desk, or you can swipe your lock screen left;
  2.  Pick either the self camera or the main camera;
  3. Press the up arrow icon at the top of the screen on your camera app to open the mode menu;
  4. Pick the timer icon in the top-right corner;
  5. Choose the time you need: 3 or 10 seconds, and set a timer;
  6. Place your iPhone at the flat place so that it will not fall down; fix it there, make sure the surface is steady enough;
  7. Tap the shutter button to make the photo, and start the countdown;
  8. Go and take your position.

Countdown helps you with time

how to set camera timer on iphone 13

As you press the shutter down, the countdown starts and in 3 or 10 seconds the camera app will capture a timed photo.

When a countdown starts after pushing the shutter button, the camera will make a little quick flash with every second.

how to set camera timer on iphone 13

So it lets you know how much time you have until the camera app makes the final photo.

Also, thanks to the burst mode, the camera can take multiple shots at once.

How do I turn off the camera timer on my iPhone 13?

how to set camera timer on iphone 13

If you want to take a photo at once yourself, not a timed photo, you can disable the timer mod.

To do that you should go to the settings of the camera app of your iPhone 13, choose the settings of the timer and then turn it off there.

Or you can pick the shutter timer and on the left side you should just tap “Off” — that is a short answer.

How do I use my iPhone 13 camera? Another photo mode

how to set camera timer on iphone 13

What burst mode gives you

Advantages of the mode

how to set camera timer on iphone 13

The feature allows you to make multiple pictures in several seconds. It is a good option which saves you a lot of time and gives you the opportunity to not try to take photos at some place again, but to choose the right one from the ten or more photos you’ve already taken.

It doesn’t matter which timer mode you choose, it will capture not one photo, but exactly ten photos at once within three seconds or ten seconds.

Is it available on Iphone 13?

Burst mode is also enabled on a camera app on your iPhone 13 and other phones of Apple.

It is there by default, and you can easily find it.

Turning the mode on

how to set camera timer on iphone 13

You can find the mode of burst images in the iPhone camera app settings.

But there may be a situation when you can’t turn it on, and that’s why: the live photo or the self photo is on, and to take a burst picture you need to turn them off.

If even then it doesn’t work, find the information in the browser.

You can also easily disable burst mode.

Also, there is a good opportunity to use the mode with the iPhone camera timer: so that you can take multiple photos of the position you want and choose the best timed shot.

Setting a burst mode: instructions

If you want to capture a burst photo with a camera timer, follow the instructions below.

  1. Tap on the Camera icon on your iPhone desk screen, or you can swipe your lock screen left;
  2. If the live photo icon is yellow, put it to turn it off;
  3. Tap on the timer icon;
  4. Choose the time you need: 3 or 10 seconds, and set a timer;
  5. Place your iPhone at the flat site so that it will not fall down; fix it there, make sure the surface is steady enough;
  6. Press the shutter button to take a picture;
  7. Go and take your position. Notice the little quick flash to know how much time you still have after picking the shutter timer icon.

That’s all you need to do! Now you can take your burst photos on your phone and choose one or even all of them. Be careful with your phone while taking pictures using this mode or timer: if your phone isn’t placed steady enough, it may easily fall down and may be crushed. Count all the risks.

How to choose photos from the all burst photos

  1. Tap on the Gallery icon on your iPhone home screen;
  2. Choose the “Recent” album
  3. Pick the “Burst” photos;
  4. Tap “Select” under the photos;
  5. Scroll the photos, then choose the picture you like and want to save;
  6. Tap “Done” at the top of the screen, the right side;
  7. Pick “Keep only favourites”, but not “Keep everything”, if you don’t quite like some of the shots.

Now you have in your gallery only these photos which you want to keep. All the other burst photos will be deleted immediately and leave no trace.

In conclusion: iPhone timer mode helps you to do the best photo

Now you can see why you should use an iPhone camera timer, and you learned how to set it. Just put the correct buttons, set a time, and you will have a nice group shot or another kind of photos with front and rear camera.

Keep only these photos you like and do it with the burst mode and with the timer mode at the same time! If you like the mods which are described here, just try it, and you will see a result yourself.

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