How to Put In SIM Card iPhone 11 – Guide For Users

When you first buy a brand new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max, you immediately want to insert your iPhone SIM card into your smartphone.

This process doesn’t take very long, and now we’ll tell you how it goes.

How to Put In SIM Card iPhone 11

  • Make sure that the card fits the slot size. This information is written on the smartphone’s box or in the manual.
  • Find the sim connector
  • Prepare a paper clip to remove the SIM card that comes with it. In case of loss of the special tool, a household paper clip will do, which should be straightened beforehand.
  • Insert a paper clip into the hole next to the slot, and apply a little pressure. A little force is enough to remove the tray.
  • Carefully take out the place under the sim, do not allow damage.
  • Do not be afraid to mix up the position, there are special notches on the card, the contacts point downwards.

put in sim card

The tray is inserted in one movement; it is impossible to mix it up. Make sure that the SIM card slot is inserted all the way. It remains to turn on the smartphone. By the way, there is a common question about whether you can change the SIM card when your iPhone is turned on. You can do so without turning it off, but Apple recommends removing and inserting the SIM card when the device is turned off: How Do I Turn Off My iPhone 11 in a Very Easy and Simple Way.

Connecting to the network is automatic or with simple operations. If performed correctly, you can use the functions of iPhone at once. Now you know how to put a sim card in an iPhone 11. For illustration, we present to your attention the following video:

Useful Information: How to insert SIM card in iPhone 11

In this video you will find step-by-step information about how to put in sim card iphone 11.


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