How to fix an iPhone 11 pro that’s overheating-Why does my iPhone 11/11 Pro get so hot?

The iPhone 11 Pro is a popular phone model, known all over the world. However, these phones have a very common problem – they often get hot.

Yes, don’t be surprised. Many have the same issue. This overheating problem upsets iPhone 11 Pro users.

For this reason, we have created an article in which we described the causes of your how to fix an iPhone 11 Pro that’s overheating, as well as some solutions to the phone overheating issue.

Why does my iPhone 11 Pro get so hot?

Before proceeding to solve the iPhone overheating issue, let’s look at the most common reasons why iPhone 11 owners often have the same iPhone overheating issue.

1. The Physical Condition of the device and Checking for External Causes

How to fix an iPhone 11 pro that’s overheating

Most often, users forget that when using the phone, you should not forget about the temperature at which the phone can function normally.

Manufacturers immediately let you know the optimal conditions for your device under which it is necessary to comply.

The iPhone 11 is suited to temperatures of between 0º and 35º C (32º to 95º F).

It is logical that in a very cool or very hot environment where there are low or high temperature conditions, the operation of the iPhone 11 Pro may be unstable.

Most likely, if you are faced with the iPhone 11 overheating issues, then there are too high temperature conditions.

2. Use iPhone When Charging

How to fix an iPhone 11 pro that’s overheating

It often happens that you put your phone on charge, but you need to use it. For some people, this is even an integral habit in everyday life.

We advise you not to do this, as there is an opinion that when you are charging and using the device at the same time you will automatically see how the device starts heating.

3. CPU Usage Issue

How to fix an iPhone 11 pro that’s overheating

Another common reason why your device is heating up is that there are a lot of background apps enabled or you are performing more tasks at the same time. Either you have played a large number of games, have not closed apps, and therefore your device is heating up.

More apps are used or more tasks are being performed at the same time – more apps eat up energy and more heat comes from your iPhone 11 Pro.

4. A Bad Quality Battery

How to fix an iPhone 11 pro that’s overheating

If you have a bad quality battery, then most likely your iPhone 11 Pro will constantly have a heat issue.

5. iPhone 11 Case

How to fix an iPhone 11 pro

You may be very surprised, but, as it turned out, the case that you put on to protect the device can cause the phone to heat up and battery life problems.

6. The iPhone case design and material

We should say, you can not refuse an iPhone case, but please take a closer look at a phone case made of higher quality material.

How to avoid and reduce external heat factors?

How to fix an iPhone 11 pro that’s overheating

There are several ways that can make your iPhone 11 emit less heat, which will avoid the iPhone overheating issue.

1 When you put the iPhone 11 on a charge, let it be in a ventilated place. Otherwise, if you put your phone to charge, for example, in a drawer or glove compartment of a car, your iPhone 11 is likely to heat up.

2 Do not leave the iPhone 11 exposed to direct sunlight when it is idle or charging.

3 Avoid cases when you have to use an iPhone 11 while charging.

4 To avoid the problem of heating the iPhone 11, you need to use the original USB cable and adapter of the iPhone 11 when charging.

5 You can give your iPhone 11 to the workers of the nearest Apple store for them to check your iPhone 11 for any defective battery issues.

Can an overheating iPhone 11 be fixed?

Definitely, an overheating iPhone 11 can be fixed. You can use all the tips from the top of the article to solve your problem.

If all the methods don’t work, you can use some tips, specified below.

How to Fix iPhone 11 Overheating Issue on iOS 13

How to fix an iPhone 11 pro that’s overheating

We should also mention that the overheating problem concerns all iOS versions even the latest iOS version. For example, a lot of iPhone 11 have overheating problems even after the iOS 13 update.

But don’t worry! We will help you to fix iPhone 11 Overheating Issue.

How do I get my iPhone to stop overheating?

Now you are familiar with the causes of iPhone overheating.

So we can figure out how to start to fix iPhone overheating issue if you find yourself in such a case.

13 tips on how to fix an iPhone 11pro that’s overheating

How to fix an iPhone 11 pro that’s overheating

Here are some tips which can help you.

1. Avoid The Hot Environment

Try not to put the iPhone on very hot surfaces. Do not use it when it is very hot outside. If the temperature is very high, use the iPhone while in the shade.

*In any case, do not cool your iPhone with a refrigerator!

How to fix an iPhone 11 pro that’s overheating

2. Stop Charging

Heavy load on the iPhone in combination with simultaneous charging will lead to iPhone overheating. So, if you force your iPhone to do a lot of tasks, automatically it will start to emit more heat. This is the most common cause of phone overheating.

How to fix an iPhone 11 pro that’s overheating

3. Don’t play games or watch movies

Based on the above-mentioned factor, which affects the fact that the iPhone starts to overheat, we can conclude that watching movies or playing games is the main cause of overheating of the phone.

You will say that it will be very difficult to give up such a habit. It really is.

We are all used to discharging our phone after a long working or school day and forgetting to charge it again on time. And in the evening, tired, we want to relax and devote our time to pleasant leisure.

However, every time you see that your phone’s charge is low, catch yourself thinking that you need to put it on charge immediately. Otherwise, your iPhone will overheat constantly.

So stop playing games or generally using your iPhone while charging.

4. Stop Overcharging your iPhone

How to fix an iPhone 11 pro that’s overheating

It is considered that it is impossible to overcharge the device.

For example, if the charging indicator has already reached 100 percent, then you must immediately remove the device from charging, otherwise, it will overheat and cause battery life problems.

Also, if you notice that the device that is on charge suddenly started to get very hot, stop the charging process instantly.

Then wait 2-3 minutes. During this time, the phone should cool down.

If this happened, then you had probably chosen an unsuitable USB cable and adapter for the charging process. They must not be original.

How to fix an iPhone 11 pro that’s overheating

5. Remove iPhone Case

To cool the phone, try removing the case.

How to fix an iPhone 11 pro that’s overheating

6. Turning Off Your Bluetooth and AirDrop

Often you may not even know that Bluetooth and Airdrop are on and consume more power. This is especially tricky if they are in the background and you don’t use them, but they still eat up the battery.

You can do this on your phone’s Settings. Below you will find a step-by-step tutorial with photos.

How to fix an iPhone 11 pro that’s overheating

Next, find the Bluetooth icon and tap it once to disable it.

How to fix an iPhone 11 pro that’s overheating

Do the same with the AirDrop icon and other protocols such as Cellular Data and Wi-Fi if you are not using it.

How to fix an iPhone 11 pro that’s overheating

7. Disable Location Services

One of the reasons why the device emits more heat is the enabled geolocation.

How to fix an iPhone 11 pro that’s overheating

Disable location services and your device will stop heating up by reducing the less heat and energy.

How to fix an iPhone 11 pro that’s overheating

You can find Location Services in the Settings of your iPhone. There is also a step-by-step tutorial with photos.

How to fix an iPhone 11 pro that’s overheating

8. Reduce Power Consumption by Using Low Battery Mode

There are often situations when your device is about to be completely discharged, but you can’t charge it for certain reasons. Enable Low Power Mode and this will help you how to save battery power, as in this low power mode the phone performs fewer tasks and produces less heat.

How to fix an iPhone 11 pro that’s overheating

Warning! In this Low Power Mode, the iPhone will be able to perform only some basic functions.

How to fix an iPhone 11 pro that’s overheating

The Low Battery Mode is also enabled in the Settings of your iPhone.


9. Disable Unwanted Background Applications

Working background apps are real evil for the iPhone. When the processor performs too many tasks iPhone overheat. You should disable unwanted background applications that are running, otherwise, CPU usage will increase and battery issues can be caused.

How to fix an iPhone 11 pro that’s overheating

Below the text, you will find a detailed tutorial with photos, which explains exactly how you can perform this procedure.

How to fix an iPhone 11 pro that’s overheating

How to fix an iPhone 11 pro that’s overheating

10. Remove Large Applications

Apps that have a lot of weight automatically increase the load on your iPhone. Review the list of your apps and, if possible, remove unnecessary heavy-weight apps.

You can determine which application consumes the most energy in the battery settings. Then, when you have already used battery usage just find the app icon on your home screen to delete it.

11. Force Restart Your iPhone 11 Pro

To stop the overheating of the iPhone, you should force restart your iPhone.

You need to press and release both the volume up and the volume down buttons. Now, you can press the side button until you get Apple Logo appeared on your screen.

A successfully completed reboot can be considered like finished when the Apple Logo appears

12. Reset to Factory Default Setting

When you all the system settings to factory reset iPhone 11 to the state it was in when you first bought it.

By resetting the settings, you should immediately prepare for the fact that all data from the iPhone will disappear forever.

But at the same time, you will get rid of the problem of the iPhone overheating.

13. Consider Exchanging the iPhone 11 Pro

And when you have already tried all possible methods to fix the problem, you will begin to think hard about why your iPhone is still heating up. Then the only reason remains – you have become the owner of an iPhone with a malfunction.

In this case, you need to ask for help at the nearest Apple-certified store.


iPhone 11,iPhone 11pro overheating is a fairly common complaint among users. Basically, the device can overheat due to the use of energy-intensive applications, lack of memory on the device, or wireless charging.

The article listed all the cases in which the iPhone may overheat and also there are all possible solutions to the problem.

We hope that the above tips will help you not to worry about iPhone overheating anymore.

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