How to Enable MMS on iPhone 11 – Ultimate Guide

Apple confidently holds a leading position among the developers of modern equipment. Laptops, tablets, smartphones – any position from this company deserves only praise and respect. The iOS operating system, which is responsible for the iPhone, provides its users with a convenient, accessible and simple interface, which everyone can deal with. However, taking the newfangled gadget in your hands for the first time, you can quickly get confused with the various options. So, how to enable MMS on iPhone 11 and how to properly configure the iPhone MMS function? Let’s understand it in detail!

MMS Settings

On any Apple iPhone 11 you can set up a convenient and useful function of sending MMS messages. The only peculiarity – here it has a completely different name than on conventional phones, and the setting procedure is also different. Depending on the model (X, 8, 7, 6s, 5s) the parameters may differ.

How to Enable MMS on iPhone 11 - Reliable Detailed Manual

Modern models of smartphones get the settings provided by the operator – automatically. If you have two or more SIM cards (how to put in sim cards iPhone 11), then the setting must be made for each separately, manually.

If you send a multimedia message to a number that does not support this technology, or it is not activated in the phone settings, the recipient will only see the text part of the message and a link. By opening the web address, he will be able to view the inaccessible part of the MMS.

MMS messaging on iPhone 4/5

For example, for iPhone 4/5, the procedure is as follows:

  • Tap Settings.
  • Select “Mobile Communication”.
  • Turn on the “Mobile Data” option (just move the floating button to the right side).
  • Enter “Network.

How to Send a Multimedia Message

iPhone 6 MMS messages

For newer models, the configuration algorithm will be slightly different, but not significantly. To activate this feature on the iPhone 6, perform the following operations:

  • Launch “Settings” using the shortcut, or any other convenient way.
  • Click on “General” at the very top of the menu.
  • Find “Network” and go there. Here you need to enable cellular data transfer by moving the slider to the right.
  • Open the “Cellular Data Network” section.

iPhone 7 MMS messaging

To enable multimedia messages on your iPhone 7, you’ll need to:

  • Open the Settings app, which is located on the iPhone’s work screen.
  • Go to the “Mobile Networking” section.
  • Go to “Cellular Data Network”.
  • Fill in the fields: APN, password, MMSC, MMS proxy, and UAProf MMS URL. Enter cellular data in the “Modem Mode” subsection if necessary.

Cellular Data To enable MMS

iPhone Model X

If you have an iPhone Model X, you should use the following instructions to enable MMS messaging function:

  • Tap Settings
  • Tap Messages to activate the MMS messaging feature by sliding the switch to the right side.
  • Go back to “Settings”
  • Select “Mobile”, which is located right after “Bluetooth” and has an antenna icon with signals.
  • Go to “Mobile Settings” and select “Cellular Data Communication” here.
  • Fill in the required information in the requested fields to enter, or tap “reset network settings” button to restore the default settings.

Enable MMS messaging on iPhone 11

To activate MMS on iPhone 11, you’ll need to switch on MMS sending in the smartphone settings. To do this, follow these instructions:

  • Tap on the Settings app. Here, you need to select “Messages”
  • Turn on the parameter “MMS messages”, which is located in the block with the name MMS/SMS massage.
  • The smart smartphone will automatically download all the necessary parameters provided by your cellular service provider. So you won’t have to manually fill in the fields of MMS parameters.

Here you need to enter the information provided by the operator whose services you use. You can find such settings on the official resource of the company. Usually the equipment automatically detects the operator and then fills in the necessary fields for MMS and Internet in the multimedia messaging service.

If MMS is not sent with the parameters given automatically, try to enter everything manually.

Settings to run mms message on iPhone 11

Sending Methods

If you were able to run mms messages on your Apple iPhone 11, try sending such a message. Remember, while sending you should choose such files which will not exceed 300 KB (such weight is established by the majority of mobile operators). And this rule applies to photos (two or three images), and videos (movie lasting 20-45 seconds).

To Set MMS on your iPhone - Reliable Detailed Manual

There are several ways of doing it, let’s review each of them in detail.

First Method

  • Open the “Messages” folder on your product’s desktop.
  • Click on the icon of a sheet of paper and a pen/pencil.
  • Select the recipient in the message creation menu, click on the icon that shows the camera.
  • Select the desired file in the Media Library section.
  • Click “Capture photo or video” if you want to save something in real time.
  • Make a caption, if necessary.
  • Tap on “Send.”

Sending MMS from Apple iPhone 11

  • Go to the Messages app, which will display a list of all incoming and outgoing SMS as well as multimedia MMS.
  • In the top right corner there is a button with a pencil and note icon, click on it.
  • Now you need to fill out a form to create a letter. In the “To” field enter the cell phone number, Apple ID or name of a contact to whom your message will be addressed. If the contact is saved on your device, you can easily select it by clicking on the blue plus sign in the same line.
  • Next to the SMS/MMS entry field, there are keys to attach multimedia items, videos or photos (static images or gifs). Attach the necessary files.
  • When the message is done and ready, it’s only necessary to send it to the addressee by pressing “↑”.

This instruction is also valid for 11 version and later.

How to Send MMS on iPhone 11

We proceed in the same way:

  • Go to the standard “Messages” application.
  • Now you need to create a new letter by pressing the button with a pen and a piece of paper.
  • Choose who you want the future MMS to be delivered to by filling out the form at the top.
  • Download a file from the iPhone media library, add text to it and click on the message send button, which looks like an arrow in a circle.

Second Method

This method is not so often used. The message in this case is sent in the process of creating a photo from the camera. So:

  • take the picture;
  • click on the photo you took;

When you expand it to full screen, you can see an arrow at the bottom. If you click that arrow, you can immediately send the image to another recipient.

Third Method

In this case, you can send MMS messages directly from the gallery. To do this, it is important to be in the “Photos” folder and pick up a video or picture to send (check the files). Next, click on the icon at the bottom and tap Messages. In the last step, add the text, the addressee, and then do the sending.

It is interesting that some operators set the maximum size of the file to send, it is no more than 1 megabyte. Often at the first attempt to send a picture of size greater than 1-2 megabytes is not possible, we advise to try again.

Note that sometimes you have to reboot the device after changing the settings.

Can I set up MMS on iPhone 11 - Reliable Detailed Manual

Possible Problems

The first thing to do is to “put aside” the general problems associated with sending multimedia Apple iPhone. We pay attention to:

  • Proper tariff. Strangely enough, there are still tariffswhere you simply can’t send multimedia messages. Even worse, it is not possible to send and receive. For example, highly specialized or corporate. If in doubt – call the technical support of the operator and ask.
  • Internet connection. Yes, to transfer pictures and music you need it. And Wi-Fi is not suitable – you need a mobile one. If you see the “E” icon next to the cellular network signal of your iPhone, it will take a very long time to send an SMS message. Or will not be sent at all.
  • SIM card defect. We are talking about the so-called “cut-off” SIM cards. The thing is that the cutting often cuts off a part of the chip. Calls, messages and the Internet are not affected – everything works “as it should,” but it affects the mms – it becomes impossible to send messages.

Check Point
Carrier instead of the name of the operator. It may say that there are some problems with the cellular network settings. Tap reset network settings to fix it.

How to exclude and check all these things at the same time?

It is enough to perform one simple action – you need to put in your iPhone another SIM card and try to send a multimedia message.

how to set up mms on my iphone 11

Is It Possible to Configure MMS Automatically On Apple iPhone 11?

You can ask for Apple iPhone 11 multimedia messages settings in one of two ways:

  • Call the operator’s hotline number and find out if you can adjust and send MMS messages yourself. Most likely, instead of consultation, a Call Center employee will offer the user to get SMS settings.
  • Visit the operator’s office in person and ask the employees to perform the settings for your iPhone. In mobile phone shops, services related to the operator’s options (including MMS settings) are provided free of charge. If they start asking for money, ask them to provide you with a price list of paid services – this list definitely doesn’t include multimedia messaging service settings.

Another service you may want to set up is voicemail. Check also whether it is free available in your customer plan.

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