How to Do Split Screen on iPhone 12: Tricks That Make Multitasking Convenient

Say Yes! if you want to use your iPhone for many tasks at once. All you need is just to dive into the topic of how to do split screen on iPhone 12.

Split screen mode is available on iPads by default, but iOS created by Apple actually supports it on iPhones as well. And with each update, more and more iPhone owners can activate this super useful feature on their device.

Imagine, thanks to the split screen, attending a boring conference and playing your favorite game at the same time. Or maybe you need background music while you’re shooting a video? On the split screen, you can simultaneously run two different apps and enjoy your iPhone twice as much.

There are several ways to use split screen mode on Apple iPhone 12/12 Mini/12 Pro Max:

  • third-party apps and
  • built-in iPhone settings.

How to do split screen on iPhone 12 + Bonus ways without third-party apps

Special Apps for Split Screen Mode

Well to start with, there are plenty of free and ad-free apps out there. All of them are available in the Apple Store and all of them know how to share the iPhone screen between multiple running apps.

Don’t be afraid to download third-party software if it’s hosted on the Store. If they’re there, it means they’re OK. Type multitasking screen or split screen on iPhone in the search box to find such software.

If you install such an assistant, you will be able to perform two tasks at the same time side by side. For example, you can easily watch YouTube and read your news feed at the same time.

Special Apps for Split Screen Mode

Multitasking split screen assistant

For example, Multitasking Split Screen assistant is able to create two independent windows and show a different app in each. You can view two different pages on one screen. And the same is true for most of similar assistants.

Multitasking assistants are very useful in your work. They are especially handy for copying data from one program and pasting it into another. A split screen on iPhone is indispensable when you are holding a video meeting and want to check your notes.

Use the App on the Landscape Mode

Using split screen is also available for landscape screen rotation. It’s very handy if you need to check your email or message, but don’t want to interrupt a YouTube video. Once you’re done with a message, you can go right back to full-screen viewing.

It’s a bit like a browser with two websites available at the same time. And all you need to do to get this convenience is just enable split screen in the app you have installed.

We already have a page How to Screen Rotate iPhone 11: Turning on and off. You may not know all the ways, so we’ll just leave it here.

Multitasking Split Screen in landscape rotation

How to choose a multitasking app

You can try a few split-screen assistents to test them out. Before installing, pay attention to whether they are recommended for frameless screens and which iOS firmware they work properly with.

They won’t take up much memory space on your iPhone. Run a couple of assistants using a few of your most frequent apps at the same time and you’ll soon find out the winner.

Apps like Multitasking Split Screen have been around since 2018 and have received a lot of reviews and comments. So, you can pick one based on user ratings as well. Other popular apps include WebDuo Pro, Split Screen View, and SplitNet. The first costs $1.99 and the other are free on the App Store.

Choosing a multitasking app in Apple Store

Advantages of Multitasking Split Screen and its analogues

  • Screen splitting between two apps

After launching such an app, two browser windows automatically appear on your iPhone’s screen with an address bar next to a search box. All other browser gizmos, like bookmarks or tab management, are also available.

  • Changing the windows size

You can customize the size of your windows just by moving the slider of split screen. This way you adjust your viewing experience to perfection. For example, select a window size to fit a third-party keyboard. Yes, Apple gives you complete freedom of action. Just follow the instructions if it’s relevant to you: How to Add Third Party Keyboards on iPhone 11 Simply.

  • Full-screen mode

When you are ready, you can switch the view of one of the windows to full screen mode. This is done with a single touch.

  • Reach your two favorite pages or apps at once

Split screen mode allows you to double your productivity when it comes to business tasks. And with the time you save, you’ll enjoy your favorite apps twice as much.

Multitasking split screen advantages

Built-in Features on Your iPhone

But to be fair, let’s show how to get by with just the settings of the iPhone device. Here you will also learn:

  • how to set up picture-in-picture screen on iPhone,
  • how to quickly switch between opened applications,
  • and how to enable the reachability function.

But before you start, make sure your iPhone applications are arranged alphabetically. This will make your experience even more enjoyable!

iPhone settings for screen splitting

These settings originally appeared in the iPad, and be warned that the multiple apps feature may not be available on earlier phones.

Step 1. First, open the home menu and select the app you want as usual. This is what will be in the first half of the split view.

Step 2: Open the second app. Keep in mind that this app must support the split-screen feature. This can be found in the specifications of the app.

Step 3. Close the page with the second app. This is necessary so that it will be displayed in the toolbar on the iPhone screen.

Step 4. You need to go back to the first app and open it. After that, swipe up to get a panel with recently opened apps.

Step 5. Tap and hold the second app until it starts shaking.

Step 6. Move the second app to the screen of the first app and hold it down.

Voila! Now your screen is divided into 2 parts and the goal is achieved.

What’s more, you have the ability to swap out the apps on the right or left and customize everything to your personal preference. The screen does not have to be divided in equal parts, one of the apps can take up more space than the other.

While the split screen option was originally only available to iPad users, it is now available to all Apple gadget owners. And hopefully soon all smartphones will get it by default.

split screen option on iPad

Picture-in-picture mode feature

Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode is a feature that allows you to watch videos in a floating window while you perform other tasks on your device. It is available on many devices including iPhone 12 and other iPhone models.

The PiP mode was first introduced in iOS 9 and has been available on iPhones since then. To use Picture-in-Picture mode on your iPhone, you need to enable it in your phone’s main settings.

Here are the steps to run pip mode:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and tap on General.
  3. Next, click on Picture in Picture.
  4. Toggle on the switch next to Start PiP Automatically.

PiP mode is supported by many apps including FaceTime, Safari, Apple TV, and YouTube. It happens that the platform’s official app requires a paid version or subscription, but this is rare.

Picture-in-picture feature on iPhone

How to manage PIP feature

To manage Picture-in-picture mode on your device, use PiP icon. It can be found in the playback controls at the bottom of the video player. It looks like a small box with an arrow pointing out from one of its corners.

When tapped, the video window scales to the corner of the screen, opening other apps.

pip button

For the sake of brevity, just to quote the Apple website:

  • Resize the video window: To make the small video window larger, pinch open. To shrink it again, pinch closed.
  • Show and hide controls: Tap the video window.
  • Move the video window: Drag it to a different corner of the screen.
  • Hide the video window: Drag it off the left or right edge of the screen.
  • Close the video window: Tap Close icon.
  • Return to a full video screen: Tap PiP icon in the small video window.

Fast Switching

Quick app switching is another alternative to the split screen on iPhone. Most likely, intuitively, you have already used this function. But here is detailed information just in case.

Rapid switching is a feature on iPhones that allows you to quickly switch back and forth between your recent apps. To use it, touch your finger to the gesture area at the bottom of the screen, either while on your Home screen or in an app. Swipe left or right to switch back and forth between two apps.

It saves you time and effort as you don’t have to go back to the Home screen every time you want to switch to switch from one app to another. You can just swipe up from the bottom of the screen and switch to the app you want to use.

Rapid Apps switching on iPhones

Reachability function

Reachability is a built-in iOS feature that works on all the best iPhones that lowers the top half of the screen so buttons and other on-screen objects are within easy reach of your thumb. For many users, these will be top navigation buttons while using their phones one-handed.

To enable Reachability on your iPhone, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch.
  2. Turn on Reachability.
  3. On an iPhone with Face ID: Swipe down on the bottom edge of the screen.

Reachability screen mode

Can Everyone Use Split Screen on iPhone Apps?

A good question is whether every iPhone owner can enjoy the convenience of a split screen. And the answer will depend on what iOS version you have and how good your smartphone’s battery is.

And the second thing to think about is whether multiple apps are always convenient for you? Read on to find out the bottom line.

Reasons why split screen on iPhone was not available for all iPhone users

Owners of devices with 14 iOS and older can breathe a sigh of relief, and here’s what we know about it.

  • The autonomy of the iPhone was not enough

Since iOS 14, iPhones can run two apps at the same time, but this was not always the case. In earlier versions, just a few running apps made it very difficult for the smartphone to work and sometimes even caused it to freeze.

But it’s not just about the performance of the operating system, but also about the decline of the device’s autonomy. Active applications can use up the battery in just one hour.

Active apps can run out iPhone's battery

  • The iPhone aspect ratio is not suitable for two apps

The next thing to consider is whether your screen is big enough to display two apps at the same time. Even in portrait orientation, there won’t be too much room.

The iPhone 12 Pro, 12, 12 mini and newer devices support split screen option, but will it be convenient to view this way. Two pages at a time does not fit too much content or the display will be too small.

Also, some apps will have distorted proportions due to the unusual aspect ratio of the screen on iPhone. And this leads us to the next issue as not all apps will work properly in split screen mode.

  • Apps need to be refined

Many official Apple apps are designed for specific screen proportions. Split view mode sets new requirements.

So, there is a problem with the search bar and navigation buttons. Developers will have to come up with new ideas for a comfortable split view.

split-screen feature on iPhone 12 Model

Chapter FAQ

Is split-screen Feature Option Available on All iPhone 12 Models?

Answering briefly, not on all 12 models. The split-screen feature is available on iPhone models with Plus, Pro or Max in the name, from the 6th and newer. Here is the list:

  • 6s Plus,
  • 7 Plus,
  • 8 Plus,
  • Xs Max,
  • 11 Pro Max,
  • and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

How do I enable split-screen mode on my iPhone?

Here are some steps you can follow to enable split-screen mode on your iPhone:

  1. Find and download any of the screen split apps from the Apple Store.
  2. Open the app and launch the multitasking mode.
  3. Now you can open 2 windows at the same time.

To resize the windows try dragging the center line up and down or left and right.

How do I multitask on my iPad by splitting the screen?

In general, iPhones don’t support the split-screen feature, so you will have to install a third-party app. After installing it, you can turn your iPhone in landscape orientation to enable this mode. The screen will automatically split if you use an app that supports this feature.

How to use split screen on iPhone?

Here are some steps you can follow to use split-screen mode on your iPhone:

  1. Install a 3rd party app from the ones mentioned above.
  2. Rotate your iPhone to landscape orientation.
  3. The screen splits automatically when you use an app that supports this feature.

Which apps support split screen?

The split-screen feature works with most official Apple apps, such as Apple TV, Safari, FaceTime, Podcasts, Home, and Music. Other apps include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, ESPN, FOX NOW, HBO Max, Hulu, SHOWTIME, Tubi, Vudu and others. Most mobile games do not support split screen mode.



Answering the question, of how to do split screen on iPhone 12, you have already realized that it is a very useful feature. Using it, you can significantly save your time and effort on performing various actions with different applications or browser tabs and, regardless of the nature of the tasks performed, organize the most convenient and fruitful environment.

Want to know more interesting tricks about your phone? Are you sure you know everything Siri can do? Check out this How to use Siri on iPhone 12 Pro Max page and you’ll be impressed.

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