How to connect Apple Pencil to iPhone 13? Is it even possible? 

Apple Pencil is a relatively recent innovation, a new device, which gives Apple users many opportunities: you can easily draw with it, there are a lot of brushes and colors, or you can make a note with it and generally use it for writing, or use the Apple Pencil any other way.

It is just like a pen and a pencil, but with more features. The device is very useful. But officially it works only with an iPad and iPad models, not with a phone.

So, the question is: Does it compatible with an iPhone 13, or only with an iPad? If it doesn’t, is there a way to connect it with iPhones anyway?

If these are your questions about Apple Pencil, this article was written for you.

How to connect Apple Pencil  

General information about Apple Pencil

What is the Apple Pencil? 

Apple Pencil is a well-done tool for drawing or writing with a lot of new features, which are traditionally used with an iPad.It was made and shown in 2015, just like the first model of iPad Pro.

Such a stylus, like other styluses alongside Samsung’s S-Pen with Samsung Note, which you can surely use with a phone and tablets, is good for artists, so drawing is the most common purpose for using the Apple Pencil.

How to connect Apple Pencil  

How many models of Apple Pencil we can use now?

Currently, there is only a pair of models available for iPad users: first-generation Apple Pencil and second-generation Apple Pencil. Both are perfectly compatible with iPad Pro and other iPads. Read the following description to get to know what is the difference between them if you want purchasing one of them and then plug them.

How to connect Apple Pencil  

First generation of Apple pencil

The first generation Apple Pencil is compatible with the iPad Pro models from the 5th to the 9th generation, and it also works with iPad Air models from the 1st to the 3rd generation. So, Apple Pencil works perfectly with a lot of other Apple devices, connecting to them by Bluetooth.

It costs about $99, which you can find on the official Apple site or search on another internet form.

How to connect Apple Pencil  

Second generation of Apple pencil

With what does Apple Pencil work? The second generation Apple Pencil is the latest Apple Pencil and this Apple Pencil works with iPad Pro, iPad Air (4th generation), and iPad Mini (6th generation).

This model costs more than the first one, about $129, which you can find on the official Apple site.

So, generally, it is an accessory only for iPads, like iPad Pro, iPad Mini and iPad Air, both two models of Apple Pencil support different iPad models. The model of the Apple Pencil depends on the model of the iPad, if the question is what to choose. Surely, Apple Pencils may be a good stylus for making notes or even writing and drawing.

How to connect Apple Pencil  

Does Apple Pencil work with iPhone?

Yes or No: is Apple Pencil compatible with iPhone?

So, does Apple Pencil work with iPhone? Unfortunately, currently, the answer is still no. This stylus doesn’t work with any iPhone, and wasn’t even meant to be useful to iPhone users. Neither iPhone 13 nor any new iPhone. Paradoxically, these two devices of Apple just are not for one another, and you can’t plug them.

I guess, it is a good question if Apple is keen to maintain Apple Pencil as a stylus to iPhone models with new iOS update and if there will be any ability to use iPhone with such a device.

How to connect Apple Pencil  

Why can’t Apple Pencil support the iPhone? 

Actually, Apple Pencil doesn’t work with any iPhone model. The problem is hardware compatibility issues. Apple has very different display technologies both with iPad and iPhone, so technically there is no way for Apple Pencil to work with iPhone, only iPad.

Are you wondering If there is another device I can use otherwise?

There may be several answers and a pair of examples. In addition to Apple Pencil or pens from other manufacturers, consider a computer mouse: How to Use Mouse on iPhone 11 to Control Onscreen Pointer.

Samsung S-Pen

Yes, there are some devices you can purchase and try using with an iPhone instead of an Apple Pencil, and which your phone may support, you can search them. For example, you may choose Samsung S-Pen, which proved its effectiveness and value.

Adonit Pro 4

It is also a good tool, which can connect to your phone. You can also search about its quality, but you will barely find any negative comment.

But the number of tools that you can use, just like an Apple Pencil, is limited. And there is another way out anyway.

How to connect Apple Pencil  

How do I connect Apple Pencil to iPhone?

On the other hand, there is still a possibility to connect your iPhone device with Apple Pencil, but the following method is not granted, unfortunately. It is not that easy to fix the hardware compatibility issues at home with no technical skills, but it is still possible.

But it is only for you to decide if it is really worth trying.

Some of the users even tried and succeeded, and maybe, you can succeed, too.

How to connect Apple Pencil  

Connecting Apple Pencil to iPhone: instruction

You should follow the instruction below carefully; otherwise, you are risking damaging both devices and a screen, and watch what will be then as a result.

Step 1

Firstly, you need to get a clean and dry paper towel and put Apple Pencil and iPhone in one certain place, preparing them.

Step 2

Then fold once and rip it by the lines.

Step 3

You should fold it again twice.

Step 4

Now you can wrap your Apple Pencil with a paper towel. And you shouldn’t forget: It should be tight.

But you should do it carefully and leave the tip of the Apple Pencil uncovered with a paper.

Step 5

The Apple Pencil with a paper towel around it should be damped, but not too much.

Step 6

Then try to use the Apple Pencil with your iPhone’s screen carefully, don’t push too much, with less pressure. Try to draw or write if your devices support Apple Pencil.

It may work and during the process the risk of damaging devices is low, so maybe, it is worth trying. If something didn’t go according to plan and the connection didn’t work, follow How to Hard Reset iPhone 11 for Diagnosing Some Issues.

How to connect Apple Pencil  

In conclusion: Apple Pencil is not for iPhones, but there is a trick to make it work

Apple Pencil is an innovative stylus with many new functions. But technically, iPhones don’t have the needed hardware to be compatible with Apple Pencil, it is strongly for iPads. And there are two ways then: buy a needed device, find third-party styluses, or try the method above.

What is more comfortable for you is only for you to decide.

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