How to adjust brightness on iPhone 13: Basic methods

If you are concerned about the brightness of your iPhone 13, then from this article you will learn how to adjust brightness on iPhone 13 screen, or how to prevent automatic brightness reduction. In addition, there are no obvious reasons for reducing iPhone screen brightness, which you did not even guess.

adjust brightness on iPhone

Why is iPhone 13 screen so dark?

The screen of your phone can change its brightness level depending on the lighting. The phone has a built-in ambient light sensor that adjusts the auto brightness.

This means that if you are in a brightly lit place, for example on the street, then the brightness of your iPhone becomes maximum so that you can see everything well.

In a dark room, such as a movie hall or at night, the iPhone screen brightness will be set to the lowest level. This ensures that your eyes will be comfortable looking at the display.

As a rule, problems with auto brightness never arise. However, if the brightness of your iPhone is low or automatically decreases sharply, then most likely the problem is with auto brightness feature. To adjust brightness on your iPhone, see our tips below!

Enable auto brightness for your comfort

How do I adjust the screen brightness on my iPhone?

Let’s start with the basic solutions. If these methods do not help, then we can use additional ways to adjust the brightness of your phone’s screen.

Wipe the top of your phone to clean the light sensor

It is in the top portion of your iPhone that the ambient light sensor is located, on which the correct operation of the auto brightness depends. While using the phone, skin oil, dirt, and so on may get on its surface. All this can lead to incorrect operation of the light sensor.

Wipe the top portion of your phone with a soft and dry cloth. This will help solve your problem with low iPhone screen brightness.

In addition, a seal-proof case on the phone can also block the operation of the light sensor. Remove it and your problem can be solved.

brightness bar to adjust brightness on iPhone

Adjust brightness on iPhone screen manually: 3 methods

There are three ways to adjust brightness of the iPhone screen manually. This can be done through the Control center, through the Settings app, and using Siri.

How do I get to control center on iPhone 13?

  1. Open the Control center. For an iPhone with Face ID, swipe down from the upper-right corner of the screen. For an iPhone with the Home button, swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
  2. Drag the brightness slider up.

How to adjust brightnes via the Settings app:

  1. Go to iPhone Settings app.
  2. Select the Display&Brightness.
  3. Drag the brightness slider to the right.

Manually adjust screen brightness using Siri:

Call Siri in your usual way. Then give one of the commands:

  • Increase screen brightness
  • Set the screen brightness to 75%
  • Set the maximum screen brightness

To adjust brightness on iPhone via Siri

Check accessibility settings: White Point Control

In the accessibility settings, there is such a function as Reduce White Point. This iPhone screen dimmer feature reduces the intensity of bright colors on the screen, and therefore, even if the brightness of your phone is fully increased, the iPhone screen may fade.

If your iPhone is under heavy load during the day, it may give temporary failures. To fix this, it is enough to reboot your device.

How to turn off Reduce White Point:

  1. Open the Settings and tap Accessibility.
  2. Tap Display & Text Size.
  3. Move the slider of the Reduce White Point function to the inactive state. Alternatively, you can move the slider to the left by 25%, while leaving the function enabled.

How to adjust brightness (enable Auto-brightness and reduce White Point)

Turn off the Low Power mode

If the charge of your phone decreases, then the phone will also automatically reduce the brightness of your iPhone screen, to keep the battery charge as long as possible.

To disable the Low Power consumption mode, you can ask Siri about it or fix it yourself through Settings. To do this, go to Settings / Battery and turn off the switch for Low Power mode.

Screen brightness on iPhone 13 in some media apps

It may happen that your iPhone is working properly, but the screen brightness in the application itself is reduced. As a rule, in such media applications, the auto brightness of the screen looks like an invisible slider.

If you see a screen brightness slider in the application or browser, then set it to a level that is comfortable for you. If you don’t see the brightness slider, then try to swipe horizontally or vertically across the screen on the left, right, or lower, upper part of the screen.

night shift lowers the screen brightness automatically

Turn off the auto brightness option on your iPhone 13

This is practically the surest way to solve the problem of auto brightness reduction on your iPhone screen.

Disabling the auto brightness setting on your phone is not an immediate solution to the problem of a dark screen. First, try all the methods described earlier.

Sometimes it helps to turn off auto brightness setting, reboot your device, and enable auto brightness feature again. If none of the methods helped you, only then try disabling the auto brightness option. But remember that the auto brightness feature on iPhone 13 protects your eyes and helps extend the battery life of the iPhone 13.

How to turn off the auto-brightness setting of iPhone 13:

  1. Open the Settings app, and go to the Accessibility menu.
  2. Tap Display & Text Size.
  3. Turn off the Auto-Brightness feature switch.

Now you can manually set the brightness of the iPhone screen dimmer or brighter. To do this, you need to go to the Control center and adjust the screen brightness bar to the level you need.

Important note! If you have less than 5% charge left, the screen may become completely dark. Do not adjust brightness on iPhone at this point because it can cause the device to turn off very quickly.

Is iPhone 13 screen brighter?

If as a result of one of the actions described above, your phone screen has become brighter, then this is great news.

In addition to adjusting the brightness of iPhone 13, here are a few more ways to make your home screen more visible:

  • Arrange the home screen and the app library. For example, arrange the apps in alphabetical order.
  • Keep the iPhone display on for longer.
  • Customize your iPhone’s home screen, for example, by making the icons larger or the font bolder.

If it’s not just about adjusting the brightness of the screen, you can try some more steps to make using the iPhone even more convenient. For example, try changing the wallpaper of the lock screen and home screen so that icons and texts are more visible. Contrasting colors and readable fonts will reduce the strain on your eyesight.

If nothing helped, then below you will find additional information on how to change the brightness on iPhone 13.

The screen dimmer adjusts the brightness automatically

Additional information on how to change the screen brightness on your iPhone 13

In the Settings app in your iPhone 13, you will find a menu such as the Display & Brightness menu, with which you can change various screen settings, including brightness.

One of the parameters of the Display & Brightness menu is True Tone, with which the accuracy of colors on the screen is maintained regardless of the level of external lighting and the brightness level of the screen.

If you tap and hold on the Brightness icon in the Control Center, it will expand to take over the whole screen. Then you will see the following parameters:

  1. Dark Mode – dark mode changes the light backgrounds and menus on the screen of your iPhone 13 to darker ones so that it would be comfortable for your eyes.
  2. Night Shift – this option on iPhone 13 automatically adjust all the colors on the screen to a warmer color palette.
  3. True Tone – if this function is disabled, the phone will automatically adjust the brightness of the phone so that the colors look consistent when the lighting conditions change.

All three parameters can also be found in the Display & Brightness menu in the iPhone Settings app. Everyone can adjust brightness on iPhone as it is suitable for them personally!

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Conclusion: Adjust brightness on iPhone 13

The brightness of your iPhone 13 screen is automatically adjusted when the lighting changes. For example, in bright light, the iPhone’s brightness is maximum, and in low light, the iPhone’s brightness will be minimal.

Auto brightness is regulated by the phone and is designed so as not to strain your eyesight.

If your iPhone screen dimmers, then you may have problems with auto-brightness. You can solve this problem through the Control center, Settings, or Special Features.

In some cases, simply cleaning the top of your iPhone 13 or restarting it can help you to adjust the screen brightness.

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