How to Hard Reset iPhone 11 for Diagnosing Some Issues

It sounds so sad when your iPhone gets some problems and unluckily it is iPhone 11. Do you need to hard reset iPhone 11 that had just released 6 months ago? Exactly, Apple released it on September 20, 2019. Although it belongs to the new product, it keeps it possible to get any trouble. For example, you use it too hard or in a very long time. Luckily, Apple has provided 3 ways to over your problems. Hard reset iPhone 11 Apple all series become one of the effective ways.

hard reset iphone 11

Hard Reset iPhone 11 easily using Buttons in 3 Steps

Anyway, iPhone 11 provides 3 kinds of resetting to improve performance. There is a soft reset, factory reset, and hard reset that becomes the topic of the day. It turns out the hard reset that you will do on your iPhone 11 has 3 steps. The following steps are useful for iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 regular, and 11 Pro:

  1. To start the hard reset you will not use a home button but it changes with the volume up button. Quite a press while holding the button before continuing to the volume down button. It asks for the same way (press and hold) in the button of volume down.
  2. Move to the Side button (Power button) to hold. Likewise, it will emerge a sign of the Side/ Power off so please, ignore it.
  3. Keep holding until emerging an Apple logo as the sign to restart the phone.

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When do you should undertake this Solution?

Indeed, the iPhone 11 series have a few differences where Apple dismisses the home button. You are, surely, shock when knowing it for the first time and confuse to operate it. Moreover, the home button has a lot of function all this time. Fortunately, the volume and power buttons are very versatile. Both are useful for many things including the hard reset. However, when you should do it? Here are the answers:

  • Unresponsive phone.
  • Ringing or vibrating phone failure.
  • Crashed devices.
  • Some problems pertain to receive or answer calls.

Those are 3 steps to hard reset and 4 main problems that force you to conduct this way. It is better you not use this way often although the function of resetting is the same as a medicine. It can diagnose the trouble and restore it to run normally again. Doing anything you like here more than utilizing your social media accounts. Master various methods to overcome any problems that might emerge or just as prevention.

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  1. Mi Iphone 11 no timbra al recibir llamadas. Me sale un indicador reflejando que el volumen del timbre esta desactivado. ¿Como se activa?

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