Forgot iPhone passcode without restore – iPhone 11 what to do?

If you have suddenly forgotten iPhone passcode – know that you are not alone at all. Forgotten screen lock passcode is a very common problem among iPhone users. No wonder if you set a new iPhone screen passcode that you forgot. This happens often. Apple offers a solution to this problem. They can reset the phone to factory settings and unlock your device, but the catch is that then all memory will be erased from your phone. What to do in this case? We will tell you how to remove forgot iPhone passcode without restore in our article for you!

Forgot iPhone passcode without restore

What is the most common reason that people Want to Bypass iPhone Passcode without Restore?

There is one big disadvantage because of which people avoid bypassing the iPhone passcode without restore.

For example, if you decide to act through iTunes, then most likely you will have to think about turning off the find my iPhone feature. But it is with this iPhone feature that people can erase, block or call on the iPhone when it is missing.

Obviously, in this scenario, no one in their right mind would want to get rid of this feature that is enabled on their iPhone.

The second bad side of the problem is that when loading the iPhone into recovery mode, there are a lot of difficulties that will not be so easy to cope with.

Moreover, a very common problem is that during the iPhone recovery mode cycle, the iPhone literally freezes and nothing can be done with it. It will not be able to reboot and will not be able to stop the recovery.

That’s exactly why people do want to bypass the iPhone passcode without restore.

Forgot iPhone passcode without restore

How to Remove Forgot iPhone Passcode without Restore?

There are several ways that can help you achieve your goal, namely to Remove forgot iPhone Passcode without Restore.

Below is the article, we will describe each of them in detail so that you can use our simple and convenient guide on how to unlock screen passcode.

Simple and effective methods to unlock iPhone Even If It’s Disabled in case the user forgot the password

Most often, when a person forgets the correct password from his iPhone, he begins to selectively enter different sets of numbers that come to his mind in order to unlock his favorite phone.

But the trick is that with every wrong passcode attempt, the iPhone punishes you by not even allowing you to enter an attempt for a certain period of time. Your phone may be disabled if you try the entire limit of attempts.

Then you will see two pictures on the iPhone screen.

Then you can connect to iTunes or reset your password or you can permit erase iPhone all the data that your phone contains to unlock iPhone.

Read on to find out methods to unlock iPhone Even If It’s Disabled in case the user forgot the password.

Forgot iPhone passcode without restore

Ways to remove Forgot iPhone Passcode without Restore

If you are already mentally ready to sacrifice all your data to unlock the iPhone in case you forgot iPhone passcode, then here is the detailed instruction on how you can use the official Apple way.

Prepare your pre-rebooted phone, computer, and lightning cable.

Use the cable because you should connect your phone to the computer.

You should hold and press the Side button, volume down button, or home button (one of them can be suitable for your phone’s model) and wait until there will be a recovery-mode screen.

Remove the locked iPhone password and recover your data from a backup or wait that you will lose all your phone’s memory.

Here are ways iPhone users can unlock forgotten iPhone passcode without restoring and erasing data.

Forgot iPhone passcode without restore

Method 1: Reset and restore your iPhone using the iCloud website

Forgot iPhone passcode without restore

In order to reset iPhone passcode using iCloud, you first need to check whether the locked iPhone being reset is connected to WiFi or any other network.

After that, ask a friend to borrow his phone or use a computer to reset the password via iCloud in which you should click erase iPhone and then restore the data from the backup. On your computer go to

Perform these two simple actions and you easily will remove the forgotten iPhone passcode!

Method 2: Reset and restore your iPhone using a computer

Note! iPhone user who has previously connected the locked iPhone to their computer and backed it up using Finder or iTunes can use this method in case they forgot iPhone’s passcode.

First, you should turn on the recovery mode.

Then you can bypass iPhone passcode.

You can use Finder in case you have a Mac with macOS Catalina 10.15 or newer use Finder.

First, you have to open your mac and turn on Finder.

In case that the computer is synchronized or not with your device, you will either be asked to enter a special code or not. If there was no synchronization, then obviously you will not be able to use this method since you do not have access to your phone because you forgot iPhone passcode.

If there was synchronization, continue reading the instructions as this path may be useful to you to deal with locked iPhone if you forgot iPhone passcode.

Finder will give you the opportunity to choose your iPhone.

Then click restore.

The process of resetting the code will begin and the data will not be deleted on the phone.

In case that this whole process will last more than a quarter of an hour, then you will have to resume all of the above steps.

Here is an instruction for those who have macOS Mojave 10.14 or earlier or older, or a PC. This method will make you use iTunes.

In this case, you will also need the phone to be synchronized with the computer in advance. If this was not done in advance and you also forgot your iPhone password, which should have received a special code, then the method with iTunes is not suitable for you.

Wait for iTunes to sync with your device.

Once synced, click Restore iPhone.

When finished, the iOS setup screen should pop up on your phone.

Tap on Restore from iTunes backup on your iPhone.

Choose the latest backup to restore from.

Your data will be restored from iTunes using the backup and your passcode will be removed.

Method 3: Hack iPhone Passcode without Restore Using Siri

Here is the instruction on removing forgotten iPhone passcode without Restore using Siri in case you forgot your iPhone passcode.

Siri is an excellent assistant for any iPhone owner. It can really help you well in some cases. But the trick is that the iPhone bypass method, in this case, is suitable only for those who have iOS versions under 10.1. So you should find any else method for other iOS versions.

First, you need to activate Siri. To perform this action, press and hold the home button for a few seconds.

Then an inscription will appear on your screen with the words “How can I help you with?”

Forgot iPhone passcode

Ask: “Hey Siri, what time is it now?” and she, in turn, will display the clock icon. You will have to click on this clock icon.

After performing this action, you will see the world clock icon on your screen.

After you have seen the world clock icon select the plus sign.

Choose any city. Click Select all.

Forgot iPhone passcode without restore
Forgot iPhone passcode without restore

Select Share, and then select the Airdrop icon.

Forgot iPhone passcode without restore

After clicking on the “Message” icon, you will be displayed an option for sending the message. Under the “To” field, enter something and press back. After that, click on the “+” icon.

Forgot iPhone passcode without restore

Choose the “Create New Contact” option.

When you create a new contact on your iPhone, add the photo to the new contact. To do that, click on “Add Photo.”

Forgot iPhone passcode without restore

Then go to the photo library and wait-wait-wait. After this, you can go out from the photo library return to the home screen and there will be no need to tape any password.

That is the easiest how to unlock iPhone via Siri but note this method is not suitable for all iPhone models.


Method 4: Bypass iPhone Passcode without Restore Using iMyFone LockWiper

iMyFone LockWiper is the better way to remove iPhone passcode without restore.

To get started, download and install this app.

Use the app to select Unlock screen passcode.

After you have clicked on Unlock screen passcode, you must use a USB cable to connect your locked device to the computer.


Forgot iPhone passcode without restore
Forgot iPhone passcode without restore


After the USB cable has been used click on Next.

Forgot iPhone passcode

Download that firmware package.

Forgot iPhone passcode

Click on the “Start to Extract”. Then you should wait because there is the time needed to finish the process.

Forgot iPhone passcode

And then the iPhone user will be ready to remove the forgotten iPhone passcode without restoring it.

Forgot iPhone passcode

Then the application will ask you to enter a special code. Here it is – 000000.

Forgot iPhone passcode

After that, you can click on Unlock and wait for your phone to unlock.

Forgot iPhone passcode

That’s it! However, make sure that all actions are performed correctly and the phone is connected to the computer.

Forgot iPhone passcode without restore

LockWiper is an effective and simple way to unlock screen passcode.

Method 5: How to Remove Forgotten iPhone lock screen Passcode without Restore Feature Using iPhone Unlock

Here is the instruction on removing forgotten iPhone passcode without Restore using iPhone unlock in case you forgot your lock screen passcode.

dr. fone – Unlock (iOS) is a convenient and effective tool that will help you to unlock the screen passcode of your iPhone.

Install this app.

Forgot iPhone passcode without restore

Choose Screen Unlock.

Connect the device with the computer using the cable.

Click on the Unlock iOS Screen.

Forgot iPhone passcode
Forgot iPhone passcode without restore

Turn on DFU mode before performing other iPhone password change actions. You can do it via a guide which is on-screen instructions.

Forgot iPhone passcode

After you have made sure that the  DFU mode is enabled, you can proceed to unlock the iPhone. To do this, download the firmware package.

Forgot iPhone passcode without restore

Use this firmware package and wait for a while so that the unlocking process can be completed successfully and you are done!

Forgot iPhone passcode

There is no forgot iPhone password problem anymore!

How to avoid cases when you can not remember your iPhone passcode?

In order not to fall into such a trap anymore, you can use just a few simple tips. Here they are.

– The password should not be too confusing. Come up with something simple to start with.

– After setting a new password, write it down somewhere and keep it in a safe place.

– Try to put not only a digital password but also connect the screen unlock with a fingerprint.

– Update your iOS constantly.

– Create backups for reliable and long-lasting data storage. In case you suddenly need to format your phone to solve a similar or any other problem, you will always be safe for your personal data.


Below you can find answers to frequently asked questions by ios devices owners.

iPhone passcode resetting via Apple ID

No. It is impossible.

Can I reset the iPhone passcode using Touch ID?

Unfortunately, this is also an impossible prospect.

Instead, we recommend that you go back to the instructions above to choose the most appropriate method for resetting your iPhone password.

We can say with confidence that at least one of them should definitely help you.

Can I reset the iPhone passcode using Face ID?

Both Touch ID and Face ID are just tools that can help you with your phone unlocking. Unfortunately, we should disappoint you because no one of these two tools can not be used for iPhone passcode resetting.

As we said, we recommend that you go back to the instructions above to choose the most appropriate method for resetting your iPhone password.

Read our detailed instructions and you will understand that all our methods are easy to apply in practice and they will help you in solving your problem.

What is the screen time passcode?

There is a parental control feature in the iPhone that users apply to restrict things such as:

  • content and privacy
  • iTunes & App Store purchases
  • Restrict game center
  • Prevent explicit content
  • Prevent web content
  • etc.

You should not think that scene time passcode and screen lock passcode is the same thing because it is not true.

Will Apple reset a forgotten iPhone passcode?

Yes, you can go to the nearest official Apple store and ask its staff to help you cope with your problem. They can perform iPhone password recovery, reset, and deletion, but of course, the password reset method will not be told to you.

Also do not forget that if you come to the official store in order to unlock the phone, you will first need to prove that you are legally the actual owner of this device. This will help you with the relevant documents that you should not forget to take with you.

Note! There is a big difference between iPhone SIM unlocking and the passcode reset process.

How do you set up the passcode feature?

Tired of people close to you viewing personal photos or messages on your iPhone without permission? Or do you want to protect yourself in case your smartphone gets lost or someone steals it? Whatever it was, but since you are on this page, it means the question: “How to put a password on the iPhone?”.

To set a password, first of all, you need to go to the Settings menu, from there go to the Main tab, and then Password protection (for models with Touch ID: Settings – Touch ID and password). You should activate password protection by clicking Enable Password.

After that, the smartphone will ask you to enter a pre-invented password consisting of only 4 digital characters. You will need to re-enter your password to confirm your intentions. Now that’s it, you have successfully set the password on the iPhone. Every time you lock your iPhone, it will require you to enter the correct password.

In the Password Protection menu (for models with Touch ID: Touch ID and password), you will find many more interesting settings, some of which would be useful to James Bond himself. You can go to the Change Password section from time to time and assign a new one. Just before setting a new password, it is better to write it down somewhere in a notebook, so as not to get confused at first.

It is advisable to carry out this procedure once every three months in order to be sure to protect yourself and your data in the iPhone. Next comes the Password Request item. This is where the time of the password request is set. For reliability, set shorter intervals.

How do I know if I have an iTunes backup?

The work of the iTunes program is the ability to control Apple devices from a computer. In particular, with the help of this program, you can create backups and store them on your computer in order to restore the device at any time. Don’t know where iTunes backups are stored on your computer? We will answer this question.

The ability to restore devices from a backup is one of the undeniable advantages of Apple devices. The process of creating, storing, and restoring a backup copy appeared at Apple a long time ago, but still, no manufacturer can provide a service of this quality.

When creating a backup through iTunes, you have two options for storing them: in iCloud cloud storage and on your computer. If you chose the second option when creating a backup, then you can find a backup copy on your computer, if necessary, so that, for example, you can transfer it to another computer.

Please note that only one iTunes backup is created for one device. For example, if you have iPhone and iPad gadgets, it means that every time the backup is updated, the old backup will be replaced for each device with a new one.

It’s not difficult to see when the last backup was created for your devices. To do this, in the upper area of the iTunes window, click on the “Edit” tab, and then open the “Settings” section.

In the window that opens, go to the Devices tab. The names of your devices will be displayed here, as well as the last backup date.

To get to the folder on your computer that stores backups for your devices, you will first need to open the display of hidden folders. To do this, open the “Control Panel” menu, set the “Small Icons” information display mode in the upper right corner, and then go to the “Explorer Settings” section.

In the window that opens, go to the “View” tab. Go down to the very end of the list and select “Show hidden files, folders and disks”. Save the changes.

Now, after opening Windows Explorer, you will need to go to the folder that stores the backup, the location of which depends on the version of your operating system.

Folder with iTunes backups for Windows XP and Windows Vista:

C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Apple\MobileSync\Backup\

Folder with iTunes backups for Windows 7 and higher:


Each backup is displayed as a folder with its own unique name consisting of forty letters and symbols. In this folder, you will find a large number of files that do not have an extension.

How do I know if I have an iCloud backup?

First, open your Mac computer.

  1. Click the  button on the top left of your screen and choose System Preferences
  2. Click Apple ID at the top and sign in using your Apple ID and password if prompted.
  3. On the left scroll down to find your iPhone and click it.
  4. On the right pane, it will show if backups are switched on and tell you the date of the latest backup taken.

If backups are turned off, or it was made a long time ago, then you should treat your iPhone as tho it has never been backed up before.

Final words

Forgot iPhone passcode

We hope that all the tips and methods mentioned above in the article were useful for you and also our article helped you solve your problem.

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