Best iPhone 11 Pro Camera Protector – Ultimate Guide

The iPhone 11 series boasts the most advanced smartphone cameras that allow you to take professional-level photos. But to maintain their top-notch performance, it’s wise to purchase a quality iPhone 11 camera protector. These are some of the essential camera accessories for your iPhone that will protect your lens from scratches, dust, and scuffs and keep it in pristine condition. They’re especially useful if you’re not using a phone case. So make your choice of these best iPhone 11 Pro camera protectors.

Best Camera Lens Protector for the iPhone 11

iPhone 11 is known to be waterproof right out of the box. But how do you protect the camera from bumps and damage to the optics? That’s what we’re going to find out now.

Spigen Camera Lens Protective Film

Spigen is a well-known name for iPhone cases and screen protectors, so this premium tempered glass protective film for the iPhone 11 camera lens protector is a great choice. It protects against scratches and has an anti-fingerprint coating to prevent protector Spigen

What’s more, it’s available in all the colors of your iPhone 11, 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max, so it’s designed to create a beautiful color combination. It adheres to your phone and does not interfere with the camera in any way.

Price: $12.99

UniqueMe Camera Lens Protective Film

This durable iPhone 11 lens protector is scratch-resistant and has a hardness of 9H. It does a great job of protecting the fragile lens from scratches, scuffs, and bumps in everyday protector UniqueMe

At the same time, the oleophobic coating on the surface helps resist fingerprint smudges and dust, so you can take high-definition photos without any interference. It’s also waterproof, so it protects against moisture.

Price: $12.99

Tamoria 3D Oneness Camera Lens Protective Film

Molecular-level hardening of the tempered organic glass of camera protector iPhone 11 Pro Max provides five times the protection of the camera lens. It highly impacts and scratch-resistant, preventing accidental drops or scratches. It also features fingerprint protection, scratch protection, explosion protection, and water resistance.iphone 11 pro camera protector

It is made with micro-engraving technology that keeps the lenses clear. As for its installation, a unique one-second fitting technique is used. The protector has an acrylic backing plate and a clear pet film; bend the backing plate, align and glue the protector. When you are satisfied, tear off the film from the tread.

Price: $9.99

Ultra-thin 9H PECHE Lens Protector Film

Here’s another great iPhone camera protection, made with AR enhanced technology with 99% transparency. It’s crystal clear and lightweight so your pictures retain their original quality in all lighting conditions.iphone 11 pro camera protector

It’s also a 9H tempered glass camera lens protector film that protects against scratches and has an oleophobic layer to protect against water, oil, dust, and fingerprints. Always make sure your iPhone lenses don’t sport it.

Price: $9.99

Camera Lens Cover with Metal Frame OUNIER

This full 3D coated camera lense protector comes with a lifetime replacement warranty in case of any problems. It features Nano-electrostatic automatic adsorption technology to protect against dust and other damage.iphone 11 pro camera protector

Plus, you don’t have to worry about annoying air bubbles thanks to its precise cutting. It’s ultra-thin and easy to use, so it’s easy to use. It consists of an indented titanium alloy metal frame and 9H tempered glass.

Price: $9.99

LK Lens Protective Film for Camera Lens Screen

This tempered glass camera iPhone lens cover protector is highly resistant to shocks and scratches. The rounded edges fit perfectly with the curves of your phone and provide maximum protector LK

Plus, a simple alignment tool makes it easy to install this protective cover without air bubbles. The brand is known for its high-quality after-sales service and lifetime replacement warranty.

Price: $13.99

LOZA Lens Scratch Protection

Check out this iPhone 11 Camera Lens Protective Film, made of high-quality composite material with an adhesive layer that is bubble-free and smooth to the touch. It adheres tightly to the device and repels dust and scratches.iphone 11 camera protector

At the same time, it boasts 99.9% transparency so that your photos turn out exactly bright and high-quality. You can get it with four different color edges to match your iPhone, namely clear, red, silver and black.

Price: $7.99

Buluby Aluminum Alloy Lens Screen Cover

Protection and style come together with this full-coverage camera lens protector, whose outer ring matches the color of your phone. The ultra-thin clear cover protects your camera lens from dust and debris, ensuring professional image quality.iphone 11 pro camera protector

What’s more, they won’t interfere with the body of your phone and add an extra layer of reinforcement for the delicate lens area. There’s also a 100% warranty and six beautiful colors to choose from.

Price: $11.99

Transparent Camera Lens Screen Cover ROITON HD Clear

The carved metal frame and 5H tempered glass of this lens protector is sure to be an important addition to your iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max. It’s made with 3D Cut technology for full coverage of corners and edges.iphone 11 pro camera protector

Keep away from scratches and fingerprints. It’s also ultra-thin, only 0.3mm, with a precise shape of holes that won’t block the flash. The high transparency ensures the original clarity of images and videos. Choose from four options to match the color of your iPhone.

Price: $8.99

QHOHQ Tempered Glass Lens Screen Cover

This ultra-high-definition tempered glass protector has a light transmission rate of 99.99%, allowing you to maintain the original quality of your photos and videos even in low-light conditions. It features an imported adhesive that leaves no protector QHOHQ

It is also made of ultra-thin glass, which is still 9H hardness for reliable protection. It’s fairly easy to install with the included kit and is a great option for protecting the camera area of your device from daily wear and tear.

Total: $8.95

Here’s a video with buying tips that might be helpful:

Useful Information: The ULTIMATE Buyer’s Guide For iPhone 11 Camera Lens Protectors

In this video you will find the best iPhone 11 Camera Lens Protectors and which camera protector ACTUALLY protects your camera lens.

The Best Lenses for iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max

Ztylus Z-PRIME Universal Max Bokeh

Many iPhone users have become obsessed with the idea of “bokeh”, which until recently was a pipe dream. It was extremely difficult to make a smooth transition between an object in focus and a blurred background, and few people really managed to do it. The whole problem was the difficulty of controlling the “F-stop” parameter. But with the Ztylus Z-PRIME Universal Max Bokeh lens, you can take professional photos with the bokeh effect without an ultra-expensive body and glass. The Ztylus Z-PRIME Universal Max Bokeh is a multi-coated optic. It boasts a versatile design and a 75mm focal length, and lets you take crisp, colorful photos at the touch of a button.

iphone 11 camera protector

Black Eye Lens Pro Portrait Tele G4

Most iPhone users use the camera for selfies or to take portrait photos of other people. And that’s exactly what the Black Eye Lens Pro Portrait Tele G4 was designed for, offering an equivalent focal length of 60mm, and is ideal for both outdoor and portrait photography. The Tele G4’s 2.5x zoom allows you to get as close as possible to your subject of interest, whether it’s a person, animal or inanimate object. What’s the advantage? You get a photo with excellent depth of field as a result, and it doesn’t require cumbersome devices/lenses.

Sandmarc Fisheye

Sometimes you want to take a different approach to what you’re photographing. And to do that, it’s important to choose the right beautiful background. With the Sandmarc Fisheye lens, you can extend the range of vision of your camera to capture what you couldn’t before. With an ultra-wide, 10mm multi-coated fisheye lens, you can increase the spatial coverage of your standard lens by up to 5 times. The Sandmarc Fisheye is the perfect choice for landscapes, concerts, and urban photography.

Olloclip Telephoto Pro

Olloclip has been a household name since the introduction of iPhone lenses to the aftermarket. Generally speaking, this manufacturer was one of the first to create additional lenses for portable devices, so it’s no surprise that their offerings are some of the best in the industry. As for the Telephoto Pro, this lens boasts a 2x optical zoom, premium features, and excellent depth of field, making it a great companion for any adventure. Whether you’re trying to photograph subjects in the distance or improve the detail of small elements you wouldn’t be able to catch with a traditional lens, the Telephoto Pro from Olloclip will help you capture a beautiful shot.


With so many options, there’s no excuse not to get one of these camera lens protectors for your iPhone 11, 11 Pro, or 11 Pro Max. Don’t forget to also get the best camera apps that will improve your photos and take your pictures to the next level!

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