Back Up iPhone 11 Using iCloud: Save Your Important Items

As the iPhone 11’s user, you need to save your items or data for the next use. You can save the most important ones to prevent data loss when your phone is damaged, lost, or replaced. You only need to restore your iPhone data if something goes wrong. In this case, you can back up iPhone 11 with a certain backup method. Do you know how to backup iPhone 11 using iCloud? If you never know it, you can follow the explanation below. Making it happen is easy to do.

back up iphone 11

The Right Ways to Back Up iPhone 11

To back up some data in your iPhone 11, you need the right ways so that you can do it correctly. Here are 4 ways to follow step by step.

  1. Connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network

You need to know that this method of back up your iPhone 11 needs an internet connection. So, before you start to operate the iCloud, it is important for you to connect your phone to an available wi-fi network. Make sure you connect it to the wi-fi with internet access.

  1. Go to Settings with your name

After you are successful connecting your phone to the wi-fi network, you can go to Settings. Make sure you reach the Apple ID with your name in the Settings.

  1. Click iCloud
iphone 11 icloud

In the Apple id, there are some choices to choose from. At the bottom choice, you can find iCloud with its identical logo. In this time, just click it to go to the next step.

  1. Tap the iCloud backup

The fourth step you should do is to tap on the iCloud backup. In this step, you can find an iCloud backup switch to toggle based on your need. So, make sure that the switch is on the right side to enable this feature.

  1. Tap Backup now
iphone 11 icloud back up

After you finish doing the fourth step, there is still a step you should do. Yes, it is to tap on the choice under the switch button that is written: “Back Up Now“. After doing this step, you can end the process of backing up your phone afterward. For additional information, make sure that your iPhone 11 stays connected to the wi-fi network until you complete this action. Thus, the process of backing up the data on your phone will run well.

Yes, that is all about the simple ways to backup your iPhone’s data with iCloud. After you back up, your data and all of them will be safe in iCloud. As a result, you can make use of them in the future for different businesses with other devices.

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