Apple Watch Not Syncing With IPhone: Let’s Fix it 13 Best Steps

The Apple Watch’s Activity Tracker is among the watch’s most well-known features, particularly for people who exercise. Recently, a few users are noticing they aren’t able to sync there is not being synced with their phones- in particular, the data is not transferred to fitness tracking or Health apps. Apple Watch not syncing with iPhone?

It could also be an issue with the Apple watch not syncing with iPhones with their most up-to-date information, but this does not mean that it is the only cause.

A few users have reported that their activity and health data completely stopped updating The Fitness and Health apps show none of the activity data!

Why is Apple Watch not Syncing With iPhone

Why is Apple Watch not Syncing With iPhone?

The issue is a significant issue that we have to resolve. The reason is that syncing the Apple watch to the Apple watch not syncing with iPhone is among its primary functions. And when it isn’t able to accomplish this, it’s useless. The main reason why you re-pair Apple Watch isn’t Apple Watch is not syncing with your iPhone is that the process of syncing is slow and does not detect the iPhone. iPhone in the event that either or both of the devices require an update.

No matter what the faults are with the devices we’d want to assure you declaring that it’s normal for them to be prone to bugs as well as errors. Contrary to other gadgets or machines that regularly update their software and by automatic. If the unpair apple watch updates, it will try to ensure that the entire data is in its database, however at times, it may fail to update all information.

In this scenario, the device may not recognize the iPhone it previously was linked to. This is merely a description of the issue, but be aware that we’ll provide only the most basic steps to troubleshoot. If any of these steps don’t work We recommend that you have the device examined by a professional.

apple watch not syncing with iphone

13 Steps on How to Fix apple watch not Syncing with iPhone

The initial solutions include the fundamental troubleshooting procedures which, as a short (BTS). It is important to establish expectations for these methods to be the most straightforward to accomplish. Let’s say you’ve completed every step but you didn’t obtain any satisfactory result.

We suggest having your device checked by a professional. This procedure will not need an analysis of the hardware. You will set the settings in the application software for unpair Apple watch.  Once this is done, then let’s get started on the step-by-step guide to fix the fitness app, Apple watch fitness app itself, or application on your iPhone which is not synced on your Apple Watch.

one: Toggle the Bluetooth Off and On

Toggle the Bluetooth Off and On

Is the Apple Watch app not syncing with iPhone? The easiest method is to reset the Bluetooth connection by turning it on or off, then reconnecting and disconnecting. The only thing you need to do is change the settings and access them.

  • 1) In the main screen, locate a Settings application. Click on it, and then scroll to the bottom of the side button on the screen and choose the Bluetooth options.
  • 2) Then turn or switch off Bluetooth and then just wait until the Apple Watch app seems to show the message disconnected. After that, sync the app on your iPhone Apple Watch app to your iPhone and then bring them closer to each other. Go go to Settings to turn it on once more.

Then turn or switch off Bluetooth

Just wait a few minutes or a couple of seconds and your watches will begin to properly sync to the iPhone. This initial troubleshooting procedure is always reliable when you experience issues with an issue with your Apple Watch not syncing with the iPhone.

two: Turn the Wi-Fi Off and On

Turn the Wi-Fi Off and On

This method is like the original. This is simply resetting the Wi-Fi network that the phone uses. This easy procedure can help in resolving this issue.

  • 1 )In the main interface, you can also swipe left and upwards on the display of the Apple Watch to access the Control Center. Be sure that your Apple Watch app is connected to the iPhone prior to doing this.
  • 2 )Connect your mobile using the Wi-Fi logo. The logo will light up blue when it’s switched on. It is also possible to press the Apple Watch logo to access your WiFi settings. Make sure you connect your Apple Watch to your laptop and check whether it’s working perfectly.

three: Turn or Toggle Airplane Mode On and Off

Apple Watch Not Syncing with iPhone Airplane Mode

If you want to have airplane mode and complete the previous two methods in one try following this procedure. Switch the Airplane mode on, and turn shut off both the Apple Watch and your iPhone.

The toggling airplane mode will reset and restore all network settings as well as data between the Apple Watch and iPhone.

  • 1) In the Apple Watch, the same procedure as above. The iPhone screen will be able to open the Control Center. You will immediately get the Network menu. The airplane icon, red iPhone icon, and logo will appear. which is toggling airplane mode. The setting will be turned on. After about a minute, switch off the setting by pressing the button.

Apple Watch Not Syncing with iPhone Airplane Mode on iPhone

  • 2 )Now, let’s use your iPhone. Tap the top upper right corner-left corner of the iPhone screen to bring away your open control center. Like Apple Watch, to access the apple watch control center on your Apple Watch, tap on the plane logo. It will turn on its toggle airplane mode. After one minute, turn the mode back on by pressing it.

Here are the steps to solve Apple Watch Activity not syncing to iPhone. It is recommended to check the device right away if problems persist.

four: Restart Apple Watch and iPhone

Restart Apple Watch and iPhone

If changing the settings app for your cellular network does not work we can try setting both devices to reset completely. This method could help get rid of issues with connections, bugs, or technical problems. The restarting of your device will refresh its settings app and allows users the opportunity to recharge after a to sleep. If you’re not certain what to do to reboot these devices follow the steps below.

  • 1) In Your Apple Watch, press and hold the button located on the left until the Power Options menu opens. Move and tap your Power button to the left for your phone to be shut off. Repeat the procedure by pressing and holding the button on the side to switch on the Apple Watch.

Restart Apple Watch and iPhone

  • 2) The second time, you need to restart your Apple Watch by holding and pressing the Volume up and Power buttons until the Power options menu opens. As with the Apple Watch and iPhone, to turn off the Apple Watch, tap and shift the power red and green iPhone icon to the left to disable it. To activate it, just press and hold the buttons for just a few minutes the second time.

The solution is also useful when your AirPods do not sync properly with your iPhone.

five: Reset Sync Data

Reset Sync Data

If none of these on or off methods are working, we can test syncing the Data of the Apple Watch on the iPhone. It’s the best solution in the event of any issues with sync on your Apple Watch. This is the initial in-depth adjustment that we’ll make. Follow the instructions carefully so that you don’t make errors in rectifying Apple Watch paired iPhone close but not connecting to iPhone.

  • 1) Switch on your Apple watch face or phone and then open your application. Then swipe down, immediately, and you’ll get a list of options. Scroll down for the general options.
  • 2 )After you click General Scroll down and then at the bottom will reset sync data. Under this, you’ll find the Reset option for Sync data. Doing this will erase the data from the Apple Watch.

Reset option for Sync data

six: Check for Software Updates on Both Devices

If the latest software on the device is old or is not running the most recent update, it may not be as effective as it used to be. This means that the device will not be able to tap download and sync properly with your iPhone. Check whether you are running updates in your software, and if so you should download the latest version of the software.

Check for Software Updates on Both Devices

  • 1 )Launch your Settings application. Scroll down until you reach the General Settings. Select that option, after which you can select Software Update to determine any in-progress updates. If they are there, the screen will say the download and install. Turn off the Automated Updates to ensure you are not missing the latest software updates.
  • 2) Launch your Watch application. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select General Settings. Click that, and select then the software update option. If you need to update the watch app then select to tap download and install. But, if you restart Apple Watch isn’t upgraded, it is not possible to upgrade the Apple Watch. Apple Watch.

If you are updating your iOS device, make sure you don’t overlook connecting your Wi-Fi to your iPhone. If you’re looking to update your iPhone without Wi-Fi, you can find this solution.

Check for Software Updates on Both Devices

seven: Backup iPhone, then erase and reset sync data it

Backup iPhone

If none of these methods worked, in the last option, it is possible to back up your iPhone and then the reset sync data. It is possible to back up your iPhone through iCloud or on your laptop.

  • To back up your devices using iCloud, open the Settings app, and then tap the Apple ID information. After that, click on iCloud. scroll to the bottom, then tap the iCloud Backup. Switch on Back Up This iPhone and choose Back Up Now.
  • For backups to your computer from a PC, connect to your iPhone. If you own an iMac or MacBook You can back up your iPhone straight from Finder.
  • If you own an alternative type of PC or an earlier version of macOS or OS X on your Mac You’ll need iTunes to backup your iPhone on top of that.

Backup iPhone

Backup iPhone, then erase and reset sync data it

After a backup has been completed and stored, open The Settings app. Choose General, then go to Transfer and Reset iPhone.

Click that and then click to erase all content as well as the settings app. When you’ve done this the iPhone is restored as a new device.

You will be required to set up the iPhone and also your Apple watch again. It’s a pain and is the reason we advise using this last option.

eight: Unpair and re-pair Apple Watch


If none of the steps will work, then you’ll need to disconnect and then re-pair the Apple Watch and iPhone. The process of unpairing can be a time-consuming process but is often able to fix sync issues.

If your Apple Watch is still not connecting data to your iPhone Re-pairing after unpairing is an ideal next step.

Open the Watch application and choose the All Watches option to detach the Apple Watch. Select the info icon on the right side of the Watch. Then you click on Unpair Apple Watch.

Then, you’re likely able to connect the device to your iPhone to restore your most recent backup.

Even though this technique works, however, it’s only an interim fix. It is possible that the problem will recur.

Unpair and re-pair Apple Watch

Unpair and re-pair Apple Watch

Unpair and reinstall the Apple Watch app

If trying to unpair and re-pairing did not result in a successful outcome, you can try it once more, this time removing the app and then reinstalling it. Apple Watch on your iPhone.

Learn how to de-pair your watch. You can then delete the watch application off the iPhone with a single swipe, touch it, and click “Delete App.

When you’ve deleted the Watch app, reboot your device. Following the restart, you can open the App Store, and install and download the Watch application.

Then, connect your watch once more to your iPhone However, this time, configure it as new (instead of backing up the backup.)

nine: Turn on Health in iCloud settings

Turn on Health in iCloud settings

    1. Start the Settings application and then tap the icon for your Apple Identification Number on the upper right.
    2. Choose iCloud.
    3. In Apps, under iCloud Select Apps using iCloud the Show All option.
    4. Find the Health application and make sure it’s turned on.
      1. If the light isn’t on make sure you tap it to change it to on so that it’s shown as sync.

ten: Check your privacy settings

Check your privacy settings

We’ll make sure that you’ve got the proper privacy settings for both the Apple Watch and iPhone.

  1. On your iPhone, launch on your phone the App Settings > Privacy and Security > Location Services..
  2. Check that Location Services is turned on. Scroll down, select Motion and Fitness, and switch the toggle on the Fitness Tracking and also the Health app.
  3. Refresh your Location Services menu and scroll down to the bottom and then tap the System Services.
    System Services
  4. On or off and back on Motion Calibration and Distance.Motion Calibration and Distance
  5. After that, launch the Watch application on your iPhone Select then the My Watch tab, and navigate to the privacy section. Check to see if you have turned off the settings to enable the tracking of your fitness as well as Heart Rate and it is also recommended to turn on the options for Blood Oxygen and Respiratory Rate.tracking of your fitness

eleven: Edit your move goal

A few users reported that after they changed their goal for moving into their Apple Watch, their data were synchronized with their iPhones once more. This isn’t an all-time solution however, it’s a fantastic solution.

  1. To modify your movement goal to edit the goal of your move, simply launch your App for Activity within the Apple Watch and scroll down until you reach the very bottom.
  2. Click on Change Goals.
  3. There, you are able to alter your Move, Exercise Goals for Stand, Move, and Exercise. Set the goals to the level you prefer and click next until you reach the end.

twelve: Close (force quit) the watch’s activity app

The app must be shut down. This is the most effective thing you can perform whenever you have problems with apps that you use on any device. In the majority of cases where we close apps from our devices, the apps tap continues to run in the background.

If you press the quit button on an app, the application completely closes and the device is removed from it. It also gives you an opportunity to reboot it.

  • To stop an application to close an app on your Apple Watch Press the button on your side. The side button will show all the apps currently running on the Apple Watch.
  • The app is swiped to the left until a massive red icon appears. Click the X then the app will stop working.

After you have forced quit the application, restart it and it will restart your activity records.

thirteen: Reset calibration data

Reset calibration data

  1. If you have an iPhone start the Watch application.
  2. Click on My Watch. Click on the My Watch Tab.
  3. Select the Privacy icon and select Reset Calibration for Fitness.

We are sure you will succeed in syncing your Apple watch and iPhone. Here is the next step for setting metric preferences: How to setup outdoor run or outdoor cycle metric preferences on your apple watch?


How do I force my Apple Watch to sync with my iPhone?

Buy yourself an Apple Watch and start pairing.

  • You can wear your iPhone by wearing an armband.
  • To enable the pairing feature on your iPhone or iPad to turn on the pairing, press the button to the side until it displays the icon.
  • Connect your iPhone to its Apple or watch face app pairing display.
  • Tap Setup.

Why is my Apple Watch activity not syncing?

Start the flight control and after which you can the power button to shut it off. Verify the health app account information. Make sure your strap is secure. Make sure that your strap is secure. iPhone go to the Privacy option and select Location Services. You must ensure that this feature is turned on.


According to what the issue sounds like there are a number of Apple Watch connects users are experiencing this problem on a regular basis. In the meantime, until the Apple logo appears to solve the issue then you’ll need to use these techniques frequently.

In the end, if you’re struggling to sync your data from activities, you can contact Apple Support for further assistance. They will assist you in resolving the issue, and also provide innovative solutions when needed.

These tips will hopefully help you to get the Apple Watch and iPhone syncing perfectly again. Always, if there are any questions or concerns about the functionality of the watch app on your iPhone or Apple Watch, feel free to contact me or ask a colleague or a family member who’s had similar problems. Apple TV is here.

Did you experience the same issue with the syncing issues? Tell us what solved it for you!


How to share health data with your doctor: Step-By-Step

Many people get anxious when a close relative experiences health challenges, particularly those with elderly family members whose health issues could jeopardize their quality of life. How to share health data with your doctor?

Now more than ever, it’s important to prioritize our health and take care of ourselves and our loved ones. Luckily, Apple has come up with a solution to make it easier than ever before. With their Health Sharing feature, you can keep track of your family’s health data effortlessly. But did you know that you can use this feature to stop receiving health data, too?

It’s a simple process that can be very beneficial for your own family member’s overall well-being. By utilizing Health Sharing, you can monitor the health of your loved ones and keep track of any changes or concerns that may arise. Give your family peace of mind by utilizing this helpful feature from Apple.

According to research from the National Alliance for Caregiving, an estimated one in four adults in the United States are responsible for taking care of a family member or friend with health issues. This includes providing financial assistance, medical help, transportation and emotional support.

How to share health data with your doctor

What You Need to Share Your Health Data

Now, with the Apple Health Sharing feature, we can keep others in the loop about our wellness journeys. With the ability to securely share specific health information with up to five people, this new tech functionality truly embodies the notion that we’re all in this together.

Whether it’s keeping loved ones informed about important vitals or letting a healthcare professional monitor your progress, Apple Health Sharing is a game changer for those who prioritize their health and well-being. It’s just another example of how Apple is using cutting-edge technology to make our lives just a little easier.

Here’s what you need to get started:

  • For sharing your personal data on your Apple device, make sure that the version of your operating system has been upgraded to iOS 15 or greater.
  • If you want to invite someone to view and talk about their your health, they must be running iOS 16 or older version.
  • To utilize Health functionality on the iCloud account email, ensure two-factor authentication enabled is enabled and Health is enabled.
  • It is significant to keep in mind that successful sharing via iCloud account email included is contingent on your recipient’s email address has been already in your contacts list.

How to Share Your Health Data With Someone

This Apple Health app can be employed to provide information about your health.

  • The Health app can be downloaded on your iPhone.
  • Choose the Sharing tab, select tap share with Someone option.
  • Search for a person to communicate contact details to. Blue names suggest that the person owns a gadget that is compatible with support sharing functions. If the name is gray, that means the device is not equipped with the capability.
  • Choose “See Suggested Topics” or create the procedure manually.
  • Determine what information you would like to disclose.
  • For the final sharing of information Select Share, after that, select Done.

What Data Can You Share With Your Family?

The See Suggested Topics button in Apple’s health app can provide you with a list of your sharing topics based on the data that is already available. Alternatively, you can select the Set-Up Manually option and have complete control over what information gets shared. Every metric monitored by Apple Health, from Activity categories to Heart and Mobility data, can be shared easily.

Apple Health allows users to conveniently and securely store their health records. This includes medical history, immunizations, lab results, medications, and more – all in one place. Additionally, users can easily share this data with trusted providers.

How to Invite Someone to Share Health Data With You

The Health app comes with an option for other users to ask people to share their personal health data to you, a very rare and vital feature within the world of health applications.

  • Open the Health app and tap the Sharing tab.
  • Choose ” Ask Someone to Share” and then search for the person you want to invite.
  • Hit Send, and they’ll be able to select the health information they would like to provide you with.

Keep in mind that the device sharing device must be able to see your contact information in their contact list to allow this to work correctly.

How to Manage and Stop Sharing Health Data

To manage which information you are sharing, simply tap to turn the switches next to each category on or off. If you want to stop sharing completely, tap stop sharing data with a specific other person’s device supports sharing, scroll down to the bottom of the list and select tap stop sharing.

To stop receiving health data from others, follow these steps:

  • Open the Health app.
  • Select an individual under Sharing With You.
  • Tap Options in the upper-right corner.
  • Turn off, Stop Receiving Health Data.

How to turn on Location Services for Health

  1. To navigate, go back to top-level in “Settings”
  2. App then tap on “Privacy,”
  3. Followed by “Location Services.”
  4. Ensure the “Location Services” button is activated.
  5. Then, scroll down to the “Health” app and tap.
  6. Select “While Using the App.”

Utilizing Location Services is mandatory to allow sharing of health data with healthcare providers. Access to these settings is also available directly from the Health app’s Settings→Health→Location section.

Why It’s a Good Idea to Share Your Health Data

It can be beneficial to share and track the health data of your family members. The biggest advantage of this is that you will receive an immediate notification about any health and stop sharing health data or issues that may arise with the people you care for most. This means you can respond quickly in an emergency, even if you are not near them physically.

This is a simple yet effective way to help seniors maintain full control of their health. In the United States, you can also use the Health app to share data with your doctor.

How can I share my Apple Watch heart rate with my doctor?

The process is simple and secure, ensuring that your doctor gets insight into your health and can provide you with more personalized care. By taking advantage of the Apple Watch’s ability to share data, you can take an important step in tracking your health progress and improving your overall well-being. Tap share health option at the bottom right-hand side. Inform your doctor that you are sharing information.

How do I sync my health data between two iPhones?

You can go to the menu > Settings > iPhones / iPods > iCloud account > check that the Health toggle has been enabled. You can now log into an iPhone and all your medical records will automatically sync.

How do I Export health data from Health app?

For access to your information to access your data, just tap on the image or initials at the upper right-hand corner. If you aren’t able to see your initials or photo, you can select “Summary” or “Browse” towards the lower left of the page and then scroll all the way towards the highest. Select “Export all Health Data’, and choose a method to transmit your data.

How do I access my Apple Health data?

You can view your health records on your iPhone or iPod touch using open the health app. Open the to open the health app and select the Summary tab, then tap your profile picture in the upper-right corner. Under Features, click Health Records, then press Get Started. You will be asked to allow the Health app to use your location so that it can locate hospitals and health turned networks near you.

How do I accept a Health invitation on my iPhone?

If you’re invited to look at the health information of someone else, Open the invitation. The invitation could be displayed in your Lock Screen or Notification Center.

Open Health and select the Sharing tab near the bottom of the screen. Next, click View on the invite that is located at the upper right of the screen. Tap sharing tab.


The iPhone’s Health Sharing feature can be the lifesaver you need and help with ways to share health information to your physician for more medical assistance. In addition, it allows you to share health information with your personal doctor and at least five people in your contacts list.

Another benefit to using this iOS Health app is that should there be certain functions you would like to see, It is possible to connect to third-party health apps for sharing information. It is not necessary to be an IT specialist to learn how to use the application.

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