Are iPhone 11 Waterproof? Here’s an Explanation for You

Talking about the smartphone, what kind of smartphone do you want to buy? Is it Samsung, iPhone, Asus, Xiaomi, or what? Well, any device you choose must be your decision. Yet, if you would like to purchase the last-long one, let you choose the iPhone. Why? Because all people said that they are waterproof. Well, are iPhone 11 waterproof? Is it true as people said so? Plus, are iPhone 11 waterproof in the shower? Since people question much about it, today, we are going to discuss whether or not iPhone 11 is waterproof. Let’s check it out for further info in the following details below!

are iphone 11 waterproof

Are iPhone 11 Waterproof? Do You Need Waterproof Case?

iPhone has been popular among people. It has been a great smartphone product that is easily sold out. Now, the new generation, iPhone 11, becomes favorite due to its water-resistant pro. Is this device truly waterproof? Let’s take a look at some explanations below!

  1. IP68 water resistance rating

It is not a surprise anymore that people have already known the fact that iPhone 11 has got an IP68 water resistance rating. It means that this kind of smartphone is water-resistant in up to 2 meters of water for around 30 minutes. Even so, the pro one might survive in 4 meters of water for 3 minutes. This might be the reason why this kind of device costs a lot of money.

  1. Has already tested

Some people have already tested this iPhone 11 and told that it is not only resistant by water or splash but also the dust. Therefore, it might still survive if you spill your milk or coffee over your iPhone 11. If you want, you could do it with your phone.

  1. Chemical liquids

The iPhone company mentions that iPhone 11 is resistant from water, dust, and splash but it does not mention chemical liquid or even seawater. Therefore, it might damage your device; well, it has not been proved yet. Thus, to avoid your phone from being damaged, it is best not to cover chemical liquids over your phone.

Your iPhone might stand and survive from water in 2 or even 4 meters in depth. Even so, it is best not to do it. Once you let the moisture gets in your device, it might need expensive repairment cost. Finally, even though your iPhone is waterproof, it is best to still use a waterproof case so that it is saved.

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