What Does Live Mean On Find My Iphone: All You Need To Know

Apple Find My is an essential tool that has several features. One of these options, Live Location, can be very useful. In iOS 15, Live Location allowed users to track other users’ locations in real time, provided they had given their permission. What does live mean on find my iphone?

Enabling Live location allows users to track your iPhone in real time. The feature can be enabled through Services under Settings, and Find me section My Apps. You can also monitor the location of other users if they have enabled.

If you are having problems enabling the Find My Live Location feature, don’t worry. In the following article, we will explain how to activate find my live location. Continue reading to learn more.

What Does Live Mean On Find My Iphone

What Does Live Mean on Find My?

“Live” on Find My refers to the real-time location status of a person or device that is being tracked through the Find My app.

When a person’s location is shown as “Live” on Find My, it means that their location is actively being updated and displayed in real-time. This feature allows users to track and monitor the movement and whereabouts of individuals or devices, providing a higher level of accuracy and immediacy in location sharing.

It can be particularly useful in situations where immediate location information is necessary, such as tracking the location of a lost or stolen device or ensuring the safety and well-being of a loved one in real-time.

What Does Live Mean On Find My Iphone

What Is the Difference Between Live and Now on Find My iPhone?

The difference between “Live” and “Now” on find my app is that “Live” allows you to see the real-time location of your device, while “Now” shows the last known location of your device.

When you select the “Live” option, you will be able to track the movement of your device on a map, which can be extremely helpful if it has been lost or stolen.

On the other hand, selecting the “Now” option will only show you the most recent location of your device, which may not be as accurate or up-to-date. Generally, using the “Live” option provides a more precise and current location for your device, while the “Now” option offers a snapshot of its last known whereabouts.

Something You Must Know about Live Location on Find My

How to Turn on Live Location on Find My

How to Turn on Live Location on Find My?

It is important to enhance your security by monitoring your friends’ or own movements.

You can give them the opportunity to enable live location requests to respond quickly in the event of an unforeseen incident by sharing your location. The Live feature can be enabled easily.

  • Step 1 Click on Settings, Privacy and Location Services.
  • Step 2 Slide the toggle next to Services on your iPhone to enable. When enabled, the button will turn green.
  • Step 3 The third step is to activate find Search My using your Apple ID. Navigate to Setting and tap Your Name.
  • Step 4 Choose Locate My iPhone . Turn the switch to green next to Locate My iPhone.
  • Step 5 Next, you must grant Find My access to GPS. Return to Settings.
  • Step 6 Click Privacy >> Location Services >> Find Me.
  • Step 7 A menu will appear to let you know when Find My can use services. Choose When Using This Application. Turn on Precise Location on your phone so other people with iPhones can see where you are.
  • Step 8 Select Me at the bottom.
  • Step 9 Click the “Share My location” button to enable it. Go to “Me”, and then select “Use This iPhone As My Location”.
  • Step 10 In order to add people in Find My you must first restart the application and click the plus symbol next to People.
  • Step 11 Click “Share my location”
  • In Step 12, you will be presented with a menu that allows you to select when Find My can use location services. Choose When Using This Application.
  • Step 13 Select the duration of time that you wish to have your location visible.

Step 12 is the same for every person that you wish to add. Find My begins showing your location immediately after you select an option. You will be able to see the name of fake location of the person you told where you were in ‘People.’ App users can see where you are.

How to Find People Using the Live Feature on Find My

How to Find People Using the Live Feature on Find My?

  1. Find My App.
  2. Find the desired person by navigating to the section “People”.
  3. On the map, you should be able to see their current location. Tap on their name to get more information, like their potential destination and speed. Open their location and you will see their complete address as well as options for contacting them. The platform will also alert you to their movements, reveal your location, and offer them directions.

It’s easy to find someone who has shared their location, but how about those who haven’t? It’s going to take some digging.

  1. You can find all your contacts by opening Find My, and then clicking People. This will show you the people with whom you have shared whereabouts. However, if you don’t share their location, it won’t appear. You’ll have to make a request.
  2. Select the person who can see your location in the “People” window.
  3. You can ask someone to track their location by scrolling down and finding the option. The platform notifies the user of your desire to follow their location. You’ll be able to see their location if you accept the prompt that appears on their screen.

How to Ask To Follow The Location Using the Live on Find My

How to Ask To Follow The Location Using the Live on Find My?

Finding someone who’s shared their last friend’s current location is an easy process. If you want to find someone who isn’t sharing their location with you, then you will need to do a little more work.

What you can do:

  • Step 1 Launch the Find My application and go to the People tab. The list will show you all the people who have shared their locations with you. It won’t show up if someone doesn’t have their location shared. You’ll have to send a third request for location sharing in this situation.
  • Step 2 Select someone in the People Window to whom you wish to send a live location request. Select their name to send them a request for the live location.
  • Step 3 Scroll to the bottom and tap “Ask Location”.

You will receive a message on the device of your recipient, asking them to accept or decline. You will see their full address and exact location in Find My once they have accepted the request.

Get ready for a new tip on Live’s GPS tracking. You can hide your location and increase your friends globally by hiding your location sharing option Live gps location tracking feature.

You can pretend to travel multiple places in a single day. Online, you can secure your address. With a GPS spoofer, it’s easy to protect your address online.

How to Track Down Missing Devices in Find My

How to Track Down Missing Devices in Find My

The Find My App is a versatile app. It can not only locate friends using its “Live” function, but also find missing Apple products such as AirPods and missing Apple devices. Watches. MacBooks iPads iPhones. This function does not require advanced technical knowledge:

  1. Search for My.
  2. To view a list devices belonging to your Apple ID or Apply Family, tap the “Devices” section.
  3. Press the appropriate entry after you have located the device. The device should now be located. Now you can use various features to retrieve the device, such as making it play sound or sending it a message. You can also lock or delete the information to protect against theft.

How to Change the Location on the Live Feature of Find My?

How to Change the Location on the Live Feature of Find My

iMyFone AnyTo will help you to fake your current location and show it on a map. The software allows you to change the iPhone GPS location. This software makes the Find My App and your iPhone think that you’re somewhere else and enable precise location.

Step 1: Connect iPhone to PC/Mac

Download iMyFoneAnyTo for free on Windows PC/Mac. Click the Get Started above. Click on the Start Button.

Step 2: Select Teleport Mode

Select the Teleport mode icon in the top-right corner. You can then enter an actual location or address, zoom the map and drag it to get a precise location. Or you can choose a fake or fictitious location.

Step 3: Change the location on map

Click the move button now to switch your location on the map!

How Do You Turn off Live Location on iPhone?  

How Do You Turn off Live Location on iPhone

  • To turn off live location on an iPhone, you can follow these steps.
  • Firstly, open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Then, scroll down and tap on Privacy.
  • In the Privacy menu, tap on Services.
  • Here, you will see a list of apps that use your location.
  • To turn off live location for all apps, slide the main toggle switch at the top of the screen to the off position.
  • If you want to turn off live location for specific apps only, scroll down and individually toggle off the switch next to each app.
  • This will disable live location tracking for that particular app.

By following these steps, you can easily turn off live location on your iPhone.

How to Disable Friend Requests for Live on the Find My App

To limit how many users can access your gps location, you can disable location sharing friend requests in the Find My App. By following the below steps, users will not be able to request your location. Here’s how:

  • Find My App on iPhone
  • Click on the Me button in the lower part of the application.
  • Click the Allow Friend Requests button.
  • To disable friend requests the request, click the button and toggle the switch to grey. Your Live Location will not be available to other users.

How to Repair Your iPhone if ‘Live’ Location on Find My Is Not Working

How to Repair Your iPhone if ‘Live’ Location on Find My Is Not Working

If the live tracking feature on your iPhone’s Find My app is not working, there are a few steps you can take to repair it.

First, ensure that your iPhone has a stable internet connection and that location services are enabled for the Find My app.

You can check this by going to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and making sure it is turned on for the Find My app.

If it is already enabled, try restarting your iPhone and checking if the issue persists. If none of these steps work, you may need to update your iPhone’s software or contact Apple Support for further assistance.

Method 1: Check Location Settings

Check Location Settings

Find My may not have been able to access the location of the person who you are monitoring.

This problem may be caused by the person you are monitoring disabling the “Precise location” setting.

If you have their permission, make sure that Precise location is turned on in their iPhone.


  1. Go to settings > privacy > Location services.
  2. Make sure the access location services toggle is on.
  3. Location Services must be enabled to use Live on Find My.
  4. Choose My iPhone > Share My location and toggle all settings app.
  5. Click on My location and return to the find my page.
  6. Back to the select location services Page
  7. Click Find my. Scroll down and click
  8. Select while using the app and then toggle on Exact Location.

Method 2: Restart the Find My App

Restart the Find My App

This problem may be caused by a software bug.

Reopening the application can resolve this problem. By causing Find My’s someone’s location data to be refreshed, restarting your iPhone will repair it.


  1. Close the app by clicking on the icon or the switcher.
  2. Find My can be reopened by going to your Home screen, app library or the Apps menu.

Method 3: Enable Background App Refresh

Enable Background App Refresh

When Background App Refresh has been turned off, the Live someone’s location may not work properly. This setting, though useful, also drains the battery. Turn on background update but turn off any extra applications that do not need them.


  1. General: Go to Setting and tap General.
  2. To turn on Background app Refresh, select, and then click on it.

Method 4: Update Your iOS version

Update Your iOS version

A version of iOS that is outdated may contain bugs and glitches which prevent the Live feature working correctly. Ensure that your iPhone runs the most recent iOS version.


  1. Launch Settings and select General.
  2. Follow the instructions by tapping Update Software.


Does live on Find iPhone mean the person is on their phone?

No, the “live” status on Find iPhone does not necessarily mean that the person is actively using their phone. The live status simply indicates that the Find iPhone feature is actively tracking the location of the device. It could mean that the person has their phone with them and it is turned on, but it does not provide any information about what the person is doing on their phone or if they are actively using it.

What does it mean on Find iPhone when the location is live?

When the location on Find iPhone is live, it means that the app is continuously updating the device’s current location. This is typically indicated by a pulsating dot or an animated icon on the map. With live location feature, users can closely monitor the movement and whereabouts of their iphone users in real-time.

This feature is particularly useful for locating a lost or stolen device, as it allows users to track its movement and take appropriate action, such as remotely locking or erasing the device, or even reporting its location to authorities. Overall, live location request on My iPhone provides users with a valuable tool for ensuring the security and safety of their device.

What does the green circle on Find My iPhone mean

What does the green circle on Find My iPhone mean?

The green circle on Find My iphone user indicates that the device is currently online and can be located. When using the Find My iPhone feature, if the device is online and within range of cellular or Wi-Fi networks, the green circle will be displayed on the Iphone map.

This allows the app access location services the user to track the location of their iphone user in real-time. It is a helpful indicator for individuals trying to locate their lost or stolen device, as it confirms that the device is still connected and can be potentially recovered.

Is Find My iPhone Live accurate?

Find My iPhone Live is generally considered to be accurate, but there can be some factors that may affect its accuracy. Factors such as network connectivity, gps location signal strength, and the device’s current battery level can impact the accuracy of the location provided by find my app.

Additionally, if the device is indoors or in an area with poor gps location signal, the accuracy select services may be compromised. However, in general, find my app Live is a reliable tool for enable precise location a lost or stolen iPhone. It is always recommended to test the accuracy of the activate location services provided by Find My iPhone Live under different circumstances to ensure its effectiveness.



“Live” on Find My iPhone refers to the real-time location tracking feature. When the find my app is set to “Live” mode, it allows users to track the exact location of their lost or stolen iPhone in real-time. This feature is especially helpful in situations where the iPhone has been misplaced or stolen, as it enables users to track the device’s movements and take appropriate action to retrieve it.

By using access services providing live updates on the iPhone’s location, find my app helps users to locate their device more effectively and increases the chances of recovering it.

Can iPhone Battery Be Replaced? Sure, and We’ll Tell You How

If an owner has been using an Apple for many years and is used to it, it will be unpleasant for him if the iPhone battery starts discharging faster. The reason is that over the years the battery has exhausted its resource and needs to be replaced. However, the iPhone device does not make it easy to install a new battery. You need to know how to do it correctly, what to pay attention to at the same day. So let’s get down to figuring out can iPhone battery be replaced?

Replace your iPhone battery

How Batteries Work

Well, Apple does not provide official data on the iPhone battery capacity of its smartphones. However, this does not prevent enthusiasts from disassembling them and testing them for durability.

On some (not all models) phone batteries degrade inside the iPhone older models, the capacity is usually indicated in W·h.

To convert it to the usual mA · h used by other manufacturers, the value must be divided by 3.7 (nominal average voltage in Volts) and multiplied by 1000 to convert from A · h.

Barring subtle nuances, the lithium battery swap inside each Apple Authorized Service Provider consists of a positively charged anode and a negatively charged cathode, which are separated by an electrolyte.

How smartphone batteries work

Why any batteries degrade over time

In operation, charged lithium ions move from the anode to the cathode through the electrolyte. This releases electrons that power the mobile device. After that, they return to the cathode, closing the circuit.

When you have your iPhone low on battery, the reverse process occurs. Electrons from the conditional power supply get to the anode and move to the cathode. These chemical reactions are hardly perfect to significantly degraded, because they lead to the release of heat and wear of batteries.

Lithium loses its properties, the plates on both sides of the electrolyte are systematically oxidized, which leads to a reduction in their useful area. Thus, chemical aging of the batteries occurs, they degrade and eventually fail.

How to Check on Your iPhone Battery’s Health

Method #1

The first and most obvious method of checking the determine battery health status in the iPhone is, of course, the Settings app. Here’s how to find the battery health status on an iPhone using this method to unexpected shutdown.

Open the Settings app for new battery. Go to Battery > Battery Health. In the iPhone Battery health Status section, you should see a percentage indicating the battery status. Link to How to Get Battery Percentage on iPhone 11 and Show It into Status Bar for more details.

Find the battery health status on an iPhone

Method #2

If you want to check the number of iPhone battery health cycles without installing any third-party application, there is good news for you. You can check the iPhone battery cycles of the phone without installing anything. However, the process may not be as simple as installing and using Tenorshare iCareFone.

Here’s how to check the number of battery’s health charges on an iPhone:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Go to Privacy > Analytics and Enhancements > Analytics.
  • Head to iPhone battery status.
  • On this screen you will be able to see many log files. Find the one that starts with the name “log-aggregated“.
  • Open the file and copy the entire text into it.
  • Open the Notes app, create a new note and paste the entire contents into it.
  • On the actions icon in the upper right corner, select “Find in Note” for battery’s health.
  • Find “BatteryCycleCount” and look at the given number. The specified number is the total number of battery cycles.


Can iPhone Battery Be Replaced: 3 Ways to Do It

#1 Replace Your iPhone Battery via Apple

The most convenient and reliable way to replace your iPhone battery is to do it directly through Apple.

Simply replace the battery with a brand new one. For iPhone X, XS, XS Max, XR, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12, 12 Pro and 12 Mini, the cost of the model, which is not covered by the AppleCare+ warranty, is $ 69. For iPhone SE, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus Plus and all other suitable models, the price without warranty is $49.

Phones that are still covered by the AppleCare+ warranty get a free battery replacement. We recommend through Apple, as you don’t forfeit your device warranty on your device. Also, you don’t risk damaging the iPhone by replacing the iPhone’s battery in any other way. It also ensures that you get a real Apple old battery, not a secondary alternative.

Replacing iPhone Battery

#2 Best Buy is an Apple authorized service provider

Another easy way to start the process is to go to the nearest Apple Store, which can take either one visit or several days. Best Buy is now also an authorized Apple repair service provider, so if there are no Apple stores nearby, Best Buy is a good alternative option. With the addition of Best Buy, 8 out of 10 Apple phone customers are within a 20-minute drive of an authorized Apple service provider to supporting normal peak performance.

If there are no authorized repair centers nearby, you can always send your iPhone to Apple for a battery replacement. However, keep in mind that the process will take a little longer. You’ll have to wait for Apple to send you a box to ship your iPhone, send it, ask Apple to need to replace the battery, and then send it back to you.

Best Buy is a good alternative option


You can make an appointment in advance at your local Apple Store performance management through the app on your iPhone phone or iPad with necessary peak power, as well as on the Genius Bar website.

#3 Getting your battery replaced at a third-party repair shop

Changing the iPhone’s battery with maximum capacity in third-party service options may not be very reliable for your iPhone with necessary peak power. In such services, you can meet with non-professionals and poorly qualified employees.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to track the level of education in such authorized service provider. Therefore unexpected shutdown, if possible, it is better to contact professionals from Apple’s special service options to fix your brand new iPhone.

What Is the Expiration Date of the Battery inside Any iPhone

When assessing the condition of the battery with maximum capacity, Apple suggests focusing on the frequency of connection to power sources.

In the case of the iPhone up to full charge, we are talking about 500 cycles of full recharge.

In theory, after reaching this value, the maximum new phone battery capacity will drop below 80%, it will stop producing the voltage necessary for the full operation of the smartphone. The latter will be especially noticeable in winter.

However, after 849 cycles of full recharge, the battery status of my iPhone 11 is at the level of 84%. That’s about 2650 of the 3110 mAh upgrade. You can confirm this through the built-in iOS tools (Settings → Battery → Battery Status) or via Mac Coconut Battery app to performance management protections.

iPhone Battery Status

In practice, up to 80% of batteries in iPhones are “running out of battery” after 2-3 years according to performance management results. It depends on the intensity of use of the smartphone and the manner of operation battery.

After that, you can simply replace it at any Apple Authorized Service Center.

Is There Anything You Can Do to Prolong Your iPhone Battery’s Life?

How to save battery status on iPhone without service:

  • Use Dark Mode to protect battery.
  • Reduce the brightness of the screen.
  • Use “Auto Brightness” to protect battery.
  • To limit the refresh rate of the screen.
  • Use power saving mode.
  • Disable background updates.
  • Disable mail updates.
  • Stop forcibly closing applications.
  • Disable location usage.
  • Shut down system services.
  • Disable geo positions.
  • Set auto-lock for 30 seconds.
  • Disable “Raising to activate”.
  • Eliminate hypothermia and overheating of the iPhone iOS.
  • Remove the case before charging.
  • Interrupt synchronization with other gadgets, how to enable it again see the post Apple Watch Not Syncing With IPhone: Let’s Fix it 13 Best Steps.

iPhone battery replacement

Conclusion: Replacing iPhone battery

The battery ages faster than a smartphone. Thus, you will have to look into battery replacement after 18 months of full use. Independent execution of this operation requires appropriate skills and careful observance of the necessary sequence of actions.

For more, click the post How to Save Battery Life on Your Apple iPhone 11.

How to Turn Off iPhone 11 When Frozen by Yourself?

What happens when you are in the middle of winning the game but suddenly your phone freezes? Well, you might think your phone is an error. Yep! It is true. Yet, still, you could repair it.

You just need to force restart your phone and everything will turn to be normal again. Of course, to restart your iphone 11, you must turn it off first. Then, what to do to turn off iPhone 11 when it frozen? You must question it, right?

Good for you to read this article because today, we are about to discuss how to turn off IPhone 11 and restart your iphone it here. Anyway, let’s check it out for further info in the following explanation below!

How to Turn Off iPhone 11 When Frozen by Yourself?

Steps to Turn Off iPhone 11 When Frozen or Freeze

You might feel worried when your phone suddenly stops working and freezes. Well, do not be afraid. You may restart it to turn your many iphone users back.

You do not need to restart or go to the Apple Center, though. Let you follow these helpful steps below!

  • #1 Step

The first step you must do is to press and hold the Volume up button for seconds. Then release the volume button and go to #2.

turn off iphone 11 when frozen

  • #2 Step

After that, do the same with the Volume Down button, too. These two volume buttons are located on the side button of your iPhone device.

  • #3 Step

The next and last instruction to do is to press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears on your iPhone screen. It is also called the side button.

For your information, the power button is usually used to make your Apple logo device sleep, but it could shut down your Apple logo iphone 11. Remember to ignore the ‘Slide To Power Off’ selection.

Perform a force restart to unfreeze your iPhone 11

Perform a force restart to unfreeze your iPhone 11

Unlike a normal reboot, a restart iPhone or hard reset will forcefully cut off power to all activities in your iPhone 11, ending all faulty processes that may make your iPhone 11 freeze.

And then it starts everything afresh and boots up all software processes anew.


  1. Click and quickly let go of the Volume Up button.
  2. Press and immediately release the Volume Down button.
  3. Press the Power Button without releasing it until you see the white Apple logo appears.

Fix your iPhone 11 with Mobitrix Perfix

Fix your iPhone 11 with Mobitrix Perfix

If, until now, your iPhone 11 is still iPhone frozen and unresponsive, try Mobitrix Perfix.

It is a simple, smart, and secure solution to help you repair 200+ iOS system errors. You will unfreeze your iPhone 11 at home without any technical skills and no data loss.


  1. Set up Mobitrix Perfix on your computer.
  2. Connect your iPhone 11 with a USB cable, and lightning.
  3. Launch Mobitrix, click Start, then Fix Now.

Give it around 30 minutes to complete the process. Your iPhone 11 should restart iphone, and the freezing issue is fixed.

Here’s a detailed video tutorial on how to use Mobitrix Perfix:

Update or restore your iPhone with iTunes

Update or restore your iPhone with iTunes

The other solution is to update or restore your iPhone 11 using iTunes or the Finder app. There are two ways to go about it.

Via Recovery mode

Recovery mode is a special troubleshooting mode that allows iTunes to communicate with your iPhone 11 firmware on a computer.

You can use it to erase the iPhone 11 and then set it up again as new or from a backup. Hopefully, this will unfreeze your iPhone 11.


  1. Connect your iPhone 11 to a computer and launch iTunes.
  2. Press and immediately release the Volume Up button, and repeat the same step for the Volume Down button.
  3. Press and hold down the Side home button. The Apple logo will appear on your screen, but don’t let go of the button. Keep holding it down until the recovery mode screen appears, then release it.
  4. Put your iPhone 11 in recovery mode
  5. On your PC or Mac, select your iPhone 11 in iTunes. A message will pop up indicating your iPhone 11 has entered recovery mode.
  6. You will see the options to either Update or Restore. Select Update to see if it fixes the freezing issue. If not, repeat the process and, this time, click Restore.

Update or Restore iPhone 11 with recovery mode.

Via DFU mode

Via DFU mode

If recovery mode doesn’t fix your iPhone frozen, resort to DFU recovery mode. DFU mode is more comprehensive and can help solve more difficult issues. While in DFU mode, your iPhone 11 will be powered on but won’t boot up the Apple logo iOS device, allowing you to make iOS changes while it isn’t running. Check if the USB cable is connected well with the jack, or try a different USB cable or power adapter. 


  1. Open the latest version of iTunes on a computer.
  2. Shut down your iPhone 11 and connect it to a Mac or PC.
  3. Put your iPhone 11 in DFU mode.
    1. Press the Volume Up button and quickly release it. Repeat the same for the Volume Down button.
    2. Hold down the Sleep/Wake button and wait until the screen goes black. If there are any icons on the white screen, your iPhone 11 is not yet in DFU mode.
    3. As you continue holding the Sleep/Wake button, again hold down the Volume Down button for a while.
    4. Let go of the Sleep/Wake Home button while you hold the Volume Down button.
    5. Once the iTunes/Finder app on your computer shows it has detected your iPhone in recovery mode, release the Volume Down button.
  4. On the iTunes app, click Restore iPhone 11.

By restoring your software and firmware, DFU restores should fix your freezing iPhone 11.

Erase your iPhone 11

Erase your iPhone

You can eliminate all faulty apps, activities, settings, etc. By factory resetting your iPhone 11 is frozen. Go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone 11. Tap Erase All Content and Settings.

If your iPhone 11 is frozen is too stuck for you to do anything about it, you can erase all the content and data remotely with iCloud. But this requires that your Find My App has been enabled beforehand. Since your iPhone 11 is frozen, you will use another iOS firmware device to access your device or iCloud account.


  1. On another iPhone or iPad, open the latest version Find iPhone app. You can also visit iCloud.com using a computer’s web browser to sign in to your iCloud account.
  2. Click All Devices and select your iPhone 11.
  3. Erase iPhone 11 using iCloud
  4. Click Erase iPhone 11.

This process will wipe all your data from the iPhone 11, and you can return to using your device as usual.

Fix iPhone 11 frozen on apps

Fix iPhone 11 frozen on apps

Sometimes iPhone frozen app(s) can make your iPhone 11 unresponsive. If that is the case, you may have to delete, uninstall or update the app to fix the situation.

Delete apps

Permanently deleting the suspected app will remove it and all its related data from your iPhone 11. That clears out errors caused by the app and could stop your iPhone 11 from freezing.


  1. On your home screen, tap and hold the app you want to delete.
  2. Click the latest versionRemove App.
  3. On the new pop-up, tap Delete App. Lastly, tap Delete to confirm your actions.

Delete an app from the home screen: How to Delete Apps on iPhone 11 Permanently.

The App Library or the Settings App can also be used to delete apps.

Uninstall apps

Fix iPhone 11 frozen on apps

Another way is to uninstall unused or faulty apps. This frees up the iPhone’s memory, helping the iPhone load faster. But it keeps the app’s related settings and data, so you can restore them if you ever reinstall the app again.


  1. Navigate to Settings > General > iPhone storage.
  2. Tap the application to uninstall and click Offload App.
  3. Tap Offload App once more to confirm your decision.

Uninstalling apps on iPhone 11

Update apps

Update apps

If an outdated app was causing the same It is possible that there is a hardware problem on your device before, then updating it should return your iPhone to normal. All apps downloaded from the App Store will automatically update by default. But if that fails, then you should manually update it to fix the iPhone 11 frozen on apps issue.


  1. Go to the App Store and click on your Profile Icon at the top of your display.
  2. A list with all your apps will appear, and you can scroll to see if there are any available updates or release notes.
  3. Tap Update on the app you want to update or tap the Update All button to update all pending updates.

How to Avoid to Freeze Up

Your device might be frozen too often. This must trouble you because you suddenly cannot use it for some purposes. Then, there are some ways you could at least try to do it. What are they? Let’s see it below!

Updating your iPhone 11

Updating your iPhone

You do not need to purchase the updated, new iPhone device. Instead, you should update its software. Why won’t you make use of your Apple Store? Let you update all your applications! Yet, remember to update your device’s software first.

iphone 11 update


Let you protect your phone by installing antivirus so that there might not be any virus on your phone. Your antivirus app will detect it and automatically scan your phone!

iphone 11 antivirus

That’s all about turning off your iPhone 11 when frozen iPhone. If you would like to turn off other frozen iPhone devices, you could try those steps because they are suitable for most Apple devices. If in doubt, see the post How to Hard Reset iPhone 11.


Why is my iPhone 11 frozen and won’t restart iPhone?

There may be several possible reasons. Check if your frozen iPhone battery is low. It is also possible that your iPhone 11 has run out of storage space. Also, freezing iPhones may be caused by faulty apps or some apps that are not compatible with your software. And finally, your operating system is outdated and this causes software errors. But if the issue isn’t resolved up to this point, it is probably a hardware problem.

Will I have data loss if I force restart my iPhone 11

Will I have data loss if I force restart iPhone 11?

Running a forced reboot will not erase all your data. On the contrary, performing a force restart of a frozen iPhone 11 is useful if it is frozen, won’t turn on, or needs troubleshooting. As a last resort, you always have iTunes or iCloud backup.

Why can’t I force shut down my iPhone 11?

If your device does not respond to a forced reboot, it could be one of these reasons: the frozen iPhone is frozen due to software It is possible that there is a hardware problem on your device on your device. The sleep/wake button is broken. The screen is broken and unresponsive.

To summarize

Generally, the suggested way to revive your iPhone 11 through a hard reset solves the freezing issue. If your frozen iPhone freezes again, it’s worth contacting Apple support. By the way, while you’re out of touch, you can get help from voicemail. Set up your voicemail, so you don’t miss anything interesting.

Lock Screen on iPhone 12 Pro Max: Super Detailed Guide

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max home screen lock press protects the device from prying eyes and saves battery power. But sometimes the home screen lock press is blocked at the wrong time, or this function is not available at all. Knowing how to home screen lock press on an Apple iPhone, you can protect the device from hacking and keep the battery charged.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

Does Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Have a Lock Screen?

Surely you can personalize your Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max home screen slide lock press by changing the wallpaper, adjusting colors and fonts. Also, you can superimposing objects on photos for a while, and much more with finger upwards starting command.

More over, you can also add widgets with information from your favorite apps to the turn home screen slide lock press, such as news headlines, weather forecast, or calendar events.

And of course, you can create multiple home screen lock press and switch between them. Each home screen lock press can be linked to a specific focus mode, and then switch between modes by simply changing the home screen lock press.

Lock Screen on iPhone 12 Pro Max: Step-by-step Guide to Fix Everything

How Do You Set a Home Screen Lock Press on Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max?

Turn screen lock press on

  • Screen lock press the side button

Screen lock press iPhone 12 Pro Max side button

Turn the screen lock press off

  • Screen lock press the side screen lock button.
  • Swipe up starting from bottom of the screen of the home screen lock press.

Swipe up starting from bottom of the screen

Set Auto lock

The turn screen lock press display of any Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max model “lights up” with finger upwards starting only within the specified range. The user chooses the time of its activity independently.

Among the available options are from 30-second period to the possibility of not to turn on screen lock press display at all ever. The most common options are 30 seconds and 1-2 minutes, after which the smartphone turn screen lock press automatically locks.

set auto lock on iPhone 12

How to Set up Screen Lock Press Time on Apple iPhone 12:

  • slide your finger upwards “Settings“;
  • slide your finger upwards and select “Auto-lock Screen and brightness“;
  • next slide your finger upwards – the line press “Auto-lock“;
  • slide your finger upwards and select the appropriate interval.

Press Auto-lock is enabled if the iPhone is not used during the specified time interval. If a user watches a video, opens the gallery into home screen slide or surfs the Internet screen lock time is disabled for a while, his phone will not be blocked turn screen lock on after 1-2 minutes. However, with incorrect required setting of the gadget, it also happens.

How to Set up Screen Lock Press Time on Apple iPhone 12

How Do You Lock Screen on iPhone 12 Pro Max for Kids?

Perhaps it’s no secret to anyone that small children left alone with a modern gadget can mess things up: at best, you will be surprised by the history of calls, at worst — the history of purchases.

Guided Access limits your device to a single app and lets you control which features are available. You can turn on Guided Access when you let a child use your device, or when accidental gestures might distract you.


However for home screen slide, in iOS, you can make sure that only a certain application is active on the home screen lock press display, and switching from it to the desktop or multitasking requires a password.

Owning an iPhone 12, find out everything it can do in the post How to Do Split Screen on iPhone 12: Tricks That Make Multitasking Convenient.

A girl with an iPhone

Restrict access to one of the applications

With Managed access, you can block one of the apps on your Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max with finger upwards starting. For example, parents can press the tap auto-lock button on the device so that only one game or application can run on it. This will allow you to control the process of familiarizing the child with information that does not correspond to his age.

After using the child device, just press display and enter a special PIN code for home screen slide that unlocks the device and allows you to use it in standard mode to screen lock.

To avoid missing notifications without sound and vibration, use the article How to turn on LED flash on iPhone 12.

Guided access is configured in the following way:

iOS and iPad OS can press auto-lock filter web content to restrict access to adult content in Safari and other apps on your device. You can also add certain websites to the list of allowed or blocked websites the screen lock, or grant access only to allowed websites. Follow the steps below for home screen slide.

  • Go to the phone screen “Settings” menu.
  • Select on the side button the phone “Screen lock press time” function.
  • Slide your finger upwards and click “Content and Privacy“,
  • Enter the password for the phone “Screen lock press time” function.
  • Swipe your finger upwards and click “Content Restrictions” and then “Web Content“.
  • Slide your finger upwards and select the option “Unlimited Access“, “Adult Site Limit”, or “Permitted Websites“.

Depending on the access granted, you may need to required setting to add certain information, such as the address of the website that you want to block the screen lock.

By the way, some of the work can be entrusted to Siri. Check out the post How to use Siri on iPhone 12 Pro Max: Are you sure you know everything Siri can do?

Steps to lock apps on iphone

How to block the apps

To do this, go to Settings > Universal Access > Guide Access and enable it.

Now enable the “Quick Command” option, then go to the password required setting and set it (if desired, you can enable the use of Face ID or Touch ID for avoid activating).

Next, open the desired application — for example, a player with a cartoon or a game, then press the “Home” screen lock to side button three times (or turn on if you have an iPhone with Face ID). Guided Access should be opened.

If desired, you can circle the area of the home screen lock press that you want to disable. After that, click on “Options” and set access to the side button, keyboard, or rotation, or to press auto lock screen of the gadget. You can also set the operating time of the Guided Access.

That’s it, then press auto screen lock press the side start button in the upper right corner, then you can safely give the gadget to your child. They will only press autolock in one application, and their naughty hands will not reach the important data.

To disable the guide access, press the power side button twice to activate Face ID for avoid activating, or press the bottom home screen slide to side button three times to activate Touch ID or password for avoid activating.

Configure the Restrictions

You can also exclude the possibility for your child to install or delete apps, make in-app purchases, etc. To block purchases or downloads in the iTunes Store and App Store, follow these steps.

  • Slide your finger upwards and go to the required “Setting” menu and select on the phone “Screen lock press display Time” function.
  • Swipe your finger upwards and click “Content and Privacy”. If necessary, enter the password.
  • Move your finger up and click “iTunes Store and App Store Purchases” for iPhone 12.
  • Slide your finger upwards and select the required setting and set the value to “Do not allow“.

You can also change your password press auto screen lock press display for additional purchases in the iTunes Store, App Store, or Bookstore in iphone 12. Follow steps 1-3 and select the screen lock option “Always request” or “Do not request“.

Steps to configure the restrictions on iPhone

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Screen Lock Press with Passcode/ Face ID

  1. Finger upwards starting and Open the Commands
  2. Go to the Automation tab with help finger upwards starting
  3. Finger upwards starting and Click blue +
  4. Next, finger upwards starting and select Create Auto lock for yourself
  5. Again, finger upwards starting and click on the Application item
  6. Once more, finger upwards starting and make sure that “Open” is selected and “Closed” is disabled. Click on Select
  7. Once again, finger upwards starting and select the desired applications and click Done
  8. And finger upwards starting click Next
  9. Over and over again, finger upwards starting and click + Add Action
  10. Slide your finger upwards and in the search bar, enter the Timer
  11. Finger upwards starting and select Start Timer
  12. Replace the time by 1 second and click Next
  13. Disable the Ask before Launch option
  14. Click Done
  15. Open the standard Watch app in apple account
  16. Go to the Timer tab
  17. Click When finished
  18. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Stop
  19. Click Install.
  20. Ready!

To avoid repeating yourself twice, watch this video by @AppleTricks:

Conclusion: iPhone 12 Pro Max Lock Screen

Now you are aware of what necessary required setting need to be set to press auto lock the home screen tap auto lock, press button and press auto lock again on your Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to stick with us!