How to Screen Rotate iPhone 11: Turning on and off

Having a smartphone must be helpful. You may have a phone call with groups, text others, take some pictures, etc. Even without a computer or Television, you could still watch films, movies, cartoons, or news by using a smartphone like the iPhone 11. Somehow, your video might turn to rotate in portrait and landscape. What if it does not rotate? Well, you just need to rotate it yourself. To rotate the screen iPhone 11 is not difficult. You just need to do it once and it will automatically rotate itself if you move your device. Anyway, to rotate the screen on iPhone 11 might be the same as how to rotate the screen on the iPhone 8. Well, let’s check it out below!


How to Screen Rotate iPhone 11 Automatically Without a Home button

How to Screen Rotate iPhone 11 via Control Center

With the auto-rotate, you might open the control center watch your films or videos on a full screen. Therefore, you must activate this feature. How to enable the auto-rotate feature? Let’s see it for further info in the following details below!

  1. The first thing you must do is to launch the Control Center. To activate the Control Center, you need to go to your home screen. Let you swipe your screen from the top right side to the bottom left one.
  2. You will see the red lock button; it is a locking screen. Tap the red lock button to be black to enable your rotate screen.
  3. Restart your iPhone 11 if necessary!

Screen Rotate with Control Center in short words

  1. Swipe down-left from the right-hand corner of your screen to launch Control Centre
  2. Tap the screen orientation lock button and it turns black instead of red
  3. Done, you can rotate your screen to portrait or landscape mode

How to turn off auto rotation via Control Center

If you have selected a mode that you are currently comfortable with and want to stop rotating the screen, this is easy to do.

Staying in portrait or landscape mode, call the control center from the right corner. Then, press the portrait orientation lock button icon again. The lock icon will turn red and the screen mode will become locked. The screen  and rotation lock feature rotation lock keeps the last mode used.

screen orientation lock button

Some Necessary Facts

There are some facts about the rotate screen feature option on iPhone 12 that you need to know. What are they? Let’s take a look at it below!

  1. Apps. You might think that you could rotate all the apps on your device. Yet, that is not true. Some specific apps such as Google map does not auto-rotate.
  2. If your screen won’t rotate. If you could not still rotate your iPhone screen, you may try using the other applications including Safari or Notes. They may support both portrait and landscape mode.
  3. Portrait mode. If you want your device back to the portrait mode, you just need to tap the locking screen in the Control Center again.

Phone Screen Rotation via Apple Back Tap

Now we are ready to share one feature that not all experienced Apple users know about. iPhone has rolled out an update that is available to owners of iPhone 11 with iOS 14 and newer. We’re talking about Apple’s Back Tap option.

The Apple logo on the back is not just a decoration, but a button to which you can assign any function of your iPhone 11. It is a quick access to applications, settings or services, including a button to rotate the screen.

How to set up Back Tap to rotate screen on iPhone

  • Enter the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • In the list, tap Accessibility.
  • Scroll to “Physical and Motor” and then tap Touch.
  • Tap Back Tap at the bottom of the list.

Now, assign the screen auto rotate on and off to a double or triple tap of the Apple button.

How to set up Back Tap to rotate screen on iPhone

Screen Rotating iPhone 11: DIY

Finally, Enabling screen rotate on the iPhone 11 must be one of the helpful features available on all Apple devices. With iPhone 11, you can also recording your Screen. Well, to activate and deactivate this feature, you must follow all the instructions and the steps explained above. Since it is easy, you could do it a few ways by yourself. Happy trying!

How to Soft Reset iPhone 11 Easily if Your Device Not Responsive

In this super quick guide, we won’t go into particularly complicated cases and will only talk about how to soft reset iPhone 11. If a simple reboot via Settings app doesn’t work, we’ll leave you links at the end to continue the path.

Nowadays, smartphones become an important device used for communication. You enable to have a phone call with all people, send short messages, or even using an e-mail. iPhone must be one of the lovely devices that has complete features and lasts long. Yet, what if it suddenly stops working?

You need to soft restart your iPhone by going to the iPhone center. Thus, if you wish, you could do it yourself once you find your iPhone frozen. Anyway, this time, we are going to discuss how to restart or soft reset the unresponsive iPhone 11. Let’s check it out for further info below!

restart your frozen iphone

What is Soft Reset for iPhone 11

A soft reset is a standard way to force a reboot of your Apple iPhone if you encounter user problems. This is something that can fix screen freezes, no response or connectivity issues, recurring errors, etc. A soft reset of your Apple device will shut down and update all apps at once.

Restarting of iPhone is a great way to fix minor software glitches and problems. If your iPhone hangs, crashes, or shows irregularities, soft resetting can be a great solution to the problem. In the simplest version, it’s turning the device off and on. And that’s exactly where to start!

Is soft reset dangerous for user’s data?

No, a soft restart does not affect the data on your iPhone 11 Pro Max or any other 11 model. You don’t need to save your data before performing a soft reset because it does not delete any of the essential data saved on your device. Instead, a soft reset is the process of restarting a device without deleting any of the data or settings on it.

However, it is always a good idea to back up your data regularly to avoid losing important information. You can back up your iPhone using iCloud or iTunes.

back up your iPhone

What Are the Ways to Soft Reset a Glitchy iPhone?

We can recommend several ways of soft resetting. Spoiler: they work with iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and beyond! Okay, here’s the whole list how to restart Apple iPhone:

  • via volume and side button way,
  • with Settings app,
  • using Siri.

Steps to Restart Your iPhone via Button Combination

If you are going to soft reset your iPhone device, you need to read some useful instructions in the following details!

  • Press and hold the Volume up button and the Side button at the same time. Anyway, the Side button is located on the top right side of your iPhone while the Volume button on the top left side one.

How to Soft Reset iPhone 11 Easily: Super Quick Guide 2023

  • Soon, there will be a notif of ‘power off side button’ pops up. Let you swipe it to the right and your iPhone will automatically be off.
  • Turn on your iPhone by holding down the power button for seconds until it vibrates and Apple logo appears. Well done! Your phone will restart itself. Easy, right?

Steps to Soft Reset your iPhone via Settings App

This method is so simple, it takes longer to write than to do.

  • Step 1. Simply go to General in the Settings app.
  • Step 2. Scroll to the bottom and tap Shut down.
  • Step 3. Wait for all services to stop and then turn your iPhone back on.

Force restart via Settings app only works if the screen responds. If the device is frozen, it is better to use volume and side button method.

Soft Restart iPhone

Soft Resetting Using Siri

All Apple owners know about Siri, but not everyone knows how much it can do. By the way, this virtual assistant is not only in iPhones, but in all iOS devices, including iPadOS, watchOS, macOS and tvOS.

You can use Siri to softly reboot your iPhone by simply saying “Hey Siri, restart my iPhone“. Give a voice command, confirm the action and that’s all you need.

Siri Reset iPhone

The Benefits of Doing a Soft Reset

There are two kinds of iPhone reset. They are hard reset and soft reset. Then, why are people likely to choose soft reset than hard reset? Because they offer some advantages, such as:

  • Simple and easy to do. To restart your device is very easy; you just need to press and hold the volume up and power button. It is different from the hard reset that has so many complicated steps to do!
  • Safe data. Doing a soft reset, you do not need to backup your data such as pictures, music, videos, recordings, documents, etc. You will not lose them. However, if you hard reset or factory reset your iPnone it is a must to back up your data or you will lose it.
  • No apps. You do not need to install certain applications to soft reset your device though.
  • Save energy and time. To restart your iPhone 11, you just need less than 5 minutes. You even can do it for a minute if you used to.

FAQs about Reboot and Reset Modes

FAQs about Reboot and Reset Modes

Does soft reset work the same for all the 11 models?

Yes, soft reset works exactly the same for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The soft restart has the same purpose for all other iPhone models.

What to do if the Apple logo keeps not showing up?

If you have done a reset and now want to turn on your smartphone, but the Apple logo still does not appear, it may be a matter of low charge. Put your iPhone on charge and try again after a while.

How to reset iPhone 11 without wiping all data?

You can soft reset your iPhone 11 without wiping all data by following these steps:

  1. Press and quickly release the Volume Up button.
  2. Press and quickly release the Volume Down button.
  3. Press and hold the Side button until you see the Apple logo.

This will restart your iPhone 11 without erasing any data.

What are the reset modes for iPhone?

There are several reset modes for iPhone. Here are some of them:

  1. Reset All Settings: This resets all settings to their default values or factory settings. It does not erase any data.
  2. Erase All Content and Settings: factory reset erases all data and settings from your iPhone.
  3. Reset Network Settings: This resets your network settings to their default values.
  4. Reset Keyboard Dictionary: This resets the keyboard dictionary to its default values.
  5. Reset Home Screen Layout: This resets the layout of your home screen to its default values.
  6. DFU mode stands for Device Firmware Update mode: This restores your iPhone to its original state using iTunes
  7. Recovery mode is the last resort, because it restores iPhone to the state as it was out of the box.

Factory reset

Final Thoughts

Well, that’s all about how to soft reset iPhone 11. Since it is easy, you should try to do it yourself at home. Happy trying!

P.S. Worried about missing an important call while you’re reloading your iPhone? Set up your voicemail so you can stay calm next time.