Restore iPhone 11 from iCloud Backup Without Losing Data

iPhone 11 becomes the device that people mostly want to buy. It offers new updates and sure it lasts long. Yet, somehow, you might also get a problem with your device. It may work slower so that you need to do the factory reset or hard reset. Do not worry; you could restore iPhone 11 easily, back to normal. You may get your bought applications and all data including videos, pictures, music, documents, etc. Once you are successful in restoring it. But, how is it to do it? Well, let you read this article. We are going to talk more about how to restore iPhone 11 apps from iCloud. Let’s check it out for further info below!

restore iphone 11

Steps to Restore iPhone 11 with iCloud

Do you want to restore your applications? Why won’t you use iCloud? Let’s read some useful tips to do below! Make sure, before restoring, make sure your device has a backup.

  • Turn on your iPhone 11 and you will see a Hello screen soon. Delete all of the contents on your phone to start restoring.
  • Follow all the notifications pop up until you see the ‘Apps & Data’ screen option. Then, choose ‘Restore from iCloud Backup’.

iphone 11 restore

  • Sign in to your iCloud (you need to mention your Apple ID to enable us to use the apps you downloaded before). Select a backup. Choose the data you want to restore and waits for the transfer starts. If there is a newer version of the software required, you need to update it by following some steps appear.

iphone 11 restore progress

  • Wait for the progress complete. It may take hours. Well, this will depend on your Wi-Fi connection though. Having a fast Wi-Fi connection might have fast progress, too. Well done! You finish setup your phone!
  • Some other data including photos, apps, or music will continue to restore for the next hours or even days. It depends on their sizes.

The Benefits of Using iCloud

You might restore your iPhone with your computer and iCloud. Yet, using iCloud might be easier than using a PC. Why? Because:

  • If you do not have a PC, you do not need to borrow it from your friends or even buy the new one just to restore your iPhone. Just use iCloud to do it. Easy, right?
  • Restoring your device with a PC means you will connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable. This must be dangerous because if your PC is not safe; it has viruses, it might affect your device, too.

Finally, if you wish to restore iPhone 11, it is best to use the iCloud app. Therefore, do not forget your Apple ID!

How to Taking Panorama on iPhone 11: Simple Steps that You Can Try

Hello, the users of the iPhone 11! Do you want to take a photo by using your phone? Don’t feel confused about it! By opening the camera app, you can do the action of taking panorama on the iPhone 11. To do it, you should recognize the steps of how to view panoramic photos on the iPhone. Let’s check it out for the steps!

taking panorama on iphone 11

3 Easy Steps of Taking Panorama on iPhone 11

When you have iPhone 11 and you want to take some photos or panoramas using your iPhone, don’t worry! Here are the steps.

  • Opening the app

The first step that you have to do to take a panorama on iPhone 11 is opening the application of the camera. You can find the camera app on your home screen. 

  • Tapping shutter button

Yea, this second step will allow you to tap the shutter button. This button can you find in the camera application. 

  • Tapping the thumbnail button

The last step that you are suggested to follow in taking panorama or photo is tapping the button of the thumbnail. In addition, you can tap this button to preview and even you are allowed to edit your photos. Here, you may edit the photos that you have taken based on your needs and desire. 

How to Take and Select the Burst Mode Photos

burst mode on iphone-11

When you operate your iPhone 11 and you want to choose the burst mode, there will be available for you some steps. Hence, here are the steps you should follow. 

  • Opening camera app

You have to know that opening the application of a camera on your iPhone is the first step that you should do. 

  • Framing the scene

After opening the camera app, you can frame the scene. It is of course that you want to capture normally.

  • Swiping to the left

Then, to get burst mode in capturing photos, you are suggested to press and swipe the screen to the left. In this mode, Ios will choose the best picture that you take. 

  • Tapping the thumbnail

You can tap this button that is located in the bottom left corner of the screen. 

  • Tapping the burst mode stack

Next, if you want to view the picture, you are allowed to tap on the burst mode stack. Then, don’t forget to click the option of Select. 

  • Choose blue checkmark

This step will help you if you want to keep the pictures or photos. You should tap the blue checkmark on the photos and tap done.  

That is a source of the steps to take pictures using the iPhone 11. You can also find some ways to use burst mode capture. 

How to Turn Off iPhone 11 When Frozen by Yourself?

What happens when you are in the middle of winning the game but suddenly your phone freezes? Well, you might think your phone is an error. Yep! It is true. Yet, still, you could repair it.

You just need to restart your phone and everything will turn to be normal again. Of course, to restart the phone, you must turn it off first. Then, what to do to turn off iPhone 11 when it frozen? You must question it, right?

Good for you to read this article because today, we are about to discuss how to turn off iPhone 11 and force restart it here. Anyway, let’s check it out for further info in the following explanation below!

Steps to Turn Off iPhone 11 When Frozen or Freeze

You might feel worried when your phone suddenly stops working and freezes. Well, do not be afraid. You may restart it to turn your iPhone back. You do not need to go to the Apple center though. Let you follow these helpful steps below!

  • #1 Step

The first step you must do is to press and hold the Volume up button for seconds. Then release the volume button and go to #2.

turn off iphone 11 when frozen

  • #2 Step

After that, do the same with the Volume down button, too. These two buttons are located on the side of your iPhone device.

  • #3 Step

The next and the last instruction to do is to press and hold the power button until the Apple logo appears to your iPhone screen. It is also called the side button.

For your information, the power button usually is used to make your device sleep but it could shut down your iPhone. Remember to ignore the ‘Slide To Power Off’ selection.

How to Avoid to Freeze Up

Your device might be frozen too often. This must trouble you because you suddenly cannot use it for some purposes. Then, there are some ways you could at least try to do. What are they? Let’s see it below!

Updating your iPhone

You do not need to purchase the updated, new iPhone device. Instead, you should update its software. Why won’t you make use of your Apple store? Let you update all your applications! Yet, remember to update your device’s software first.

iphone 11 update


Let you protect your phone by installing antivirus so that there might not be any virus on your phone. Your antivirus app will detect it and automatically scan your phone!

iphone 11 antivirus

That’s all about turn off your iPhone 11 when frozen. If you would like to turn off other iPhone devices, you could try those steps because they are suitable for most of the Apple devices.


Why is my iPhone 11 frozen and won’t restart?

There may be several possible reasons. Check if your frozen iPhone’s battery is low. It is also possible that your iPhone has run out of storage space. Also freezing iPhone may be caused by faulty apps or some apps are not compatible with your software. And finally, your operating system is outdated and this causes software errors.

Wll I have data loss if I force restart my iPhone 11?

Running a forced reboot will not erase all your data. On the contrary, performing a force restart an iPhone 11 is useful if it is frozen, won’t turn on, or needs troubleshooting. As a last resort, you always have iTunes or iCloud backup.

Why can’t I force shut down my iPhone 11?

If your device does not respond to a forced reboot, it could be one of these reasons: iPhone is frozen due to a software problem. The sleep/wake button is broken. The screen is broken and unresponsive.

To summarize

Generally, the suggested way to revive your iPhone through a hard reset solves the freezing issue. If your iPhone freezes again, it’s worth contacting Apple support.

How to Put Apple iPhone 11 Into Recovery Mode Easily

An iPhone 11 is not only used for communication but also entertaining purposes. You could play games or take photograps you like with this device. You may also access the internet to get updated information around the world. Yet, sometimes, your phone might suddenly freeze or it works very slowly. To solve this problem, you might put your iPhone 11 into recovery mode. Once you are successful, your phone might work faster than before; it is like a new one. Anyway, you must have not done it before, right? That’s why, today, we are going to talk more on how to put iPhone 11 in recovery mode. Let’s check it out for further info in the following details below!

put iphone 11 into recovery mode

Several Ways to Put iPhone 11 Into The Recovery Mode

There are some easy ways to put your device in a recovery mode so that your phone might work as it used to be. What are they? Let’s take a look at them below!

  • Prepare for a Mac (if you do not have it, you might borrow it or go to the Apple center for the fast result). To put your iPhone into a recovery mode, you need to connect it to your Mac first. Then, connect your iPhone 11 to your PC with the USB cable (original from iPhone). Download iTunes on your computer and launch it. Well, you could also use the MacOS Catalina on your phone (open the Finder window to find it).
  • Hold and press the Volume Up for seconds. Then, do the same thing with the Volume Down. After that, select and hold the power button until the Lightning cable pops up on the screen. Well done! You are now successful to enter the Recovery Mode on your iPhone 11 device.

How to Exit From the Recovery Mode

If you wish to exit the recovery mode, you need to do some necessary instructions in the following numbers below!

  • Hold and press the Volume Up quickly. Then, press and release the Volume Down.
  • Choose and press the power button until the Apple logo appears on your device screen. Wait for your iPhone to restart anew! That’s all! Easy, right? You could do it without even going to the Apple center near your home as well as you have your Mac!

That’s all about ways to put iPhone 11 in recovery mode. Those steps might be the same as other iPhone devices including iPhone XS, iPhone 13, and many more.