13 Best ways how to fix ghost touch on iPhone 11

If you’re dealing with the iPhone 11 ghost touch issue, although it can be frustrating, it’s easy to fix. A simple wipe of the iPhone’s screen or a force restart will help.

I’ve never owned an iPhone 11, but a close friend of mine has. He knows I’m an Apple pro, so he gave me his iPhone to fix when the ghost calls kept coming back. I managed to solve the problem and I have discussed all the tips and tricks that helped you below. Honestly, these methods work for all iPhone models.

Let us begin.

How to fix ghost touch on iphone 11: top 13 advanced tips

Can ghost touch be fixed?

You’ve probably heard many different names people use for “the touch”, but have you ever heard of the ghost touch? Probably not.

Ghost Touch is the term used for the function of your iPhone that performs tasks on its own. You can see how your iPhone permanently opens random apps, accesses a feature, and even calls random phone numbers, all without your input.

How to fix ghost touch on iPhone quickly

What is soul touch?

Since the term “ghost touch” is not widely used, many users do not even know what it means. As mentioned above, performing tasks on your iPhone alone is known as ghost touch. You can think of it as a ghost that touches your iPhone and does things without your intervention.

Ghost Touch can change a number of things on your iPhone. Many users who encounter this problem know that iPhone ghost touch issue has actually performed many tasks on their devices.

Effects on the iPhone

You may be wondering how Ghost Touch can affect your iPhone, since it does nothing but touch your iPhone. Usually you touch something on your device and it performs the action you clicked. With this, you control all the functions of your device.

When a ghost touch occurs on your iPhone, it can perform any action that you as a user can perform. It can open your apps, send messages to your contacts, call your iPhone, change settings options, and more.

It can even format and factory reset your device if it somehow gets into iPhone Settings app and then resets the option. When suddenly the Apple logo appears and the phone goes into force restart, the owner may think that the problem is related to the reboot.

If the ghost touch problems occur frequently on your device, you should look for a solution to fix this iPhone ghost touch issue problem. If you don’t, you may find your iPhone doing things you never intended, like sending emails to your contacts without any content in the body of the email.

If you’re not careful enough to let your iPhone do the work on its own, things can get worse.

How can I permanently fix ghost touch iPhone?

There are many solutions, including:

1. Clear the screen protector

If your iPhone’s screen protector is dirty or has dust spots, these dust particles are likely to be registered as a ghost touch on the screen. In this case, you will see the random movement of a part of the screen by itself.

Take a microfiber cloth and some alcohol and clean the phone’s screen protector thoroughly. Make sure your iPhone is free of dust, dirt or debris, before use. It’s also important to clean your fingers before using your iPhone again.

wiping the screen protector

2. Remove the protective film from the screen protectors

Your screen saver could be to blame, as it can be clunky and thick. It may not register your taps and swipes, causing phantom touches. To fix the iPhone ghost touch problem, remove it. Also, get a new screen protector because of the risk of the screen falling and breaking.

screen protector cleaning

3. Wipe the water from the screen or the frame of the phone

Because it is conductive, it can mimic touch input on a screen. So it gives a spooky ghost tap. For this reason, using your iPhone outside in the rain is not recommended.

Wipe the water drops from the iPhone screen protector and case and make sure it is dry. Dry your hands before using your iPhone again.

The tempered glass protector may be sensitive to water

4. Remove the iPhone case

Your screen saver can also be unofficial. It may be poorly made and may still press against your iPhone 11 screen. Try removing your сase and see if that helps. In this case, you must apply for a new case.

5. Disconnect any external accessories connected to the iPhone

After removing the headphone jack, the only way to connect wired headphones to the iPhone is to use a Lightning to 3.5 mm adapter. Connecting external accessories to the iPhone through the USB port can cause the iPhone display to malfunction.

This is because external accessories draw power from the lighting connector, so fluctuations may occur if the device is not connected properly. Disable it and check if the ghost touch is resolved.

Disable all accessories to rule out hardware issue

6. Force restart your iPhone

You may be dealing with an isolated one-time error. Force restart the device to wipe it.

The hard restart process is different for different iPhone models, but here’s what to do on the iPhone 11:

  • Press and hold the volume up button.
  • Press and hold the volume down button.
  • Press and hold the Side button until the Apple logo appears.

force restart phone screen

7. Update your iPhone to the latest iOS version

If there is a software problem, does the iPhone ghost touch screen disappear by itself? Oh, no. The iOS version on your iPhone may contain some bugs that cause phantom touch problems. Update your iPhone to the latest version to fix possible errors. Start with a stable wi-fi network:

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone and select General.

Step 2: Click on “Software Update”.

Step 3: If a new update is available for your iPhone, it will be displayed on this screen. Click Download and Install and wait for the installation to complete.

Update software and click import local firmware

8. Reset all settings

You may have tampered with your device’s settings and caused it to bypass and make your screen work again. If you know what iPhone settings you changed, you can easily reset them. If you don’t remember, you need to reset all settings.

Remember that after doing this, you will lose all your saved Wi-Fi passwords, Bluetooth pairing, and VPN settings.

factory resetting from the home screen

If you’re still wondering, here’s how to fix touch ghosting:

In iOS version 14:

  • Go to the Settings app > tap General > Reset.
  • Click on Reset All Settings.
  • Enter your device password to confirm.
  • Reset all iPhone settings.

In iOS version 15:

  • Go to the Settings app > tap General > Transfer or Reset iPhone.
  • Select Reset.
  • Click on Reset All Settings.
  • Enter your device password to confirm.

tap reset all the settings

9. Restore factory settings

None of the above solutions worked? Let’s look at the detailed decisions in this case. First, there is a factory reset.

This will wipe your system to fix any software issues that may be causing the unexpected ghost touch. All your personal data will be erased, so back up your files beforehand.

Here’s what you do:

  • Go to the Settings app > tap General > Reset (or Transfer or Reset iPhone).
  • Click on Remove All Content and Settings.
  • Enter your Apple ID password to confirm.

Your iPhone 11 will restart automatically. I hope your iPhone screen is fixed.

factory resetting your iPhone 11

10. Enter recovery mode

Entering recovery mode is similar to factory reset, but more complete. It can detect and fix other errors that can cause display problems. However, disabling recovery in the middle of recovery can be dangerous, as you may encounter annoying errors.

If you guessed, yes, all your personal information will be deleted. Make a backup of your files beforehand.

To enter recovery mode:

  • Open iTunes on the desktop.
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer via a Lightning or USB cable.
  • Close other running programs. You can interrupt the recovery process.
  • Press the following keys: Hold the volume up key, and do the same for the volume down key. Hold your finger on the power button until the recovery mode screen appears. When the Apple logo appears, ignore it and keep holding.
  • Click restore iPhone.

As mentioned earlier, don’t stop halfway through the Apple logo. If the recovery process is not completed within 15 minutes, the device will exit recovery mode automatically.

Recovery mode screen

11. Use recovery software

Don’t want to enter recovery mode? This is understandable because you will lose all your personal data and run the risk of getting stuck in a boot loop. Fortunately, there is a better troubleshooting solution that does not delete personal data.

This is done with the help of recovery software. Most recovery programs are complete, but you have to purchase them.

I have discussed how to use one of the best, Ultfone:

  • Download and install the program.
  • Connect your iPhone 11 to your computer via a Lightning cable or USB cable.
  • Run the program.
  • On the main page of the program, click the “Start” button.
  • Choose standard repair.
  • Confirm the firmware package to be installed.
  • Click Done

Red apple logo appears

12. Enter DFU mode

DFU restores are more complete than restores. However, entering the device’s firmware update mode is risky because you can lock iOS if you’ve already jailbroken your system.

As with the other troubleshooting methods above, it cleans your system for stubborn software issues that may be causing your screen to malfunction.

Back up your files in advance because all your personal data will be lost.

To enter DFU mode:

  • Open iTunes on your computer.
  • Connect your iPhone to your desktop via a Lightning cable or USB cable.
  • Close all other running programs so they don’t interrupt the DFU restore.
  • Press the following keys: Hold your finger on the power button for a few seconds while holding the volume down key. Hold them for about 10 seconds. Release your finger from the power button, but hold the volume down button for another 5 seconds. If you see a black screen, you have done the steps correctly.
  • Click restore iPhone.

Do not disconnect until iTunes is finished, for the same reasons as you would during a restore.

open iTunes on iPhone 11 same for other models

13. Contact Apple support

If none of the above solutions work, you should contact Apple support. Your ghost touch problem is most likely hardware related. Your phone may have been dropped and severely damaged, and you may need to replace the screen. In some cases related to factory defects Apple provides free screen repair.

  • If your iPhone is out of warranty, it can be expensive to repair.
  • If you’re visiting the nearest Apple Store or retail store near you, make an appointment in advance.

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troubleshooting phantom touch on my iphone


Why does my iPhone 11 keep ghost touching?

This usually happens when you have adjusted iPhone settings to your liking and recent overrides have messed them up. To fix this, try resetting all settings on your iPhone 11 Pro to erase all current settings, including erroneous system changes that are causing the ghost touch symptom.

Why is my iPhone 11 pressing buttons by itself?

iPhone screen clicking on its own issue can be eliminated by removing all underlying software issues. Just go to all the settingsgeneraltransfer or reset iPhonetap erase all content and settings.

Why is my iPhone 11 Ghost Touch?

There are many possible reasons:

There may be a film of oil on your iPhone screen. Wipe it well.

Your iPhone case and tempered glass may be unofficial and weak. Tempered glass can be thick and heavy and can put pressure on your screen to cause a phantom ghost touch. Your hard case may be poorly designed and also put pressure on your device’s screen.

The problem may be due to iOS issues. You may not have the latest version, so you’ll need to download the latest operating system through iTunes or your Settings.

The problem may be due to a system error or bug. A force restart helps. If not, you should either do a factory reset or go into Recovery or DFU mode. Don’t get confused about modes and don’t relax when the Apple logo appears.

They may have hacked your mobile settings and caused them to be ignored. If you don’t remember what you changed, go to settings and click Reset settings.

It may be due to a hardware problem. You can drop your iPhone screen and damage it severely.

Learn more about this phenomenon here – Fixing the iPhone 11 Ghost Touch Problem.

iPhone restore screenConclusion

There are many ways to fix iPhone 11 ghost touch screen problem. Solutions depend on the cause and can be as simple as wiping the screen or fixing more complex system errors.

My solutions work not only on iPhone 11 but also on iPhone X and other iPhone models. They also work with other Apple devices, such as the iPad and iPod Touch.

Find out also in our article How to fix iPhone 11 pro overheating.

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